Nathan Nightingale

Nathan nightingale

First Appearance
23 October 2015
Last Appearance
15 February 2017 (Death)
2 July 2018 (Flashback)
Mac Nightingale (Father)
Marnie Nightingale (Mother)
James Nightingale (Brother)
Ellie Nightingale (Sister)
Alfie Nightingale (Half-Brother)
Juliet Quinn (Half-Sister)
Romeo Quinn (Nephew)
Landlord & Barman (2015-2017)
Former Home
Portrayed By
Date of Birth
9 August 1991
Rachel Hardy (fiancée, deceased)
Cleo McQueen (ex-girlfriend)
Porsche McQueen (kissed)
Holly Cunningham (kissed)
Lisa Loveday (fiancé until his death)
Cause Of Death
Fell from a window

Nathan Nightingale is played by Jared Garfield. Nathan made his first appearance on 23 October 2015.

Characterisation Edit

He is said to be the "newest heartthrob in the Hollyoaks village" and is "honest, loyal and always happy to help anyone's problems go away with a big hug and lots of love." It's said he prefers to use a "twinkle in his eye and a firm hand" to solve problems.

Arrival Edit

Nathan arrives with his family to live in The Dog in The Pond. He is seen with his father, Mac Nightingale (David Easter), Rachel Hardy (Jennifer Brooke) and Alfie Nightingale (Richard Linnell). Later he goes on to have sex with Rachel, but is interrupted by Alfie.

Rachel's Death Edit

On the way to South America, Rachel's car breaks down. Nathan attempts to fix the car, but a drunk Holly Cunningham with Cleo McQueen drives into Rachel's car and into a metallic structure. Nathan tries to get Rachel out the car as she is trapped, but insists on saving Cleo and Holly as the structure will come down and crush them. Just in time, Nathan takes Cleo out of the car as the barrell comes down and crushes the car. No one is harmed. Later, the barrel leaks gasoline, and a fire starts. Nathan goes out to find some firemen, and as they return, the car explodes, with Rachel inside.

Love triangle between Lisa Loveday & Cleo McQueen Edit

Lisa's friend Cleo McQueen (Nadine Rose Mulkerrin) sets both Lisa and Nathan up. They begin a problematic relationship, but however, during a village blackout, they have sex. However, after getting engaged to Nathan and moving in with him and his family, Lisa has sex with Nathan's father, Mac Nightingale (David Easter), and the pair swear each other to secrecy. Lisa and Mac break up after Lisa reveals she is unhappy. Nathan then proposes to Lisa, Lisa initially turns him down, but then agrees to.

Death Edit

Nathan walks in on Mac and Lisa about to have sex. Nathan, Mac and Lisa have an argument, Nathan begins shouting, Mac pushes him back, and Nathan slips, falls back and trips on a toolbox, and falls of the scaffolding of the new pub, killing him.

Intro Edit

  • 2016: Nathan stands on a red background with roses while he holds the edge of his coat then smiles at the camera.
  • 2016-17: Nathan receives football from Joe Roscoe.


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