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Peri Jade Lomax is the biological daughter of Cameron Campbell, the biological daughter/adoptive sister of Leela Lomax, the granddaughter/adoptive daughter of Danny and Sam Lomax, the half-sister/adoptive aunt of Daniel Lomax, the foster half-sister/adoptive foster aunt of Sid Sumner, the niece/adoptive sister of Tegan Lomax, the half-niece/adoptive half-sister of Ste Hay, the fiancée of Juliet Nightingale, and the mother of Steph Cunningham-Lomax.

She arrived in Hollyoaks along with the rest of the Lomax family in October 2013. Peri's storylines have included being diagnosed with a brain tumour, falling down the stairs in the village because of the tumour, discovering Danny Lomax, who she believed was her dad, was having an affair with John Paul McQueen, discovering Ste Hay was her brother and then that he was in fact her uncle when it was revealed her "sister", Leela Lomax, was actually her biological birth mother, Sienna Blake mistaking her as her biological daughter after finding out her father took her child away and lying about her death, finding Sienna's actual daughter and becoming her best friend,

After the death of her biological grandparents Peri finds out they weren't her parents, becoming pregnant at the age of 14 and struggling, bullying teenage cancer patient Jade Albright because of manipulation from Nico, finding out her biological father, Cameron Campbell, was a murderer and killed her grandparents, bullying Lily McQueen and trying to expose her self-harming, her becoming homeless, becoming friends with Harley Frater, which later developed into a relationship, having an on-and-off relationship with drug dealer Jordan Price, falling in love with Juliet Nightingale and discovering her involvement in the drug gang, accidentally running over Sid's leg whilst he was high on drugs, coping with the loss of Sid following his fake death in March 2021, being caught up in the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion and almost losing Juliet, and becoming engaged to Juliet.


2000-2013: Backstory

Peri was born to 13 year old Leela, after a rebellious relationship with Cameron. Leela’s parents decided to raise Peri as their own and pretend she was theirs. Leela grow closer to Peri and wanted to tell her the truth many times but her parents always forbidden it from happening. Her grandfather had many affairs which is why they moved to Hollyoaks.

2013-2014: Arrival

Peri is first seen in October 2013 when she arrives along with her mother, Sam in a effort to surprise her father and Sam's husband, Danny Lomax, Peri and her family are then joined by Peri's elder sisters in Leela and Tegan Lomax whom gives birth to her baby girl in Rose Lomax and during her arrival Peri is shocked when she discovers that she has a half brother in Ste Hay. She would later make friends with Tom Cunningham. When Peri sees her father kissing, John Paul McQueen she confronts him which leads her to faint, Peri is then taken to Hostpital where shes diagnosed with a brain tumour and she faints again which leads to Tom kissing her, Peri is then operated on to remove the tumour a operation that is a success.

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2014: Parent Reveal

By 2014, Peri begins to bond with Sienna Blake whom is currently living at the Lomax's as a friend of Leela's however Peri is unaware that Sienna is believing that she is her estranged daughter "Sophie Blake" as Peri has a adoption form and the very same birth as her child later Peri begins to be spoilt by Sienna but when Leela confronts Sienna she tells Leela she believes Peribis her daughter and this confrontation leads to a shock reveal that Peri is infact Leela's daughter and not Sam and Danny's as originally thought.

Not long after this reveal in June 2014, Peri's biological father, Cameron Campbell is released from prison after a 14 year sentence he was wrongly convicted for by Peri's grandmother and by August 2014, Sam and Danny attempt to flee from the village as they begin to worry that Peri will find out that Leela and Cemeron are her real parents as they they drive together they are purposely struck down by someone driving a van killing them instantly this devastates Peri having losing her "parents" however Peri would eventually find out and after Sam's and Danny's funeral, Peri begins to bond with both her real parents however its then seen the real culprit whom killed Sam and Danny was Cameron in a bid to stop them taking away Peri.

