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Norma Crow (also known as The Undertaker) is a gangland boss who Ethan Williams worked for. After her arrival Norma murdered her then boyfriend but informant, Asher Jones, where she would gain the employment of both Ste Hay and Sienna Blake respectively.


2022-: Arrival[]

Norma arrived in Hollyoaks in April 2022 to confront Sienna Blake, Ste Hay and Ethan Williams over the theft of her money, which Ethan had been laundering through Wham! Glam! Thank You Tan! She had her chauffeur, Ethan's accountant Asher Jones, to take the trio to Mollihurst & Co Funeral Services where she demanded that Ethan decided who would be killed over the theft. Ethan put himself forward as punishment for dragging Ste and Sienna into a life of crime, but Norma suddenly turned and shot Asher dead, revealing that he was a police informant. She forced Sienna and Ste to clean the scene and fired Ethan, telling Ste and Sienna that they worked under her now.

After Sienna planted an urn in front of 5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3 to scare detective Zoe Anderson, Norma kidnapped her twins Sophie and Sebastian Fox. She then approached the twins' father, gangster Warren Fox, and attempted to hire him to no avail. After tricking Sienna into giving him Norma's phone number, James Nightingale - who had a £37,000 debt to Jeremy Fanning - offered his services as a lawyer in exchange for help paying off the debt. Norma agreed to the latter condition, but told James that he would also be doing her 'dirty work'. However, James's son Romeo went in James's place and was attacked. An impressed Norma, believing James had sent Romeo, blackmailed James into working for her, which he moved away to do.

Having discovered that he killed her boyfriend Brody Hudson, Sienna asked Norma to murder Warren. Norma, however, ended up hiring Warren and called Sienna weak for not being able to kill Warren herself. Norma is seen again a few weeks later when she approaches Sienna for a job and asking for the where abouts of Warren as she only trusts Sienna and Warren to carry out the job however Sienna seeing no option enlists Ste to help her leading to them to discover that Norma had killed a man named Barry. Norma would seem angry at the fact Sienna opted for Ste to fo the job instead of Warren leading her to threaten Sienna's life if she does not have Warren onboard by the next day.

Norma arrives to find Warren is back and is confronted by him over his attack since his suffering from 'Amnesia' however its revealed that Norma would find Warren dumped in a skip after Warren was seemingly killed by Damon Kinsella weeks prior via flashbacks helping Warren who is very much alive and revealed that Norma is working with Warren to bring down Sienna.

Kill Count[]


  1. Unknown Lawyer, Prior to August 2022 - murdered by Norma.
  2. Unknown Lawyer, Prior to August 2022 - murdered by Norma.
  3. Unknown Lawyer, Prior to August 2022 - murdered by Norma.
  4. Asher Jones, 2nd May 2022 - Shot after discovering that he was a police informant.
  5. Barry Walker, July/August 2022 - Murdered either by Norma, or on her orders.

Note: it has been referenced that Norma has killed more characters than mentioned by name on-screen.

Connected Murders & Deaths[]

  1. Stuart, prior to August 2022 - After ordering Stuart to be killed Norma would ask James Nightingale to tamper with evidence so Stuart would go to prison for ripping her off this would lead Stuart to commit suicide after being sent down.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Stuart (by proxy), prior to August 2022 - Ordered Stuart to be killed.



Address Duration

Employment History[]

Job Duration
Gangster Since prior to November 2021

Background Information[]

  • Actress Glynis Barber's casting as gangster Norma was announced in March 2022, shortly after the premiere of Hollyoaks's 2022 Spring trailer.

Introduction Sequence[]

Despite being a regular character, Norma does not yet appear in the introduction sequence.


No, love. That'd be me. Hello Ethan. These must be the cleaners I've been hearing so much about. Ste, I presume. Which would make you Sienna. Is that Sienna with two 'N's? I hope I got the spelling right, nothing worse than typos on an urn. Pop in! You don't want to be late for the funeral.
— First line.

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