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Neil Cooper, played by Tosin Cole arrives as a new student at the sixth form college in September 2011. Over a year later in November 2012, Neil was killed due to the bus crash explosion after Maddie Morrison decided not to save him.


Cole said Neil "pretends to be someone that he really isn’t, he has no game". Cole told Agent2 Magazine that Neil tends to big himself up when he is with his friend and he turns "it up a little just because [he is] around the lads". Cole added that Neil is "being a lad" and is trying to enjoy his youth while he is still young.



Neil arrives in Hollyoaks village and joins the sixth form college. He begins working for Tony Hutchinson, who offers him driving lessons. Neil prepares to take his driving test and the group rely on him to drive them to a gig once he has passed. Neil fails his driving test but lies that he has passed. While driving the group to the gig Neil crashes Bart McQueen car, angering him.


Neil joins his friends on a journey in a stolen mini-bus for Ruby Button and Jono's wedding. The bus crashes and everyone presumes Neil is dead. Maddie is the last to escape from the wreckage and Neil awakes and begs her for help. Maddie leaves Neil to die as the bus explodes. The bus explodes and Maddie blames Esther for the crash but before she can continue the flaming minibus door slams into her killing her.


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