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Misbah Maalik is the wife of the late Kashif Maalik and mother of Farrah, Yasmine and Imran Maalik. She is also the biological mother of Shaq Qureshi, raised by her sister Hasina as Shaq was conceived through rape.


1970s-2017: Early Life[]

Misbah was born at some point between 1971 and 1973, and had three other siblings. Whilst studying at University, Misbah attracted the attentions of postgraduate student Ali Shahzad. Ali ended up raping Misbah, who fell pregnant. After giving birth out of wedlock, Misbah gave the baby to her infertile sister Hasina, who named him Shaqeel.

Very shortly after, Misbah met and married Kashif Maalik, who already had a son - Sami - from his previous marriage to Sheebah Desai. In 1992, Misbah gave birth to her and Kashif's first child, Farrah. They then went on to have two more children: Yasmine in 2000 and Imran in 2002 or 2003. In 2012, Kashif was falsely accused of embezzling funds from Forbes Carney Solicitors and died by suicide in January 2013. Misbah told her family that he had suffered a stroke.

2017-2018: Arrival and Imran's Abuse[]

Misbah arrived at Dee Valley University Hospital in May 2017. Her daughter Yasmine was involved in a car accident after her friends attempted to take her to hospital when she began to have heart problems caused by cardiomyopathy. Misbah initially did not get along well with nurse Tegan Lomax, firing her after catching her treating Zack Loveday whilst under the influence. Misbah struggled with Yasmine's misbehaving, especially as Yasmine was on a transplant list for a new heart. After the family moved into 67 Christleton Terrace, Misbah was informed that a heart had been found for Yasmine, but Yasmine picked up a cold after defying Misbah and going out with Alfie Nightingale. However, after teacher Neeta Kaur was killed in an explosion at Hollyoaks High School, Yasmine received her heart.

Whilst planning a party for their late father, Imran and Yasmine found Kashif's suicide letter. Misbah, Sami and Farrah were forced to tell the truth to Imran and Yasmine, who were left devastated. In January 2018, the family were involved in a car accident and Misbah decided to rescue Yasmine over Imran when an out-of-control lorry approached. Imran managed to free himself, but he turned against Misbah over her choice. Combined with the disapproval over her friendship with Dirk Savage and discovering that Misbah did not believe Kashif's claim of innocence, Imran began acting violently towards her. Imran began playing truant from school and Misbah was issued a fine from the education welfare officer, but Imran attacked Misbah after learning of his punishment. Misbah ended up accidentally giving Dee Dee Hutchinson an incorrect medication dosage and later collapsed, needing surgery in hospital.

During another confrontation, Misbah ended up slapping Imran in defence. Headteacher Sally St. Claire became concerned after finding a bruise on Imran's face, and told social worker Jane Fisher. Jane spoke with Misbah and Imran, who believed that Misbah was not abusing Imran and took no further action. Yasmine later witnessed Imran pour a cup of hot tea over Misbah and found that Imran had been acting violently towards her. Misbah decided to speak to a doctor, but ended up backing out and instead was prescribed anti-depressants. Yasmine found them and began spiking Imran. Misbah found out the truth and covered for her when Imran was hospitalised. Imran was furious when he discovered that Misbah had chosen Yasmine over him again, and ended up injuring her hand.

2018-2019: Targeted by Extremists[]

During Storm Belinda, Misbah attempted to save Tegan after she was crushed by a tree branch. Tegan died in hospital and Doctor Slavin informed the Lomax family that whilst Misbah's intervention prevented Tegan from dying at the scene, it also worsened her condition in hospital. In November 2018, Misbah discovered that Imran had also been hitting Yasmine and confronted him at school, with Sami taking Imran to the police station to confess. He was remanded in a clinic to undergo a residential anger management course, and was released in January 2019.

Whilst Imran was reformed, Tegan's brother Ste Hay began a hate campaign against Misbah. Ste ended up befriending far right extremists Jonny Baxter and Stuart Sumner, who assisted Ste with his hate campaign. Stuart's son Sid made a false report to Sally that Imran had made threats of terrorism, with Officer Turley from Prevent concluding that the report was malicious. Misbah was left horrified upon discovering that Stuart, Jonny, Sid and Ste were moving into 65 Christleton Terrace, and the targeting continued. Sami began a relationship with Sinead Shelby, who shared a daughter - Hannah Hay-O'Connor - with Ste. Ste was enraged by this and his family's closer bond to the Maaliks: with his children Leah Barnes and Lucas Hay joining the Maaliks at their Eid party and his niece Peri Lomax wearing traditional clothing in preparation for Sami and Sinead's wedding.

In September 2019, a bomb was detonated in the garden of 65 Christleton Terrace. Jonny had intended to plant it in The Loft during Sami and Sinead's stag/hen party, but it fell off the garden table. Both Jonny and Yasmine (who was in the Maaliks' garden) were left injured, and the blast left Yasmine deaf. The racism stopped in November when Stuart fell to his death after Sid pushed him off a cliff, Jonny was arrested and Ste left for Newcastle.

2020-: Family Secrets[]

Misbah reluctantly left her family in June 2020 to accept a job in Surrey, returning in September. Not long afterwards, Misbah was a witness when Victor Brothers and Jordan Price performed a robbery at Salon de Thé de Marnie. Misbah ended up comforting a distressed Marnie Nightingale, with the pair developing a close friendship. She also began prioritising her job, until the arrival of her nephew Shaq Qureshi, who had discovered that Hasina Qureshi was not his biological mother. Misbah eventually admitted that she was Shaq's biological mother, but attempted to hinder his investigations into who his biological father was. After Sami's girlfriend Verity Hutchinson worked out the truth, Misbah was forced to tell Shaq that his father was Ali Shahzad.

After the hospital ball, Misbah told her family of the circumstances surrounding Shaq's conception, leading them (and Misbah) to realise that Ali raped Misbah. After several attempts to have Ali imprisoned failed, Sami threatened to have Ali murdered and his cause of death recorded as suicide by a coroner who owed him a favour. Ali confessed and attempted to retract, by which point Misbah had convinced another victim of Ali's, Gina Gregson, to make a statement to the police. Ali was arrested, charged and remanded in custody. D.I. Cohen later informed Misbah that other victims of Ali's had also come forward.

Imran was mostly shut out of the family issues and was left furious when he learned what was being kept from him. After returning home drunk, he renounced his faith. Misbah ended up calling on Imam Zain Randeri to help Imran, but ended up falling for him. The pair initially refused to initiate a relationship due to the controversy it would cause, but Cleo McQueen managed to set them up together. Imran approved of the relationship, but Yasmine was only convinced when Zain revealed that he understood how Kashif's death affected Misbah as his wife died after being hit by a car.



Address Duration
67 Christleton Terrace Since 25th September 2017

Employment History[]

Job Duration
Dee Valley University Hospital consultant Since 23rd May 2017

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Introduction Sequence[]


Forget the bloods, she's going to need an immediate transfer to cardiothoracics. She suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy - didn't you see her medical necklace?
— First line to Tegan Lomax about her daughter Yasmine.

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