Porsche McQueen
First Appearance
4 November 2014
Last Appearance
24 December 2015
Barmaid (2009) Stripper (2011)
Reenie McQueen (mother)
Derek Clough (father)
Celine McQueen (half-sister)
Cleo McQueen (half-sister)
Pete Buchanan (step-father)
Nana McQueen (grandmother)
Myra McQueen (aunt)
Mercedes McQueen (cousin)
John Paul McQueen (cousin)
Carmel McQueen (cousin)
Matthew McQueen (cousin)
Theresa McQueen (cousin)
Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen (cousin)
Lockie Campbell (estranged husband)
Cameron Campbell (estranged brother in Law)
Portrayed By
Former Home
Attempted Murder Victims

Porsche Jane Lourdes Campbell (née McQueen), played by Twinnie-Lee Moore, made her first on screen appearance on 4 November 2014. On the 1 October 2015, it was revealed Moore would quit the serial.

Characterisation Edit

Porsche has been billed as "racier than her four-wheeled namesake" Mercedes, but is fiercely loyal and has a "good moral compass".

Arrival Edit

Her sister Celine arrives just in time for her wedding to Lockie Campbell, which takes place on a party train organised for the reception. At the wedding, best man John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) reveals that Lockie is attracted to him, but Porsche forgives him and the wedding goes ahead. Shortly after the marriage during the celebrations, the train derails when it hits Sienna Blake's (Anna Passey) car stuck on the tracks, killing her cousin Carmel McQueen (Gemma Merna). When Carmel's body is brought to the McQueens, Porsche steals her ring and allows Mercedes to get the blame. Whilst attending Carmel's Funeral.

FINDING ABOUT THE FLING OF LOCKIE SLEEPING WITH DIANE HUTCHINSON. Porsche has been garishly decorating Diane's bedroom, thinking it's Sinead's room.

Intro Edit

In the intro, Porsche holds a silked blanket and spins around with it.

Gallery Edit

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