Oliver  "Ollie" Morgan is the teenage son of Luke and Scarlett Morgan.

In January 2018, Oliver arrived in the village to find his dad, Luke. He succeeded and moved in with his father, whom he currently lives with.

After Buster Smith sets up his own football academy to train young teenagers to become professional footballers, teenager Oliver Morgan decides to sign up. Over the last few weeks, Oliver has been confinding in his football coach about his home life such as his dad Luke Morgan starting to drink again and the fact that his dad and new stepmum Mandy Richardson are always arguing non stop. It is confirmed that Buster is a peodophile and is grooming Ollie by getting Ollie to trust him completely wanting to get closer to Ollie more. Oliver doesn’t know this but when Brody Hudson was a child, he groomed and sexually abused him and Ollie has no idea what Buster is really like and also has no idea of how much danger that he is in as well. Ollie looks up to him as a role model, a good friend and also a father figure and Ollie thinks that he can put all of his trust in Buster.

After being on the football team for a while now, Oliver was invited to scouting trials. His dad, Luke Morgan, was unable to take him as he had started drinking again and Ollie stormed off. This meant that Buster could take him there instead and Ollie asked him for a lift instead and Buster was happy about this so he can get Ollie all to himself as Buster plans to take advantage of him sexually.

After the trials, Buster snook Oliver a small cup of alcohol to advance his evil plan so he can easily get Ollie drunk as Ollie would then have no control to fight back if he tried to. Mandy Richardson then found Ollie and Buster told her that Ollie has done well today and Mandy was pleased with him before taking him back home where once again, he stormed out due to Luke's drinking again. He went to see Buster at the football academy changing rooms and after his old hamstring injury flared up, Buster suggested physio to Ollie and Ollie agreed to this as he still trusts Buster. He then closed the changing room doors behind them as he planned to inappropriately take advantage of the youngster.

As of yet, it is unknown what exactly has happened in the changing rooms but Oliver left in quite a rush though without any of his stuff just to quickly get away from Buster and his face showed his shock. It is then confirmed that Buster inappropriately took advantage of the teenager and Ollie had noticed that. A few other times when they were alone together in the changing rooms at the football academy, Buster has been shutting the door behind them a few times as he's been inappropriately taking advantage of the vulnerable teen.

When Ollie met a girl his age called Brooke Hathaway in The Bean Coffee shop, Ollie was instantly attracted to the teen and attempted to chat her up which he did and it was starting to get weird with Ollie messing up a few times but it seemed to work though as she still liked him too though nonetheless. When Buster tried to look for Ollie all over the Village after Ollie was invited back to the team again by Buster after he kicked Ollie off the team before, Buster eventually found Ollie in The Bean and saw Ollie flirting with Brooke and berated Ollie for being late on his first day back on the team again with Ollie apologising to him and explaining his reasons to him of why he was late. The real reason why Buster was berating Ollie like that was because he was jealous to see the 2 flirting together as Buster still planned on grooming him and felt that his grip on Ollie was slipping away from him but managed to keep his cool though. When Brooke asked Buster if she was allowed to watch Ollie play, Buster agreed felling that he had to do it in order to not lose his grip on Ollie again. When Ollie didn’t play so well today, Buster took him back to the football academy changing rooms and started to berate Ollie once again for being distracted on the pitch and Ollie promised him that it was a one off and that it won’t happen again. Buster blamed Brooke for Ollie's distraction today but in order to keep Ollie in his place though, he sat down next to Ollie and showed Ollie The Captain armband and wanted to make Ollie Captain of the team and put the armband on Ollie's arm to keep Ollie sweet so Ollie will starting trusting him some more. Ollie was happy being made Captain of the football team but when Buster told Ollie that he's got to do what he's told in future and was staring at Ollie lustfully again, he then inappropriately put his hand on Ollie's knee which made Ollie feel uncomfortable around Buster but Ollie agreed though that he would do as he's told by Buster in future though before making an excuse up to Buster that he had to go and then left. Ollie and Buster are unaware that Brooke saw the whole thing outside of the changing rooms when the door was open.

