Mrs Rahj was a hospital patient in 2013. She began to irritate Pauline Hay as she becomes upset over her long lost granddaughter. Paul Browning begins to tire of Mrs Rahj until she reveals that her deceased husband was a millionaire. Doctor Browning convinces Phoebe McQueen to pose as Mrs Rahj's long lost granddaughter, a plan which works. However, Mrs Rahj gives Phoebe an expensive bracelet which makes her feel guilty, so Phoebe lies to Paul that Mrs Rahj has no money so they should leave her alone. Paul later went to visit Mrs Rahj but found out she had died, so he stole her house keys, and gets Mercedes McQueen in on her plan to rip off Mrs Rahj. They didn't find anything but when Nana McQueen had Dodger Savage help clear out the house, he found a mattress full of £50 notes.

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