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Richard Taylor is the ex-husband of Karen Taylor and Liz Burton. He is also the father of Ali, Darlene, Ethan and Georgina Taylor, who were all born to Richard and Karen.

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Richard was born in May 1968. He had a daughter, Darlene, born in 1986, with a woman named Karen. Their son, Ali, was born in 1989. Richard and Karen married in 1995 and had two more children, Ethan and Georgina. Richard had an affair with widowed Liz Burton in 2002, which lead to the breakdown of Richard and Karen's marriage. Ali and Darlene decided to live move with Richard, whilst Ethan and Georgina remained with Karen, when Richard decided to move to Hollyoaks with Liz and her children; Sophie, Mel and Justin Burton.

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Richard arrived in the village with his new family in November 2003, and also ran the local gym, "Bodyboost". Liz and Richard's desperately attempted to fuse their two families together. In 2004, Richard and Liz married, and some time later, the two families combined. However, the family was ripped apart again when Ali fatally stabbed Stephen Mackintosh in self-defence, and was fatally hit by a car whilst fleeing the scene. Justin was arrested and charged with Stephen's murder, and the whole series of events lead Richard to embark on another affair. Justin was found not guilty, and Liz threw him out. Richard left the village, and he and Liz divorced in 2006.

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