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Oliver "Ollie" Morgan is the son of Luke and Scarlett Morgan, the half-brother of Darren Osborne Jr., and the biological father of Thierry.


2003-2018: Early Life[]

Ollie was born to Luke and Scarlett Morgan in April 2003. In around 2008, Scarlett left Luke due to his alcoholism and took Ollie with her. Ollie would not see Luke until January 2018, when he and Scarlett were made aware of Luke's impending wedding to Mandy Richardson, as Scarlett and Luke had not yet divorced.

2018: Arrival and Being Groomed[]

Ollie arrived in Hollyoaks in January 2018, turning up at Luke and Mandy's wedding reception. Ollie introduced himself as Luke's son, and revealed that the marriage was bigamous as Luke had not actually yet divorced Scarlett. Ollie got along with Luke and Mandy (who had forgiven Luke for the situation), and ran away to Hollyoaks after leaving with Scarlett. Ollie opted to live with his father and Scarlett returned home alone.

Enrolling into Hollyoaks High School, Ollie made friends with Imran Maalik, with the pair joining the Buster Smith Football Academy, run by ex-professional footballer Buster Smith. Buster befriended Ollie on a personal level, with Ollie even confiding in Buster after Imran told him about Luke being raped in March 2000. Buster also comforted Ollie over Luke's alcoholism and Luke and Mandy's struggling marriage.

After suffering an injury during a practice outside Esther's Magic Bean, Buster ended to Ollie's injury in the club changing rooms and gave Ollie a leg massage. After Ollie continued to have leg pain, Buster offered to examine it and inappropriately touched Ollie, who fled from the changing room. Ollie attempted to tell Luke about the incident, but Luke paid no attention as he was drunk at the time. Ollie decided to quit the football team, but Luke convinced him to change his mind and Buster continued his manipulation by making Ollie prove that he wanted to re-join the team.

Ollie met Brooke Hathaway and things quickly turned romantic between the pair. Brooke attended one of Ollie's football matches where Ollie played below-par, and Brooke witnessed Buster shouting at Ollie before putting his hand on Ollie's knee. Brooke - getting the wrong end of the stick - ended up telling Mandy and Brooke's foster mother Nancy Osborne that Ollie was gay. Ollie exploded at Brooke, but became apologetic after she suffered a breakdown. Mandy confronted Ollie and nearly convinced him to tell her what was troubling him, but her attentions turned to Luke when he arrived home intoxicated. Ollie berated his family and stormed off, venting to Buster.

Whilst fundraising for a trip to Disneyland Paris for an ill Dee Dee Hutchinson, Buster gave Ollie a phone for them to continue talking in private. Feeling conflicted over his 'private sessions' with Buster, Ollie confided in Scott Drinkwell about concerns regarding his sexuality. Scott advised Ollie to speak to Luke, but Ollie ended up backing out at the last second and let Luke believe that Scott was harrassing him. Buster later took intimate photographs of Ollie, with Luke finding them and - under the belief Scott took them - viciously assaulted Scott. Buster attempted to frame Scott, but Brody Hudson grew suspicious and asked Ollie about the truth, revealing that Buster had also groomed him as a teenager. He and Brody reported Buster to the police and Buster was arrested, pleading not guilty at his hearing.

2019-2020: Trial and Brooke's Pregnancy[]

Ollie received a visit by footballer Arlo Watson, who offered to have Ollie signed onto a professional football team if he had the charges against Buster dropped. Ollie ultimately refused and the trial went ahead in January 2019. Brody's charges against Buster were dropped after Buster's son (and Brody's best friend) Damon Kinsella was caught lying on the stand. However, the jury found Buster guilty on sexually abusing Ollie, and the judge sentenced him to six years imprisonment.

After the trial, Ollie decided to focus on restoring his relationship with Brooke but his reluctance for any form of intimacy initially left Brooke confused. He also focused on his friendships with Imran and Juliet Quinn. Matters got complicated when Mandy gave birth to a son, DJ, whose father could have been Darren or Luke (who was in prison for attacking Scott). Darren decided to get a DNA test and gave the results to Ollie to reveal, with Ollie lying that Darren was DJ's father despite 0% probability. A month later, Ollie and Brooke decided that they were ready to sleep together, eventually doing so after several interruptions from Nancy and her boyfriend Kyle Kelly. However, their relationship hit a rough patch due to Juliet's interferences, but the pair reconciled after Juliet was exposed.

