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Nikki Sullivan was the wife of Dan Sanders and the girlfriend of Sam Smallwood. In 1999, Dan and Nikki were involved in a car accident, in which Steven Banks was fatally struck by their vehicle. Dan was sent to prison for dangerous driving, but was released later that year. Nikki began a relationship with Sam, but she reunited with Dan when he returned from prison. In March 2000, Dan and Nikki went to visit the Banks family to apologise, but Dan was nearly beaten up by Steven's son Justin, who, as well as Steven's wife Linda, refused to ever forgive Dan and Nikki, and asked for them to never call around again. Dan and Nikki got engaged and decided to have a secret wedding whilst on a ski trip. The wedding was revealed and Nikki and Dan invited all their friends. However, Sam tried to convince Nikki not to marry Dan. Nikki ignored Sam and she and Dan got married. However, afterwards, Nikki realised she had made a mistake, and a devastated Dan skied off. Nikki was unable to catch up, so Sam went after him. Dan ended up taking a tumble down a ski slope and Nikki feared he was dead. However, she went to the room and found his things gone and they realised Dan was alive, especially when no body was found at the bottom of the slope. Nikki returned to Hollyoaks with her friends, and without Dan. She kissed Emily Taylor, who wanted to start a relationship with Nikki, but Nikki told her she only kissed Emily to see how kissing a woman felt like. Nikki rekindled her relationship with Sam. They decided to leave the village together in September.

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