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Misbah Maalik is a consultant in emergency medicine at Dee Valley University Hospital. She is the widow of Kashif Maalik, the mother to Farrah, Yasmine and Imran Maalik, and step-mother to Sami Maalik, whom Kashif had with his previous wife, Sheebah Desai.



Misbah arrived on the scene when Yasmine was involved in a car accident after being rushed to hospital due to heart problems caused by cardiomyopathy, and is revealed to be an emergency doctor. She was shown to very dutiful to her job. She fired Tegan Lomax due to a misunderstanding, believing that Tegan gave the wrong medicine to a patient. However, she later re-instated her.

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Introduction SequenceEdit

  • 2017-2019: Misbah is seen playing chess with her son, Imran.
  • 2019-: Misbah sits with her feet in the river behind The Love Boat, with Sami and Yasmine behind her.

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