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Neeta Kaur was the sister of Asha Kaur and girlfriend of Mac Nightingale and Hunter McQueen. She was murdered by Mac in October 2017 after Mac caused an explosion at Hollyoaks High School, after Mac realised that he'd always play second fiddle to Hunter. Neeta had told Sally St. Claire that she wanted her organs donated, and Yasmine Maalik received her heart.



Neeta first arrives at The Dog searching for Mac, however Ellie tricks her into believing that Mac has finished with her forever, despite him actually wanting to reconcile. Rachel Hardy (Jennifer Brooke) later realises that Neeta has been at The Dog after she drops her scarf, but Ellie denies all knowledge. Rachel then finds a note that Neeta left for Mac screwed up in the bin, and realises that Ellie has lied.

Relationship with Mac Nightingale[]

Ellie takes Neeta to a party where she falls drunk and sleeps on Jesse Donovan's (Luke Jerdy) shoulder. Ellie snaps a photo and sends it to Marnie. Mac was surprised with Neeta arriving late and Neeta lied that she stayed over in Maxine Minniver's (Nikki Sanderson) house however Mac saw the picture Ellie took and confront Jesse. Mac beat Jesse, called an ambulance and later left him for dead. When Neeta revealed what Mac did to Jesse's family, they confronted him and warned him to stay away. Mac was forced to come to terms with the fact that Neeta was working as the Donovan's designer and his feud with Jesse continued. When Mac sees photo of Neeta, Jesse, Liam and Adam for the salon Mac loses it and smashes the framed photo and knocks Neeta to the ground by mistake scaring her It is also later relived by James that Mac used to hit him as a child, with James recounting Mac's abusive behaviour such as him being beaten for spilling milk and pushed down the stairs for beating Mac at chess.

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  • 2015-2016: Neeta sits on a throne in a throne room, and then Mac hands her a rose.
  • 2016-2017: Neeta twirls in a sparkly gold dress and cups her face.

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