Rebecca Massey was the late ex-girlfriend of Doug Carter who arrives in the village with the fake name Jenny Houston and kidnaps Rhys Ashworth.

Posing As Jenny Houston / Conning Warren And Silas And DeathEdit

Jenny arrives and kidnaps Rhys, she demands money from Warren Fox pretending to be Danny Houston's sister, under the orders of Brendan Brady. Doug recognises her and it is revealed they used to be in a relationship, they reconcile. Jenny then tries to scam money from Silas Blissett In order for her and Doug to run away together. Although, she is strangled to death by Silas after she tried to drug him during a picnic In the woods, Doug tries to call her but her body lies buried. She is found the following day by Texas Longford who goes to see Lynsey Nolan claiming she thinks that the person who killed her sister Is responsible.

Christmas ReturnEdit

A number of months after her death, Doug tries to kill himself. He has heavenly visions of her, and has to choose whether to go back to life in the village, or go to heaven and stay with Rebecca. The two confess their love for one another, but Doug ultimately chose to live because of the positive effect his presence in the village generated on its residents.

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