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DC Richard "Richie" Trent was the short-term boyfriend of Sinead O'Connor before he was murdered by Trevor Royle in July 2013.

Richie met Sinead Shelby in a hotel bar and invited her back to his room. Sinead attempted to steal his wallet but he caught her. Richie offered Sinead money for sex and she obliged. Richie later arrived to carry out a drug raid at Sinead and Ste Hay's flat. He realised that Sinead lied about her identity and took her in for questioning. He threatened to charge her with theft if she did not exchange information about Ste.

Richie tried his best to get Sinead to take down Trevor Royle. Trevor found out and attacked Sinead. The next day, Richie arrested Trevor, but he was the released due to lack of evidence. Sinead panicked that Trevor might come after her, but Richie promised to protect her, He later went home, unknown to him that Trevor had broken in. Trevor then sneaked behind Richie and shot him, killing him. Trevor later got Freddie Roscoe to dispose of Richie's body. His father, Don Trent, arrived, looking for Richie. However, Freddie and Sinead told him they had know idea where he was. Freddie was later arrested and interviewed by Sam Lomax after Richie's body was discovered by her husband Danny Lomax, and John Paul McQueen. However, Grace later got Superintendent Marlow to plant Richie's police badge in Paul Browning's car. Freddie was then released, and the villagers are led to think Paul was the killer.

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