Nancy Hayton

Nancy haytonn

Current Occupation
Second Deputy Head at Hollyoaks High
Darren Osborne (2012-); Jake Dean (2008)
Charles Hayton (Father)
Margaret Hayton (Mother)
Becca Dean (Sister)
Oscar Osborne (Son)
Charlie Dean (Nephew)
Brooke Hathaway (Foster Daughter)
Portrayed by
Current Home
Former homes
First Appearance
6 July 2005

Nancy Anne Hayton (Previously Dean and Osborne) is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Jessica Fox. The character first appeared on 6 July 2005. Since the character's inception she has been involved in many notable storylines such as a love triangle, marrying Jake Dean, drug abuse, domestic violence, being the victim of two attempted rapes, marrying Darren Osborne, giving birth to his son, Oscar Osborne, an addiction to painkillers, a highly publicised storyline where Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) tried to steal Darren and her family away from her, Sienna seriously attacking her, giving her brain damage and her affair with Rick Spencer (Victor Gardener).

Characterisation Edit

Nancy's personality is a lot like other girls. She likes going partying and dressing up in inapropiate clothing. In her relationship with Darren Osbourne she cheated in him on one her nights out.

Arrival Edit

Nancy arrives in Hollyoaks to visit sister Becca Dean and later begins living with Becca. Nancy has a brief relationship with Justin Burton, who is having a secret relationship with Becca and uses Nancy to make Becca jealous. Nancy enters a relationship with Foz. Nancy and Hannah Ashworth babysit for Mandy Richardson and Tony Hutchinson's daughter, Grace. Nancy and Hannah discover Grace dead and blame themselves until they are informed Grace died of SIDS. Nancy begins dealing with the fall out of Becca's affair with her pupil Justin Burton, whilst trying to keep her own relationship with Foz together. Nancy abuses recreational drugs at the in a bid to fit in with Foz. When Becca is murdered in prison Nancy is left to care for nephew Charlie Dean. Foz soon after leaves to go travelling. Nancy begins taking prescription drugs while taking her A-level examinations.

Intro Edit

  • 2010-2014: She sits on a sofa on a magazine style background.
  • 2014-16: She blows an origami bird out of her hand.
  • 2016-: Nancy and Darren sit on a carousel and go around.