Phil Sharpe is the ex-husband of Gabby Sharpe and the father to Taylor and Amber Sharpe (with Gabby), and Arlo and Tré Davenport (with Helen Davenport).

Phil visited Gabby in hospital in June 2010 after she was hit by a car. In August 2010, he and Gabby had dinner at Il Gnosh. However, the night did not end well when Phil lost his temper. After this, Gabby, who had already been planning to leave Phil, moved out and into Tony Hutchinson's home in Hollyoaks with Amber and Taylor. Amber called Phil after catching Tony and Gabby kissing, and told him that they are having an affair. Phil argued with Gabby and Tony and ended up punching Tony. Phil was annoyed and embarrassed after he found out that Amber was lying and that they only kissed that night. Taylor was shocked when Phil arrived at Arlo Davenport's house, and is called 'daddy' by Arlo's younger brother Tré. Taylor soon realised that Phil had another family, and stormed out. Phil made Taylor keep quiet, but he eventually told Amber, Tony and Gabby. Phil pleaded for his family to forgive him, but after learning of Amber's pregnancy, he rejected his family.

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