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Patrick Charles Blake was the father of Dodger Savage and Sienna Blake. He was murdered by his granddaughter Nico Blake in 2016. Patrick had Motor Neurone Disease, a disease which his father also died from.


1967-2012: Backstory[]

Patrick's father died from Motor Neurone disease, and he had a strained relationship with his mother, in which the pair had a strong dislike for each other. When Patrick was four years old, his mother sent him to boarding school, so he hardly knew her. In school, Patrick was head prefect and head of the debating club.

Patrick met a woman named Anna after graduating from University, and the pair married. Anna tried to leave Patrick several times and eventually did so.

2012-: Arrival and Meeting Dodger[]

Dodger Savage tracked down Patrick in November 2012, arriving with friend Darren Osborne under the pretence of conducting a census. He discovered that they are not official and believed that the pair were trying to contact him. Dodger revealed that he was Patrick's son, but Patrick refused to believe him as Anna had told him that their son was dead. However, Dodger later proved himself to Patrick and Patrick began to accept him.

2013-: Feud with Anna and getting rid of Kevin[]

Anna arrived in the village in March 2013 to see her son, Will, under the pretence of being his carer. She accepted Will's invite to his and Texas Longford's engagement party. Patrick and his daughter, Sienna were shocked (as was Anna when she learned that they were attending the party). When Sienna told Anna of her abuse at the hands of Patrick, Patrick revealed that Anna had tried to kill Sienna & Dodger as babies, and arranged for Anna to be sectioned. Patrick became annoyed when Will convinced Sienna to visit Anna in the institution, and Patrick threatened Anna into refusing to see them.

After being released from the institution, Anna tried to exact revenge on Patrick by attacking him. Sienna arrived home as Anna was about to set the flat on fire. Sienna sided with her father against Anna and Anna was stopped from killing Sienna and Patrick by Maxine Minniver. Patrick had her sent back to the mental institution.

In September 2013, Patrick visited Anna but discovered her dead in the bathtub. Despite their feud, he was left distraught by her death. Anna's will was voided due to Will's imprisonment for her murder, and Patrick received all of Anna's belongings as opposed to her later husband, Dirk Savage, as Patrick and Anna had not divorced before he married Dirk.

2013-2014-: Abuse of Maxine[]

Prior to Anna's death, Patrick began a relationship with Maxine. Patrick soon after became mentally abusive towards Maxine. Maxine was charged with perverted the course of justice and lied to Patrick that she was let off. However, after discovering that she had been sentenced to community service, he became violent towards her.

When Maxine discovered that she was pregnant, Patrick hit her as he believed that she had been unfaithful, unaware that the incident had been overheard by Dennis Savage. Patrick's violence towards Maxine, and he was left unaware that Dennis had been helping her plan her escape. Patrick later proposed to Maxine and a fearful Maxine accepted.

On the day of the wedding in July 2014, Maxine attempted to flee with the help of Dennis and his girlfriend, Blessing Chambers. Patrick discovered the plan and brought Maxine back, but convinced her that he would never hurt her again. Maxine tried to tell Patrick afterwards that she couldn't be with him, which resulted in a struggle in which Patrick accidentally ends up ripping her dress, revealing bruises caused by Patrick. However, Patrick managed to convince several of the guests that he did not hurt Maxine. Maxine ended up leaving Patrick and got with Dodger. She later discovered that she was pregnant with Patrick's baby.

2014-: Nico's arrival and Incest reveal[]

To be added.

2014-: Hit and Run and Minnie's Birth[]

In October 2014, Patrick was struck by a car not long after Maxine and Dodger got engaged. The culprit, Sienna, framed Maxine for the accident and Patrick lied that he saw Maxine at the wheel (unaware the driver was Sienna). Maxine received bail, and Sienna attempted to help her escape. Patrick pursued them in his car and he ended up running them off the road, causing them to get the car stuck on railway tracks. A train ended up colliding with the car and ended up flipping. Whilst searching for cell service to call for help, Maxine went into labour in a shed and gave birth to a daughter, assisted by Patrick, but Patrick left Maxine to die afterwards.

2015-2016: Motor Neurone disease[]

To be added.

2016-: Death[]

To be added.

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No. No!
— Final line to Nico Blake before she kills him.

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