Nathan McAllister was Liam McAllister's older brother. Nathan helped Liam exact revenge on Carl Costello when Carl broke Liam's leg, ending his football career. Nathan and Liam kidnap Seth and Riley Costello. Nathan has his girlfriend Sami drug Riley, whilst Liam gets Seth intoxicated before attempting to drown him in a spa pool. However, Mitzeee Minniver resuscitates Seth. Nathan and Liam kidnap Carl and tie him up and force Seth and Riley to cage fight. However, the brothers escape with Sami's help, as she decides to betray Nathan and Liam. Nathan, brandishing a gun, chases Seth, Riley and Carl alongside Liam. The trio are cornered on the rooftop but Seth tackles Nathan, who almost falls off the roof. Liam grabs onto him but loses grip and Nathan falls through a glass roof and into an oil tank. When Liam drains the tank, Nathan becomes impaled on a spike and dies.

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