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Nathan Nightingale was the son of Marnie and Mac Nightingale, the brother of James and Ellie Nightingale as well as the half-brother of Alfie and Juliet Nightingale.

Nathan was killed in February 2017, when he was pushed out of a window and over the railing of the scaffolding against 1 Stockton Lane during a struggle with Mac after discovering Mac's affair with his fiancée Lisa Loveday.



Nathan arrived in October 2015 with his father Mac Nightingale, his sister Ellie Nightingale and his fiancée Rachel Hardy as they took over the local pub, The Dog in the Pond from the Osborne family. Nathan is shocked to learn that his adopted brother, Alfie Nightingale is actually his half-brother when Mac revealed he is Alfie's biological father and Cindy Cunningham is Alfie's biological mother.

In December 2015, Ellie becomes jealous when Nathan and Rachel organise a holiday to Marbella over Christmas, so schemes to stop it from happening. On a night out, Ellie deliberately spills a drink over Rachel, forcing her to get changed, and encourages Nathan to get flirtatious with Porsche McQueen. When Rachel sees them, she declares their engagement over, so Nathan kisses Porsche. However, Nathan desperately tries to win Rachel back when Porsche reveals their kiss to her, and eventually, Rachel forgives him and they go on holiday to Marbella.

Rachel's Death & Relationship with Holly[]

In March 2016, Nathan and Rachel are preparing to go on a trip to South America. However, Nathan postpones the trip when he finds out about Alfie's cancer returning and that Rachel knew before he did. Nathan and Rachel argue, but after a heart-to-heart with Alfie, he makes amends with Rachel before she attempts to leave for South America by herself. During the journey, the car breaks down, so Nathan fixes it in time to get to the airport. Before getting in the car to drive, Nathan dives out of the way as a drunken Holly Cunningham crashes into their car, injuring Rachel. Cleo McQueen, who was in Holly's car, regains consciousness just as Nathan saves her from being crushed by a boulder from above. As the firefighters approach to rescue Rachel, the car explodes in flames, killing Rachel instantly. Mac, Ellie and Alfie arrive at hospital to comfort a grief-stricken Nathan.

Nathan grows closer to Holly, eventually developing feelings for her. He continues to hate Cleo, as she has covered for Holly by stating that she was driving the car. He is drawn even closer to Holly after Ellie and their manipulative mother, Marnie Nightingale, lie to him that Rachel was having an affair with a man named "Damien" behind his back, in order for him to get over Rachel faster. He and Holly sleep together and begin a relationship. Nathan later discovers that Marnie and Ellie were lying about Rachel's affair, and that Holly knew. Although angry at Holly, Nathan sees her convincing Reenie McQueen to support her daughter Cleo through paedophile Pete Buchanan's sexual abuse trial. At the trial, Cleo reveals that Holly was driving the car that caused the crash that killed Rachel due to her being under oath, which prompts Nathan to break up with Holly and form a friendship with Cleo.

Feelings for Cleo & Relationship with Lisa[]

Nathan begins to develop feelings for Cleo and on her 18th birthday they share a kiss, but Cleo tells him that she's not ready for a relationship after everything that Pete put her through. Cleo pairs Nathan with Lisa Loveday, and they later start dating. However, Nathan struggles to understand Lisa's reckless lifestyle. Nathan later bonds with Lisa during a blackout in the village, and the pair have sex. The couple begin looking at houses to move in together, angering Marnie, who deeply disapproves of their relationship. By now, Cleo has also developed feelings for Nathan, and sends an email expressing her feelings after being prompted to by her sister, Celine McQueen. Nathan finds the email and reveals that he is now in love with Lisa and that Cleo is too late. However, Lisa finds the email, and retaliates by having sex with Mac, Nathan's father.

Mac and Lisa begin a full-blown affair behind Nathan and Marnie's backs, with them arranging to go away on luxury weekend breaks together. Nathan, meanwhile, comforts Cleo after Celine goes missing, unaware that she has actually been murdered by Cameron Campbell. While on a romantic getaway, Mac accidentally runs Cameron over, with Lisa attempting to help him. Mac orders Lisa to leave him, and the pair drive off. Cameron remembers Lisa trying to help him, and begins blackmailing the pair from prison. However, this soon stops, but Marnie and Nathan find blood on Mac's van, with Marnie taking the vehicle to be scrapped to save Mac. Nathan, however, finds one of Lisa's bras in the back, and confronts him about cheating on Marnie, unaware that the bra is Lisa's.

Engagement to Lisa, Discovering Lisa and Mac's affair & Death[]

On the day of Celine's funeral, Cleo finally decides to tell Nathan how she really feels, however, Nathan has just gotten engaged to Lisa. At the engagement party, Mac and Lisa begin to have sex, but Nathan walks in on them. As Mac attempts to explain, Nathan stumbles backwards and falls out of the window, with Cleo watching in horror. As Cleo, Mac, Marnie, Lisa, Ellie, Alfie and Freddie Roscoe rush to help, Nathan manages to utter the word "dad" before dying from his injuries in Marnie's arms.


Hey! Sorry, my sister thinks she's some sort of a comedian. Picks a beautiful young woman, makes a stupid joke about her age, and look, of course we'll pay for the drink.
— First line, to Cindy Savage.


How could you do this to me?!
— To Mac Nightingale, before falling out a window during a struggle with Mac after discovering Mac's affair with Nathan's fiancée Lisa Loveday.

— Final line before death.

Introduction Shots[]

  • 2015: Nathan and Rachel stand next to each other on a white background.
  • 2016: Nathan stands on a red background with roses while he holds the edge of his coat then smiles at the camera.
  • 2016-2017: Nathan is passed a football by Joe Roscoe.

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