Micheal 'Mick' Cornus

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First Appearance /Appears On
12 September 2012
Last Appearance
12 September 2012 (Main Show)
21 September 2012 (Hollyoaks Later)
Connected To
Murdered By
Cause Of Death
Suffocated By Simon Walker
Number Of Appearnaces
6 (1 Main Show, 5 Hollyoaks Later)
Portrayted By

Michael 'Mick' Cornus Is the step farther of Joel Dexter and Is later murdered by Simon Walker he appears In one episode on the main show aired on 12th September 2012 and appeared In season five of Hollyoaks Later he Is portrayted by Gavin Marshall.



Mick is Joel Dexter's (played by Andrew Still at the time) stepfather and arrives to convince his abused partner Marie to return home with him. When she agrees, Joel is upset. Mick later hits Joel, so Brendan kidnaps him and drives him to Southport. Mick escapes and attacks Joel with a hammer before kidnapping and attacking Joel's girlfriend, Theresa McQueen. Joel and Brendan hang Mick off a lighthouse and make him beg for his life. They decide to give Mick a chance, but he slips off the lighthouse during a fight. They presume he is dead and put his body in the boot. Simon Walker discovers that he is alive and suffocates him with plastic to frame Brendan. Brendan, still believing himself to be the killer, then cuts up Mick's corpse.

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