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Current Characters In PrisonEdit


Character Reason Duration Sentance Given Reslease Date Notes
Brendan BradyWronfully for the murder of Rae Wilson In 2011, In 2013 Brendan confessed to the murders of four people that of Danny Houston,Flo Brady, Simon Walker and his father Seamus Brady who In fact was killed by Brendans sister Cheryl Brady2011,2013-Life Imprisonment ----
Pete BuchananFor the grooming of Porsche McQueen & Cleo McQueen(2016-)Six yearsJuly 2022--
Cameron CampbellWas set up by Sam Lomax when he was fourteen years of age spent fourteen years Inside and In 2017 Cameron was arrested for six out of eight accounts of murder that of,Sam Lomax,Danny Lomax, Lockie Campbell,Celine McQueen and Unkown Feamle(2000-2014, 2017-)128 years ----
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Ethan ScottThe hit and run on Rob Edwards(2011-)Eight yearsJanuary 2020Ethan recived his sentance In January 2012 depsite being charged In December 2011
Finn O'ConnorRape of John Paul McQueen & attempted Rape of Nancy Hayton(2014-)Four yearsWinter 2019Finn got a year added to his sentance for attacking James Nightingale
Shane SweeneyWrongfully In for the arson on The McQueen house when In fact It was Adam Donovan(2018-)UnknownUnknown--
Former Characters In PrisonEdit


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