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Rachel Adedeji is a British actress and singer. She was born on 22 August 1991, making her 25. On Hollyoaks, she plays Lisa Loveday.

Singing Edit

Rachel appeared on The X-Factor in 2008, the show's fifth series in 2008, reaching the bootcamp final 50 stage, narrowly missing out on a spot at judges' houses. She is friends with the winner from that year, Alexandra Burke. She is studying musical theatre and has performed at many musical productions and had a role in the musical Mamma Mia!. For the first live show, Rachel sang "Let Me Entertain You", but was in the bottom two alongside girl group with Kandy Rain received the fewest votes. For the second show, Adedeji sang "If I Were a Boy", and was in the bottom two again, against Rikki Loney, surviving once again after singing "With or Without You". In week 3, Rachel sang "Proud Mary", progressing onto the next week and also receiving the highest number of votes. In week four she sang "One", but once again ended up in the bottom two, against Lloyd Daniels. She sang "Stop Crying Your Heart Out", but Simon Cowell didn't think Rachel had a connection with the audience, as she'd been in the bottom two three times. The result was taken to deadlock, with Rachel receiving the lowest number of votes and finishing 9th overall.

Adedeji had a single due out in April 2011, named "Follow the DJ". The music video for the single premiered on 18 December 2010, but the single was never released.

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