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Nick O'Connor was a friend of Jodie Nash, and studied Graphic Design at Hollyoaks Community College from 2001 to 2004.



Nick arrived in the village in 2001 with his best friend, Jodie Nash. He was homophobically attacked outside The Dog in the Pond, but Jodie helped him cope with the attack. Nick later met a man, Greg, at a gay bar, and the pair begun dating. However, the relationship didn't last long as Nick discovered that Greg had cheated on him. Nick later became confused regarding his sexuality as he began to question if he was gay or not.

Sleeping with Jodie & Relationship with Nathan[]

Nick comforted Jodie after her brother, Jamie Nash, was killed in a potholing accident in November 2002. The pair ended up sleeping together, but Jodie later decided that she needed a break to clear her head. Sleeping with Jodie made Nick feel even more confused about his sexuality, until he met Il Gnosh employee, Nathan Rogers, whom Nick began to date.

Nick felt comfortable with his sexuality, but revealed to Nathan that his parents didn't know that he was gay. Nathan encouraged Nick to visit his parents to tell them the truth, and Nathan accompanied him. However, Nick's father was furious at Nick's revelation and threw Nick and Nathan out. Nick was left heartbroken and Nathan tried to comfort him.

Split from Nathan & Departure[]

Nick's mother later called him to inform him that his father had suffered a heart attack. Nick went straight to his father's beside and was informed by his father that the farm was doing poorly and that he needed help. Nick decided to help his father, annoying Nathan who had plans to go on holiday with Nick. Nathan ultimately made Nick decide between him and his parents. Nick decided to stay to help his father with the farm so Nathan dumped Nick and left alone.

Nick completed a degree in graphic design, and decided that he wanted to travel around the world. However, Nick's father wanted Nick to return home to assist in running the farm. Nick decided to go against his father's wishes and left Hollyoaks.

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