The next day, Ollie told Luke and Mandy that he wanted to quit the football team for good and they asked him why the sudden change of heart though as they thought that he was always passionate about playing football since he was younger but Ollie tells them though that it was true once but he's not into it anymore now though as he used to be though and then went to his room. Luke and Mandy were wondering what was just going on with him after he went to his room and they decide to call Buster for him to come over so then he can change Ollie's mind into rejoining again believing that Buster will help. Ollie is shocked when he sees's Buster at the Morgan home but tried to hide his pain though in front of Luke and Mandy as he doesn’t want to give anything away to them. Buster then told his parents that maybe Ollie wanted to quit the football team because he had a bad game and told them that Ollie didn’t play so well yesterday anyway though and tells them that this could be the reason of why he decided to quit the football team in the first place. Buster then told Ollie to have a think about it and told Ollie that Ollie can become a professional football player if he doesn’t give up already. Though this isn’t the real reason of why Ollie wanted to quit the footie team in the first place as the real reason was that Buster inappropriately touched him behind closed doors which made feel uncomfortable and was even more uncomfortable when Buster arrived at the Morgan home after finding out that Luke and Mandy called him to come and Ollie was shocked at seeing him again. Shortly after what happened at the Morgan home, Oliver and Mandy bumped into Brooke and Nancy Osbourne together outside of The Bean Cafe. Brooke then told Mandy and Nancy that Ollie was gay and told them the reason why based on what she saw and Oliver called her an idiot and told her that he was suffering from cramp and that Buster was just helping him and started shouting at Brooke's face and after he left, Brooke suffered a meltdown with Nancy and Mandy trying to calm her down. Back at home, Ollie started crying his eyes out when looking at pictures of him and Buster together on his phone and then put his phone down after that. When Mandy came home, she asked Ollie if he was okay after what happened before with him and Brooke and Ollie apologised to Mandy for shouting at her. Mandy then asked Ollie why he was like that with Brooke when Brooke thought that he was gay and Mandy thought to herself that maybe he is. She then told him that if he was, then it is completely okay and that she will support him if he was and so on but Ollie told her that he's definitely not gay though. As Mandy and Ollie then have a heart to heart together, Ollie was then about to tell Mandy in an emotional way about what Buster has been doing to him but didn’t get his chance to mention Buster's name or what he did to him to Mandy at all though as Luke came home completely wasted stinking off booze. This made Ollie even more emotional so started berating his father and stepmother as he got fed up with the 2 and not knowing who else to turn to confide in, he goes to Buster at the football academy instead. The 2 are in the changing rooms alone talking together and Ollie fills Buster in about what just happened and how he never wants to turn out like his dad at all when he gets older. Ollie then apologises to Buster for quitting the team originally and told Buster that he actually wants to come back to the footie team again and actually wants to prove himself to Buster and to actually make something off his life as well. Buster then tells him that he is happy that Ollie is finally committed and feels that because of what Ollie has been saying to him, Buster feels that he has now got Oliver exactly where he wants him. Buster then tells him that he wants 100% commitment from him for now and wants Ollie to mean it. Buster then once again then inappropriately puts his hand on Ollie's knee again and tells him that he wants Ollie to do what Buster tells him to for now on if Ollie wants to be a professional footballer and for Buster to make that happen for him. Buster then asks him if he understands or not and Ollie tells him that he does understand before shutting the door behind them so he can then inappropriately take advantage of him once again.

The next day in the morning, Buster is going to local business's and is asking them if they can donate money so then Tony Hutchinson and Diane Hutchinson's gravely 4-year-old daughter Dee Dee Hutchinson can then go on a holiday to Disneyland Paris and Buster wants to raise as enough money as he can in order to make that happen for that little girl. Buster then see's Oliver alone in the Village playing football by himself and asks Oliver if he can have his help to raise enough money for Dee Dee to go on holiday to Disneyland Paris and Ollie agress knowing that it will make the little girl very happy indeed. Buster is only doing this though so he can get more closer to Ollie as Buster is still grooming him. After they’ve raised enough money for Dee Dee, Ollie is happy about this and as a reward for Ollie helping him out today, Buster gives him a brand new mobile phone and tells Ollie that if he ever wants to talk to him about anything, then he can and tells Ollie that he can always call and text him at any time and talk to him about pretty much anything. Ollie is quite happy about the gift but Buster only gave it to him though to groom Ollie even further as he wants to know about Ollie's feelings inside. Buster then tells him to only keep the gift secret between them though and Ollie agrees and Buster is happy about this as he reckons that his sick plan is starting to step up a gear now.

Once Buster is found guilty for abusing Ollie, he soon begins dating Brooke after the two nearly share a kiss.

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  • 2018-present: Ollie walks through the village and smiles at the camera
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