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Michael St. John Thomas was the stalker ex-boyfriend of Maddie Parker. Before he arrived, Maddie was stalked, including having flowers sprayed across her car, although she failed to find the culprit. He arrived in Hollyoaks in May 1996, where they resumed their relationship. She later ended their relationship due to his jealous behaviour, and he became obsessive over her, despite entering a relationship with Jude Cunningham. He began stalking her and obsessed over her becoming his wife, all the while, showering Jude in expensive gifts and holidays. In February 1997, Michael kidnapped Maddie and Jude before trying to flee with them to Scotland. Maddie refused and he took Jude up onto the roof, with the intention of pushing her off. Maddie distracted him by arriving dressed in the wedding dress he brought for her. Jude broke free of his clutches, unintentionally pushing him off the roof, to where he fell to his death.

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