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Minnie Minniver (previously Kinsella) is the daughter of Maxine Minniver and Patrick Blake, the adoptive daughter of Adam Donovan, and the half-sister of Sienna Blake and Dodger Savage.


2014: Conception and Birth[]

Minnie's mother Maxine discovered that she was pregnant in April 2014. Upon receiving an ultrasound, the doctor informed Maxine that her baby may be born with Down's Syndrome. Maxine's partner Patrick Blake initially accused Maxine of having an affair, but learned that his vasectomy had reversed and realised that he was Minnie's father. Patrick told Maxine to have an abortion, but she refused.

Whilst helping with the rescue at the scene of a train crash, Maxine ended up going into labour and ended up in a woodland shed whilst attempting to find a phone signal. Patrick found her and helped Maxine with the delivery of their daughter, but left Maxine to die when complications aroused. Maxine was found by Theresa and Celine McQueen, and rushed to hospital where she was reunited with Minnie.

2015-2016: Custody Battle[]

With Maxine and Patrick separated and Maxine dating Darren Osborne, Patrick vied for full custody of Minnie. At the custody hearing in February 2015, the judge ignored Darren's mention of Patrick's abuse (as he had not been legally prosecuted) and granted the pair joint custody. At a fundraiser organised by Darren for Minnie, Darren discovered that Minnie was having breathing difficulties, and Darren and Maxine were informed that Minnie was having heart problems. After fearing that she would lose custody of Minnie, Maxine refused the surgery. However, Patrick managed to change Maxine's mind and the surgery proceeded when the doctors were able to secure another surgery slot.

At the next custody hearing in May 2015, Patrick attempted to frame Maxine as an alcoholic. After blackmailing Darren over handling the gun that was used in the accidental shooting of Phoebe McQueen and planting a bottle of vodka in her bag, the adjudicator believed that Maxine had a drinking problem and granted him full custody until Maxine could prove that she wasn't an alcoholic.

Maxine later started a women-only taxi cab which she named Minnie Cabs (in reference to Darren's business Daz Cabs after her daughter. After discovering that Patrick had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease, Maxine and Minnie moved back into 5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 1. After Patrick's death in January 2016, Maxine became Minnie's sole guardian.

2016-: Life After Patrick[]

Minnie gained a step-father in 2017 when Maxine married Adam Donovan. In July 2017, Maxine and Minnie presented Adam with a card, asking him to adopt her which he joyfully agreed to. Adam was later murdered by his father Glenn in May 2018. After Adam's death, Maxine began a relationship with Damon Kinsella, who bonded with Minnie. However, the pair separated in 2019 after Maxine suffered from Munchausen's Syndrome, and she was exposed for faking a supposedly undiagnosable illness. Maxine is currently dating Warren Fox, who Minnie also gets along well with.



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Background Information[]

  • Minnie was initally played by two actors: Eva Lorente and Ava Rooney. Rooney departed from the role in 2015, and Lorente was kept in the role as the sole actress.

Introduction Sequence[]

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