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Marlena Magdelene Harmony "Nana" McQueen is the daughter of Queenie McQueen, the sister of Marguerite McQueen, the widow of Reggie and the mother of several children including Kathleen, Myra, Louis and Reenie McQueen.


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1930s-2007: Backstory[]

Raped by father's best friend, lived on the same street. Came back "a hero" after the war, with Nana's mother making a fuss over him. He would inappropriately touch her, with her parents remaining oblivious. On 2nd June 1953, Nana went to his house to watch the Queen's Coronation on his television, which was "the biggest in the street". He lured her into the backyard bathroom and raped her, telling her that if she said anything then people would turn on her. Feeling unable to tell people, she would remind him of what he did by looking him in the eye until he turned away. Met Reggie, married him at the age of 24 on. Nana was serially unfaithful but remained with him until his death.

2007-2009: Sporadic Appearances[]

Nana us first seen by July 2007 and is seen flirting with Mercedes soon to be husband, Russ Owen when arriving at The Dog to meet her family however when she finds out who Russ is she tells her family that he was the o e whom flirted with her. When arriving at the family home she finds her granddaughters fighting which they are pleased to see Nana, Nana later attends the wedding of Mercedes and Russ but its jolted when Louise Summers shows up to reveal that Mercedes had slept with Warren Fox however despite everyone believing Mercedes over Louise, Nana is wiser and tells Mercedes that she may be old but she knows when shes lying however Nana shows her support to Mercedes and vows to keep sleeping with Warren quiet. Nana is seen again by October 2007 when both Carmel and John Paul are nearly killed due to carbon monoxide poisoning during which she thinks that Carmel kisser Russ however despite causing trouble by telling Mercedes this was not the case.

In February 2008 Nana is seen again and arrsed for benefit fraud. By October 2008, Nana discovers that her daughter's, Myra long originally named Matthew McQueen has returned to exact revenge on the whole family under the adobtion name of "Niall Rafferty" Nana is kidnapped along with the family and Niall detonates a bomb in the church he holds them all hostage and this leads to the death of one of Nana's grandchildren in Tina Reilly by 2009, Nana shows again up and its revealed that she worked for a Dutch artist in a photoshoot to which Nana and the rest of her family discover that the photos are worth alot of money.

2012-2015: Stepping Up to Family Drama[]

Nana returns to the village after a few years of being in the background and absent by November 2012. Nana returns with Carmel in a bid to help Carmel get her life back on track in the village after her scarring accident the first task Nana does during her return is finding Carmel to go on a date with a man and she enlists Barney Harper-McBride to go on a date with her granddaughter. However by the end of the year Carmel begins to date Lawyer, Jim McGinn.

In 2013, Nana has to support and help her family through some tough instances such as Myra being miss diagnosed thanks to a mix up by Mercedes' fiancee, Paul Browning, Mercedes later being kidnapped and held hostage by Clare Devine and having to help her granddauger, Jacqui flee the country after scamming dangerous gangster, Trevor Royle and later on discovers Myra is "dead" however would later find out that Myra had to fake her death to rsacle the wrath of both Browning and Trevor. In 2014, Nana comforts Carmel when Jim is murdered by Fraser Black in January 2014. Nana would also find herself in the middle of Sonny Valentine's revenge plan and would at one point be attacked by Sonny. In November 2014, Nana is devastated when Carmel is killed and Mercedes goes missing by the end of the year Nana is pleased when Myra is allowed to come home from Alicante and the two support John Paul whom confesses he was raped by Finn O'Connor.

By April 2015, Nana's estranged and convicted daughter, Reenie McQueen arrives after being released from Prison and moves in with along with her three but already arrived daughters and husband Pete Buchanan whom Nana as well as the rest of the family ate totally unaware of Pete's sexual abuse towards Cleo. In May 2015, Nana is pleasee to learn Mercedes is alive and well after originally believing she had been murdered by Freddie Roscoe. In June 2015, Nana along with the rest of the family are heartbroken when Pheobe is murdered by The Gloved Hand Killer. Nana is also devastated to learn Derek Clough abuser her daughter Reenie and allowed him to die in her home but by November 2015, Nana is unable to cope with the revelation that Pete has sexually abused both Porsche and Cleo and ends up writing a good bye letter to her family stating she has gone to Alicante leaving Myra angry.

2016-Present: Return & More Family Drama[]

Nana returns after the best part of a year away from the village when shes found at the McQueen's home by Myra in October 2016 during this return Nana is told about everything that has gone on during her absence such as Pete getting sentenced for the abuse of Cleo and vows to help Myra move in from her current husband Diego Salvador. In 2017, Nana shows up again to learn Cleo is pregnant and is in a relationship with Joel Dexter by November 2017, Nana is devastated to discover that Bart had been murdered by Warren for his supposed involvement in Warren's sister, Katy Fox's death.

In August 2018, Nana along with the McQueen,'s attend a hen do to Ibiza for Mercedes and learn that she is due to marry Russ Owen again however Russ is murdered by Breda isn November 2018. By March 2019, Nama steps up for the family after Myra departs the village and by November 2019, Nana tells Mercedes she is exiled from the family after her involvement in Grace Black'shit and run and pinning it on Harry Thompsonbut later finds Mercedes in The Loft unconscious after being shot however Mercedes surrives and lies saying that Sylver was the culprit however this was not the case.

In January 2020, Nana is shocked to discover that her relative, Breda is a serial killer whom has killed several men over the past three decades whom she dubbed "bad dads" by the end of the year Nana and the rest of the family begun to be blackmailed by serial killer Silas Blissett and Seth Costello but the blackmail came to an end by February 2021. Nana discovers that John Paul has been emotionally as well as physically abused by his new boyfriend George Kiss and becomes a suspect in his murder however its revealed to be Sally St. Claire. In December 2021 Nana has a health scare and opts to go in a home home however becomes better but by January 2022, Nana comforts the family after Sylver is killed during Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion.

Introduction sequence[]

  • ???: Myra pops a party popper while Nana pops a bottle of champagne.
  • 2018-2019: Nana sings karaoke with Myra, Sally and Bobby.
  • 2019-2022: Nana swings round a microphone whilst singing karaoke with Sally and Bobby.
  • 2022-: Nana steals a handbag from Sweater Thunberg.

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