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Barry "Newt" Newton is the son of Shelley Newton and brother of Jensen Newton. He was fostered by the Osborne family from October 2007 to June 2010, when he returned home to live with his mother and help raise Jensen.



Newt arrives in Hollyoaks as the fourteen-year-old foster son of Jack and Frankie Osborne. Foster brother Darren Osborne steals Frankie's wedding ring and sells them to pay off his gambling debts. He puts Frankie's bracelet he also stole in Newt's bag to frame him. Darren then leads everyone to believe Newt stole them, however he is eventually found out. Newt strikes a friendship with fellow emo, Lauren Valentine. Jake Dean becomes jealous of the time Nancy Hayton is spending helping Newt with his dyslexia and makes an anonymous phone call to the police accusing Nancy of having a sexual relationship with underage Newt. Nancy believes it was Lauren that made the call and attacks her. Newt is questioned and defends Nancy.


After the who shot Calvin plot, Newt now with the real Rae tries to get Lauren to confess to Spencer that there never was a baby. Rae survives her 18th birthday, despite her grandmother suffering a stroke. Shelley asks Newt to leave with her as she has been offered a job in Scotland. Newt agrees but sadly, Rae cannot join Newt, his mum Shelley and her baby boy Jensen up in Scotland but share an emotional goodbye.

In 2011, Darren phones Newt to tell him about Rae being murdered and does not take it well.

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