Mickey Price was the brother of Kay Price. When Kay was murdered in August 2006, Mickey resolved to finding her killer. He began watching the modelling agency, Gloss, which panicked all the models. He was caught stalking Lisa Hunter on Orson Buxton's video footage, and followed her into her house. He put his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming and tried to talk to her, but fled when Adam Tyler arrived home. He later informed Lisa that he had received a blackmail letter and believed it was Burton Phillips, who convinced Lisa that Mickey didn't know what he was talking about. Mickey later confronted Burton, but Burton overpowered him and forced him to leave. Mickey later stole keys to Gloss and broke in, stealing Kay's file from Burton's drawers. He set the alarm off and managed to escape, but Burton realised that it was Mickey who stole the file. Burton got Ben Davies and Tank Top to retrieve the file by holding Mickey at gunpoint, but Ben, Tank Top and Mickey were unaware that they were being watched by Thommo. However, later, when Ben and Tank Top were tasked to burn down an abandoned warehouse, Ben discovered Mickey's body. Burton later informed Ben that Mickey had been murdered by Thommo.

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