Polly Clarke was a model and escort who worked for Burton Phillips. Polly had a great relationship with her younger sister Debbie and always looked out for her. She began a friendship with Lisa Hunter, but ended up falling for her boyfriend, Ben Davies. Ben and Polly's affair was discovered, and, following a massive fight between Lisa and Polly, Polly and Ben got together. Polly was horrified when a woman tracked Debbie down and proved that she was Debbie's mother. Polly told Debbie that her mother was killed in a car accident when she was eight and she was left with nobody. When Debbie was taken to the care home, she refused to play with the other kids or talk to anyone. that the workers at the care home noticed they had the same surname and told Polly to pretend to be Debbie's sister, and Debbie opened up to her. A distraught Debbie told Polly that she never wanted to see her again and fled. Polly tried to contact Ben, but he didn't answer her call as he was trying to save Lisa from Stella Grey, so she left a suicide message on his phone and took a fatal overdose in her bedroom. Ben would never hear the message as he was accidentally shot dead by Lisa shortly after Polly's death.

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