Noel Ashworth was the brother of Neville Ashworth. When he arrived in Hollyoaks, he caused friction in the Ashworth household by announcing that he was the real father of Rhys Ashworth, after having an affair with Neville's wife Suzanne Ashworth in 1986. He also announced that he was going suffering from liver cancer, and only had a few months to live. Despite this, he continued to drink and smoke.

During his time there, he also told Rhys that he was leaving for Glasgow, and asked whether he would like to come with him or stay in Hollyoaks. Rhys decided to stay, and Noel announced that he would never return to Hollyoaks. Noel died in October 2007, and it was revealed at his wake that he had a daughter, Beth Clement, who was in a relationship with Rhys at the time.

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