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Nicole Owen is the daughter of Carrie and Rob Owen, and the sister of Russ and Sam Owen.



Nicole's family had been split when her brother Sam was falsely arrested and convicted for an arson which had killed his girlfriend's younger brother. Their father, Rob, had refused to believe Sam's innocence, and their mother Carrie banished him from their lives. After Russ found out he had testicular cancer, he wanted to contact Rob. They met, and Nicole and Russ began insisting Rob would not be allowed to become part of the family again. After several visits, Rob and Carrie reconciled. Nicole was thrilled, although she wasn't happy about having another parent trying to tell her what to do. Nicole pined for Justin Burton, not realising his stepbrother and her close friend Ali Taylor had feelings for her. Nicole became infatuated with Connor, an Irish traveller who was staying in the village. Connor kissed Nicole on her brother Sam's birthday. Ali also attended the birthday dinner and tried to get her attention. Nicole dismissed him as a puppy, which helped cause a dejected Ali into confronting Stephen "Macki" Mackintosh with a knife. Ali killed Macki in self-defence and was then run over by a car while fleeing the scene. Justin, who had also been at the scene and took the knife, was arrested for Macki's murder.

Friendship with Nancy Hayton[]

Around this time she also befriended  Nancy Hayton, who was more experienced and encouraged Nicole to lose her virginity. Nancy let Nicole use her sister Becca's flat, but when the time came, Nicole was unsure and Connor didn't want to push her. Nicole ran out in shame. The next day, she wanted to try again, but Connor was leaving town with his family. Before driving away, he kissed Nicole and told her he would always love her, but didn't maintain contact. Nicole returned to her feelings for Justin. When Justin escaped from prison, Nicole went on the run with him and later gave evidence in his favour at his trial.


In the late night special Hollyoaks: Back from the Dead, Nicole went on a trip with Andy Holt, the serial rapist, as part of a trap for her brothers Sam and Russ Owen. At first he charmed her into thinking he had feelings for her, and nearly made love to her, only to stop because he claimed he wanted her to be better. By the time Nicole realised his true intentions for her, he wouldn't let her leave. Andy forced Nicole to drink the Date rape drug GHB rendering her unconscious. Andy then took her to a warehouse, where he tied and gagged her, before texting pictures of her to Sam to draw them in. Nicole and her brothers were eventually rescued by a vengeful Mel Burton, who pursued the fleeing Andy. Fleeing into the unlit basement, Andy accidentally impaled himself on a spike. Nicole was disgusted when she found out Sam had also been a rapist, and vowed never to speak to him again.

Sam's death[]

Sam contacted Nicole and she visited him in prison. It was, however, a deception. Sam escaped using her as leverage, and later held his younger sister hostage in the family home and tied her up. After a failed escape attempt, Sam threatened to pour boiling water over Nicole if she didn't tell him where Sophie was. Russ came home and found Nicole, who told him what had happened. Russ raced to The Dog in The Pond but arrived too late - several people were dead, including Russ's girlfriend Sophie. Nicole and Russ both later refused to attend Sam's funeral. Nicole eventually reversed her decision and attended, seeing her parents as the only others there. She sat at the back, emotionless, gave her mother a comforting hand and told her she was sorry her son had died.

Becca's Death[]

In a fury born of abject ignorance, Nicole's peers turned on her because of Sam's crimes. Her groceries were smashed on her way home; a dead rat was stuffed into her school locker. After Ste Hay and Wayne Tunnicliffe got her drunk with the intent to sleep with her, Nicole decided that enough was enough, and promptly left Hollyoaks with her parents. When her friends Nancy, Sarah and Hannah, who had avoided her after the pub explosion, asked her if she would stay in contact with them, Nicole answered simply 'No'. Nicole returned in December 2006 for Becca Dean's trial where she gave evidence against Becca-much to the annoyance of her supposed friend Nancy. She claimed Justin's stepbrother Ali Taylor had told her in 2005 (when Justin was 15) that Becca and Justin were involved. This was hearsay, but still played crucial to the prosecution's case. Becca was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to prison, where she was later killed by another prisoner.

2007 return[]

Nicole returned in 2007 for the wedding of Mercedes McQueen and Russ, where she begged her brother to reconsider his choice of bride.

2019 return[]

Nicole returned in 2019 after receiving a call from her nephew Max Owen saying that Mercedes doesn't love him and that he wants to live with her in Greece. Nicole has a catch-up with Nancy and Nancy forgives her for testifying against Becca. After finding drugs at the McQueens house, Breda McQueen tells Nicole to take Max to live with her in Greece. Mercedes tries to convince Max to stay, but Max tells her that he wishes that Russ never met Mercedes and leaves with Nicole.

In July 2019, Nicole brings Max back to the village where Mercedes, Sylver McQueen, Breda and Nana McQueen have organised a party for him. Mercedes ruins the party after taking cocaine supplied to her by Liam Donovan. Nicole and Max left and boarded the next flight back to Greece and said that they won't be coming back.

Background Information[]

  • Nicole was born a day after her father's Rob's 28th birthday, Rob expressed his disappointment that Nicole didn't share the same birthday as he thought It would of "Bonded them better", He then went on to say It was the best late birthday present ever.