Oscar Riley Osborne
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3 October 2012
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Oscar Riley Osborne is son of Darren Osborne and Nancy Hayton.


Oscar was born 3 months premature by emergency caesarean section. Darren and Nancy learned they were expecting a baby in May 2012. Nancy goes into labour three months early, after feeling tired, dizzy and sick for a few days beforehand. She realises that she has to go to the hospital, where she gives birth to a baby boy. He rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit following the birth. The doctors inform Darren and Nancy that their son may have brain damage and be disabled and he may be deaf plus he is fighting a serious infection necrotizing enterocolitis. The family hold a christening and Darren and Nancy decide to name their son, Oscar. He is given the middle name Riley after Darren and Nancy's friend, Riley Costello, who dies on the day Oscar is born. Darren receives a phone call from the hosptal and he, Jack and Frankie go to the hospital. When Nancy returns home she rushes to the hospital, worried for Oscar's health. At the hospital Darren tells her that Oscar can come home. Darren and Nancy have trouble getting Oscar to settle when he is crying. As tension grows Darren becomes angry and leaves the house. He later returns with gifts for Nancy as a way of apology. He drops a vase that he bought her and Oscar does not wake or respond. Darren and Nancy become worried that Oscar could be deaf.

They consult the hospital who reveal that initial tests were inconclusive and further testing revealed that Oscar is not responding to sound and is profoundly deaf. Oscar's deafness causes tension between Darren and Frankie, who fight leading to Darren walking out. Darren spends the day contemplating how Oscar would be affected by his deafness and begins learning sign language and buys specialist toys to support Oscar.

While his mother is away in Canada due to his grandmother dying in a car crash, his nanny, Sienna Blake steps in and lives with him for a couple of days. In those days his relative Tom Cunningham sights him.

Cochlear ImplantsEdit

Darren and Nancy think of getting cochlear implants for Oscar so he can hear but Nancy was put off by the operation. Despite this, Nancy eventually allows the operation to take place and in February 2014, Oscar has the operation and it is successful.