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Doctor Ramsey Ley was the cunning doctor who adopted Toby and Celeste Faroe, paying £50,000 for them in 1994. Ley wrote a book titled, "The Red Door", detailing the nature vs. nurture experiment she conducted on Toby and Celeste, involving Toby being locked in a room whilst Celeste was cared for properly throughout their childhood. It wasn't until 2007, when Celeste was able to fina a key to give to Toby. He was then able to realize that Ley had been experimenting on them. Because of this, both Toby and Celeste had set fire to the medical facility where they were being held, leading to the assumption that Ley had been killed.

However, in January 2021, it was revealed that she survived while on a call with Celeste, who was seeking help in regards to Toby's ongoing anger issues. This sparked Ley's arrival to Hollyoaks, where she went to confront Toby. Although initially upset, Celeste was able to convince Toby to speak with Ley. In doing so, Ley was able to continue her abuse towards Toby by offering him the option to participate in another experiment meant to help him become a better person. This consisted of Toby being locked away from society and residing in The Loft. The prospect of Toby becoming a better person lead him to be unaware that Ley would continue using him for a second part of her story, titled "Beyond the Red Door".

To begin the experiment, Ley worked on Toby in attempt to see what his "breaking point" was, and despite Celeste's initial protest, she eventually gave the go-ahead. This lead to an angered Toby, which ended phase one. Ley then continued to pressure Toby to "crack", despite later pleas from both Cleo McQueen and Felix. Toby prepared to make a confession to Ley's pleasure, but was able to thwart Ley's plan by smashing the camera that contained his confession prior to the polices' arrival. Martine also went to confront Ley before she was arrested. Celeste revealed that Ley had failed medical school and forged her documentation. As the police were taking her away, Ley stated that the allegations would not stick, and that it's not over yet.

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