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2015: Relationship with Tom Cunningham and Teenage Pregnancy

Peri sleeps with her then-boyfriend Tom Cunningham resulting in Peri becoming pregnant with a girl she names Steph, after Steph Roach. Peri had believed her tumour came back but it was revealed she was in fact pregnant. Her mother found the baby scan and confronted Peri about it and Nico covered for her saying it was hers. Tom found out and proposed to Peri during a school play in front of everyone. Peri originally wants to give up the baby, however when Tom reveals that he loves Steph. Peri later decides to keep the baby. Peri struggled to cope with being a teenage mother so Peri leaves baby Steph on Angela's doorstep (the woman who was originally going to adopt Steph). Tom is angry with Peri and shouts at her. In fear of loosing Tom, she pretends to have postpartum depression but eventually reveals she just isn't ready to be a mum. Tom and Peri break up and he takes full custody of Steph.

2016-2017: Finding out about both Nico's and Cameron's crimes

When Peri and her friend, Nico Blake begin to clash with cancer patient, Jade Albright, Peri is shocked when Nico takes things a step to far by pulling off Jade's wig and this leads Peri to report Nico to the school headmaster, Sally St. Claire and this leads Nico to be expelled from school for bullying. Peri then agrees to go on a camping trip with Nico totally unware that Nicobknows that Peri was the one whom told Sally about the incident. Peri is shocked when Nico locks her and Peri in a abandoned bunker in a effort to scare her however the girls become trapped for a few days and Peri is left scared when Nico confesses to all three of her murders in Carly Bradley, Patrick Blake and Trevor Royle however the girls are found and saved by Warren Fox. Peri is pleased when Nico is found out by October 2016 but is saddened by her supposed death. However is totally unaware that her own father, Cameron committed the Arson attack that supposedly led to Nico's death in a bid of revenge for Nico keeping Peri trapped for days in the bunker.

By January 2017 after Peri becomes a older sister to Daniel Lomax however he was not Cameron's.Peri along with her mother agree to go away with Cameron to a remote log cabin unaware that his murders are beginning to be exposed, Peri's missing uncle, Lockie's body is found by both Tegan and Courtney and this leads Cameron to lock them in a shed and hold both Oeri and Leela hostage as he lays off his murders to them and plans to commit suicide by pouring gasoline allover the cabin however Ste arrives and this give both Peri and her mother to escape and a chase ensures as Ryan Knight whom is a detective arrived with Ste however the chase would come to an end when Cameron is accidentally hit by a van driven by Mac Nightingale however Cameron surrives and Peri visits her father while his in prison telling her what shes going to do with her life and shes glad he won't be around and that she wants nothing more to do with him before leaving.

2018: Fake Pregnancy and Homeless

Peri gets into Prince and Lily's relationship when she goes to bed with Prince. Peri thinks she's pregnant and panics but after telling everyone already discovers it was a false positive. After how supportive Prince becomes Peri fakes a pregnancy. Peri and Prince starts a new relationship but this situation caused a lot of conflicts between Peri and her mother Leela, coming to say that she has lost the baby because of Leela, but the truth is revealed thanks to Goldie, and a furious Leela abandons Peri.

Peri survives in the streets thanks to two young homeless: Dean and Harley. As the days go by, Leela feels more and more repentant, but Peri still thinks that her mother hates her. After the death of Dean, Peri decides to return home, and she wants to stay with her, but suddenly, Harley kisses her.

2018: Relationship with Harley and being stalked by Nico

Peri kisses Harley but later tells her it was a mistake. She has never had feelings for a girl and is very confused. She throws her a birthday party, which Nico goes to without Peri knowing, after stalking her on social media for weeks, because she is jealous of Peri & Harley's relationship. At the party, Harley kisses Hunter in a game of spin the bottle, and Peri gets jealous. Because of this, Harley threatens to leave, but Peri convinces her to stay & they sleep together.

The two girls get a job working for Damon and Brody at the pop up cinema. Before locking up one evening, Nico walks in, knocks Harley out and ties her and Peri up. She asks Peri to leave with her so they can be together and raise her baby, but Peri refuses, so Nico leaves, leaving them tied up and locked in the garage. Leela finds them and Harley is rushed to hospital but recovers. Peri tells her how much she loves her and how glad she is to have her. After a small argument, Harley leaves Peri to stay with Ron, who gave her spice while she was on the streets. Peri tells her uncle Ste that she loves Harley and that's why she's so desperate to find her. Ste comforts her and tells her they can keep the soup kitchen open once a week in the hope to find her.

2019-Present: Relationships with both Jordan & Juilet

In December 2019, there was a flash forward episode that interlaced scenes from New Years Eve 2020, Peri and Juliet are first shown to have a romantic involvement, as they declare their love for each other and kiss. At the beginning of 2020, Juliet is in a relationship with Sid, which lasts until mid April when Juliet comes out to Sid and reveals she has feelings for Peri. During this time Peri is in a secret relationship with Sid’s cousin and drug dealer Jordan, who is also in a relationship with Leela. In June 2020, Juliet walks in on Peri and Jordan in bed together and is seen crying.

In September 2020, Juliet kisses Peri at a party. At the time Peri seems unfazed, however, the next day she is shown regretting the kiss. Juliet is heartbroken at how Peri seems to ignore what happens and avoids Juliet, leading to a confrontation a few days later. Peri thought the kiss was harmless fun at a party and didn’t mean to avoid Juliet. Juliet in turn tells Peri how she felt about the kiss, coming out to her, and revealing her feelings about Peri, who doesn’t feel the same. While Peri comforts Juliet about discovering her sexuality, she informs her they are friends. This leads Juliet to feel awkward around Peri and to dive deeper into the drug dealing in order to be more mature, while Peri continues to try and maintain a friendship. Over time, Juliet lowers her walls and begins hanging out with Peri again.

In November, Peri reveals to Sid that she has feelings for Juliet. In November 2020, Juliet and Peri are at a party, about to confess their feelings when someone asks Juliet for drugs. Peri finds out Juliet is dealing and leaves in frustration. Sid covers for Peri, claiming the girl was asking everyone if they had drugs. However, a heartbroken Juliet takes drugs and sleeps with Ollie, infuriating and hurting Peri when she walks in afterward. After an argument Peri drives away, crying and distracted while Sid, currently high on Ketamine, who can’t feel his leg is laying on the road. Peri drives over Sid’s leg, leaving him unable to use it following surgery.

In December 2020, Leela returns and Peri discovers Jordan was seeing Leela while dating Peri. This leads Peri to start thinking about her relationship with Jordan, and tells Leela the only reason she was with him for so long was for a distraction from Juliet. Following Sid’s accident, Juliet’s drug dealing gets worse, especially when she tries to get out. After being caught trying to record her boss, Victor, she decides to leave town with Sid before he can hurt someone she loves. Juliet goes to Peri to say goodbye, cutting to the scene shown in the 2019 jump forward, with the two saying I love you. Peri convinces Juliet not to leave town so they can be together, but when Juliet goes to tell Sid Jordan is killed by Ella Richardson. Juliet decides to go to the police to end everything, saying goodbye to Peri.

Following Juliet’s arrest, the next few months consist of Peri waiting and fighting for Juliet to be released, with the occasional video chat. When Sid is presumed dead following an altercation with Victor, Peri and Marnie call Juliet to let her know. In March 2021 Juliet is released from prison, to Peri’s delight. While to adjustment back is rocky and they have their issues at first, they talk through their issues and sleep together for the first time.

On April 16th, Peri is involved in an incident of unconscious bias and prejudice while working. Peri accidentally double books Martine and Grace for the last slot of the day. Despite Martine arriving first, after the women get in an argument, Peri makes a quick decision to take Grace. At first she doesn’t realize what she has done, and doesn’t even apologize to Martine for double booking. However, after a talk from Misbah, Peri begins to understand her decision was a result of unconscious bias, and apologizes to Martine.

Under the guise of fixing a gas leak dodge landlord Fergus Collins installs a secret camera in Peri’s room for subscribers to watch. Mid may, Juliet and Peri decide to move into Peri’s room together. Following some initial issues due to the differences in their schedules, they are happy in their room together. That is, until June, when Juliet’s mother returns. Peri encourages Juliet to give Donna-Marie another chance.


I just don't get why we have to move. Dad!.
— First line to Sam and Danny Lomax.

Introduction Sequence

  • 2013-2014: Peri takes a photo with Sam and Danny.
  • 2014-2016: Peri and Tom stand together.
  • 2017-2018: Peri swirls around with Tom and then waves at the camera.
  • 2018: Peri joins Tom and Alfie on a couch.
  • 2018: Peri has a pillow fight with Tom, Alfie and Harley.
  • 2019: Peri toasts marshmallows with Tom and Harley.
  • 2019-2022: Peri drinks a cocktail with Leela and has a water balloon fight with Ste, Leah and Lucas.
  • 2022-: Peri pours sauce onto her burger and takes a bite out of it.

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