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Oliver "Ollie" Benson was the youngest son of Juliette and Kirk Benson, as well as the brother of Kurt and Lucy Benson.

Ollie worked as a roving journalist for the Riverbank Review, where he instigated such seminal reports as Babe of the Month and Cleavage of the Year. At home, he loved to play practical jokes such as hiding the 'Unidentified Bleeping Object' in Kurt's room, where it proceeded to wake Kurt up at 6.59am every morning. Ollie's best mate was Lee Stanley and even after Ollie exposed Stan's "Chips for Sex" scandal (in which he insinuated that Stan gave girls extra chips in order to seduce them), Ollie still remained the best of friends with Stan. At one time Ollie made a mistake of sleeping with Mandy Richardson, not discovering until later that she was only fifteen. He had a remarkably vibrant spirit and refused to let anything get him down even when he had to face the prospect of facing a charge for statutory rape for sleeping with Mandy. However, Ollie's life was to be short lived, as he was involved in a car accident after he tried to stop Stan in his car for driving too fast until Stan lost control of the car and a lorry reversed down the road where Stan had no time to brake. The car flipped up the side of a hill, careering through the packages on the lorry and hitting a concrete block. Ollie suffered some injuries and was rushed to hospital with his family beside him. After a week, both Ollie and Stan died in hospital.

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  • "Stan! STAAN!!!" (final line before fatal car accident)

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