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Pearl Anderson is the mother of Sharon Bailey, grandmother of Zoe Anderson and the long-time family friend of the Deveraux family.


2021-: Arrival[]

Pearl accompanied daughter Sharon Bailey to Walter Deveraux's birthday celebrations in September 2021, unaware of Sharon's ulterior motive - to play matchmaker between the pair. Pearl and Walter reminisced about their childhood, with Pearl inadvertently upsetting Walter by mentioning his late twin brother Wilfred. Walter opened up to Pearl, wishing that he had reconciled with his brother when he was alive, to which Pearl told Walter that the past was not for living in.

When Walter went on holiday to Jamaica, Pearl stepped in to help Martine Deveraux as she struggled with the effects of her chemotherapy. Left lonely after Sharon went on holiday and her house was flooded, Pearl was only too happy to accept Martine's offer of staying at 5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3. After Martine's daughter Celeste Faroe was killed in the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion in January 2022, Pearl attended her funeral. In February 2022, Pearl's granddaughter Zoe Anderson accepted a job at Dee Valley Police Station.



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...Like your ability to prepare for a barbecue!
— First line, to Walter Deveraux.

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