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Mercedes Maria Teresa Immaculata McQueen (previously Owen, Fisher and Browning) is the daughter of Myra McQueen and Billy Alexander, the half-sister of Niall Rafferty, Jacqui McQueen, Tina Reilly, Carmel Valentine, John Paul McQueen, Michaela McQueen, Carmina McQueen, Emily Alexander and Theresa McQueen, the widow of Malachy Fisher, Paul Browning and Sylver McQueen, the ex-wife/widow of Russ Owen, the mother of Bobby Costello, and Gabriel McQueen, the adoptive mother of JJ and Lexi Roscoe, and the step-mother of Max Owen, Alex Browning, Hilton Cunningham, and Cher McQueen.

She arrived at Hollyoaks in June 2006. Mercedes' had multiple affairs with the likes of Warren Fox, Tony Hutchinson, Calvin Valentine, Carl Costello, Trevor Royle, Freddie Roscoe, Sylver McQueen and Liam Donovan. Mercedes has also been married five times on the show. In October 2013, Mercedes turned killer when she killed Paul Browning her then murderous husband by bashing him with a shovel multiple times. In November 2014, Mercedes faked her own death to set up Freddie Roscoe; however, she later returned. She was centre of the whodunnit storyline Who Shot Mercedes McQueen? where she was shot in The Loft, and it was later being revealed that the culprits were both Grace Black and James Nightingale.


1983-2006: Backstory[]

Mercedes was born in 1983 to parents Myra McQueen and Billy Alexander. She was the second born daughter to Myra and Billy and grew up with her older sister Jacqui McQueen and younger siblings Tina, Carmel, Michaela and John Paul. However, unbeknownst to them until October 2008, Mercedes along with her siblings had a older brother Niall Rafferty who Myra gave away just a year before Jacqui was born. Mercedes never got along with her cousin Porsche McQueen and the two often played pranks on one another. Mercedes found love at a young age when she met a guy named Johnny. In 2000, before he was sentenced for murder, Mercedes slept with Sylver McQueen.

2006-2012: Early years in Hollyoaks[]

Mercedes arrived in Hollyoaks in June 2006, first seen in the Evissa getting beauty treatment from Sophie Burton and Mercedes accuses Sophie of messing up her treatment to which Sophie denies it. It's then soon seen that she is the older sister of trouble maker Michaela McQueen who orders Mercedes to leave to which Mercedes shrugs off.

Mercedes makes an impression on both Joe Spencer and Russ Owen to which Mel and Sophie Burton detest. Later, Russ asks Mercedes for a drink, which she accepts. The two of them begin dating for a few months before becoming an official couple by the time her whole family arrives in the village. Her older sister Jacqui teases Mercedes that she is going to sleep with Russ because she hasn't had sex in awhile due to being in prison.

Russ and Mercedes decide to get married but unbeknownst to Russ. Mercedes starts to sleep with local gangster Warren Fox. This is unknown to Russ until Warren is sent to prison for the attack on Clare Devine and Mercedes is his alibi. Despite pleas from both Louise Summers and Warren's sister Katy Fox. Mercedes refuses to give Warren an alibi in case Russ finds out she slept with Warren. Later, Louise announces that Mercedes slept with Warren on her wedding to Russ only to be punched by Jacqui. Eventually Mercedes gives evidence in court and Warren is found not guilty and Russ leaves Mercedes for cheating on him.

Mercedes kept cheating in the same year when she beds her then sisters, Jacqui's boyfriend Tony Hutchinson, however things go from bad to worse for Mercedes when she discovers that she is pregnant with Tony's baby so she decides to get an abortion. Jacqui learns of the affair and even encourages Mercedes to keep the baby, but Mercedes gets the abortion anyway leaving Tony devastated.

Mercedes later begins a brief relationship with Rhys Ashworth in late 2007, however, Rhys later has a affair unknown to him at the time with his half sister Beth Clements which upsets Mercedes. Mercedes makes a childish bet with Darren Osborne that if he sleeps with Hannah Ashworth she will sleep with Darren. Darren later takes a photo of Hannah in bed and sends it to Mercedes however she does not believe Darren. Later, Danny Valentine, Hannah's boyfriend at the time sees the photo and ends his relationship with Hannah. Mercedes sleeps with Danny.

Mercedes begins to develop feelings for Malachy Fisher by October 2008. Things start to get bumpy for them when Mercedes discovers that Malachy is HIV positive. After finding this out, Mercedes attempts to walk home alone when she is kidnapped by her psychotic brother, Niall Rafferty. Niall keeps the McQueens hostage at a local church and later blows it up which results in the death of Mercedes sister Tina Reilly. Which devastated the McQueens. A month later, Mercedes marries Malachy in Ireland. They return from their long honeymoon in January 2009.

Mercedes hunts for a job and later gets one at The Loft when Calvin Valentine gives her a job as a barmaid. The two of them start to become close and they eventually kiss and later sleep together but Mercedes continues to sleep with Calvin despite Calvin rekindling with her sister Carmel.

Mercedes long continues her affair with Calvin in 2010 and still frowning apart with her husband Malachy. Mercedes is more than jealous when she learns of Calvin and Carmel are due to remarry. On the day of the wedding, Mercedes attempts to lure Calvin to have sex with her to which he rejects. Mercedes, upset by this reveals to Calvin's sister that Calvin left Warren to die in The Loft fire all the way back in May 2009. Sasha confronts Calvin over this. Unknown to Mercedes, Calvin slept with her cousin Theresa McQueen and got her pregnant. Due to Calvin rejecting to help Theresa with the baby, a furious Theresa later killed Calvin. However, not before Malachy's ex-girlfriend Cheryl Brady exposed Mercedes affair with Calvin to him to which Malachy ends things between him and Mercedes.

Six months later, Mercedes and Malachy again start to become close and later decide to rekindle at a relationship again and forget everything that happened with Calvin. However, unknown to them, as they kiss Dominic Reilly sets fire to the Gnosh, where Mercedes and Malachy rekindle. After Dom was told to do so by Warren Fox, who is in fact alive and not dead. The Gnosh explodes which results in Mercedes and Malachy being in the cross fire. Malachy bangs the back of his head and is taking to hospital and later dies much to Mercedes' and Cheryl's and Kris's devastations.

Mercedes later is comforted by local young footballer Riley Costello and she later sleeps with Riley. The two eventually start to date and begin a relationship together. Mercedes moves in The Dog in the Pond where Riley lives with the rest of his family. Carl Costello, Riley's father takes a dislike to Mercedes and thinks his son can do better. A heated exchange eventually gets the better of Mercedes and Carl and they sleep together. Their affair lasts for the best part of a year. Riley's younger brother Seth Costello later discovers the affair but Mercedes tells Seth that she is pregnant with Riley's child. Later, Mitzeee finds this out and tells Warren who begins to blackmail Carl for £50,000. To which Carl pays to Warren on the day of the wedding, however Mercedes reveals the affair on the wedding anyway which devastates Riley and angers his serial killer grandfather, Silas Blissett.

Silas later kidnaps Mercedes, who is heavily pregnant, and keeps her hostage in The Dog cellar where the plan is Mercedes has the baby so he can kill her. During this time, Silas is heavily feuding with Lynsey Nolan who he decides to kill on Halloween. However he accidentally kills his daughter and Riley's mother Heidi Costello. This later leads to Riley finding Mercedes in the Dog cellar. After Silas's arrest, Mercedes goes into labour. It is still unknown who the dad is between Carl and Riley. However, it's revealed the baby is in fact Riley's and it's a baby boy. