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Shirley Paul Browning was the ex-husband of Helen Browning and Mercedes McQueen, and the father of Alex Browning and Hilton Cunningham.



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2012: Arrival[]

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2012: The murder of Lynsey Nolan[]

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2013: Villainous Downfall[]

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Kill Count[]

Murder Victims[]

  1. Lynsey Nolan, 29th June 2012 - Strangled to death with a scarf as Simon Walker watches on.
  2. Clare Devine, 16th October 2013 - Run over by Browning's car as Mercedes McQueen watches on.

Attempted Murder Victims[]

  1. Clare Devine, 10th April 2013 - Attempted to strangle her to death but was interrupted by Jim McGinn.
  2. Freddie Roscoe, 17th June 2013 - Snuck into the garage and prepared to bludgeon who he thought was Freddie to death with a tire iron after Freddie blackmailed him but Paul stopped once he realised it was Lindsey in the garage not Freddie.
  3. Myra McQueen, 7th August 2013 - Attacked her whilst she was working late and knocked her unconscious. He was about to strangle her to death but was interrupted by Jim and Carmel McQueen and he ran off.
  4. Myra McQueen, 7th August 2013 - Attempted to suffocate her while she was unconscious in hospital but was interrupted by Marlena McQueen.
  5. Cindy Cunningham, 22nd August 2013 - Strangled her to stop her telling Mercedes about their one-night-stand, but she later regained consciousness and recovered in hospital.
  6. Myra McQueen, 3rd September 2013 - Shot her in the chest and she fell into the water at the docks. Myra was later revealed to be alive as she was wearing a bullet proof vest, given to her by Jim.
  7. Mercedes McQueen, 4th September 2013 - Strangled her in a fit of rage. Browning then gave her a shot of adrenaline and Mercedes regained consciousness.
  8. Mercedes McQueen, 16th October 2013 - Strangled her after hearing about her affair with Trevor Royle, but was hit over the head with a shovel by Cindy and knocked unconscious.
  9. Lindsey Roscoe, 16th October 2013 - Regained consciousness and attempted to attack Lindsey but was attacked and killed with a shovel by Mercedes.