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Marlena Magdelene Harmony "Nana" McQueen is the daughter of Queenie McQueen, the sister of Marguerite McQueen and the mother of Kathleen, Reenie, Myra McQueen, Louis McQueen and an unknown daughter. She currently resides in the McQueen family home of 26 Leigh Road, and assists granddaughter Mercedes McQueen with running her pub, The Dog in the Pond.



Nana arrived in the village in July 2007 for her granddaughters, Mercedes and Tina McQueen's impending marriages. At The Dog in the Pond, Nana meets Russ Owen and begins flirting with him. Upon arriving at 26 Leigh Road, she finds her granddaughters fighting. She later discovered Russ was Mercedes's soon-to-be husband, and claimed that he had flirted with her to his horror.

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Introduction sequenceEdit

  • ???: Myra pops a party popper while Nana pops a bottle of champagne.
  • 2018-2019: Nana sings karaoke with Myra, Sally and Bobby.
  • 2019-: Nana swings round a microphone whilst singing karaoke with Sally and Bobby.

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