In September 2019, Ollie discovered that Brooke was pregnant and supported her. However, Brooke was more uncertain about having a baby, feeling that she would be an unfit mother. Ollie proposed to Brooke, but she rejected and revealed that she wanted to put the baby up for adoption. Brody and his girlfriend Sienna Blake expressed interest in adopting the baby and Brooke subsequently shut Ollie out of her pregnancy in favour of Sienna, creating tension in their relationship. Ollie told Sienna that he didn't want to put the baby up for adoption, so Brooke made Ollie choose: her or the baby. Ollie choose Brooke, but was optimistic that she would change her mind after the baby's birth. Brooke ended up giving birth to a baby boy (who Ollie named Thierry) in February 2020, but Brooke immediately gave him to a couple - Mal and Zoe - who adopted Thierry.

2020-2022: Drug Addiction[]

After months of deliberating, Ollie's struggles pushed him to take ketamine, often purchasing from dealers Jordan Price and Sid Sumner as well as Juliet. After visiting Buster in prison and hearing his claims of innocence in September 2020, Ollie decided to run away from home and stay with Scarlett. He returned to the village in November, still secretly taking ketamine. At a rave held by Romeo Nightingale and Cher McQueen, Ollie was videoed whilst high on drugs, with Brooke finding the video and showing Luke and his fiancée Cindy Cunningham. Ollie ended up sleeping with Juliet shortly after leaving the rave, confessing to Brooke after she told him about telling Luke about the video. Brooke ended up ending her relationship with Ollie for good, refusing to forgive him.

Ollie took an overdose and continued to use afterwards, pushing Luke and Cindy to kick him out of home when he refused their help. After Sid was stabbed and presumably murdered by powerful gangster Victor Brothers, Sid's foster uncle Ste Hay forced Ollie into helping him expose Victor as Ollie had revealed that Victor's car was bugged in exchange for free ketamine. Ollie ended up getting Victor arrested as he prepared to kill Ollie and Ste, getting him put in prison. Afterwards, Ollie reconciled with his family and decided to enter a rehabilitation center. However, discharged himself early to move to London with his new girlfriend Evie (who he had met in rehab) and her son Louis.

Returning for Sue's funeral, Ollie decided to end his relationship with Evie and remain in the village after Luke's condition declined. He later befriended Becky Quentin, the pair growing close after Ollie was tested for the frontotemporal dementia gene (which was negative). Ollie developed feelings for Becky, which she reciprocated when Ollie pushed over P.C. Franks to prevent Becky from being arrested. Becky revealed herself as a conspiracy theorist, with her theories over doctors causing tensions between her and Ollie's family. Ollie made plans to adopt Becky's son Henry, resulting him choosing Becky over his family when issued an ultimatum. However, Cindy began to convince Ollie that Becky was delusional, with Ollie breaking up with Becky after being hospitalised for drinking her "miracle cure" for Luke's dementia.

2022: Luke's Death and Departure[]

Following Becky's departure, Ollie focused on spending time with Luke. Following the death of councillor Tom Whitworth, Ollie convinced Zara to run for his position, going against local businessman Tony Hutchinson (assisted by Imran). He eventually took a step back after Zara recruited Scott Drinkwell as her campaign manager. After Cindy's brother Tom Cunningham found a camera formerly belonging to their late brother Max Cunningham, Ollie decided to make videos documenting his remaining time with Luke. Luke spent Cindy's fundraising money for an FTD trial (which proved to be a scam) on a family holiday to Mallorca, with Ollie accompanying them.

Luke became desperate for Thierry to be present at the wedding, and Ollie managed to contact Mal and Zoe, who eventually agreed to a visit. Brooke was furious when they found out, but decided to meet with Thierry regardless. The meeting turned out disasterous when Thierry ran off whilst Mal, Zoe and Ollie were distracted by Luke, but Brooke returned him to his parents. Afterwards, Ollie decided to apply for a job at a football camp in Canada, and was offered the job. Worried by Luke's state, Ollie considered turning down the job, but his family convinced him to go.

Whilst on holiday in Mallorca, the group were scammed by local Alex Ramsden. Luke and Ollie confronted Alex and he took Ollie hostage, wanting Luke to collect a package from him. Upon Luke's return, the trio ended up in a scuffle. Ollie and Luke realised that the gun was actually a toy and left with their stolen belongings. However, the holiday ended in further disaster when Luke fell from a cliff and died in hospital. After Luke's funeral in July, Ollie said goodbye to his friends and family and left for Canada.



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Tell her the truth!
— First line to Luke Morgan.

Can't believe I'm really going. I'm really gonna miss you all... Because... Just like my dad, I'm really lucky to call this place home. So... This isn't goodbye, this is just... Until then. See you, everyone! I'll text you when I land.
— Final line.

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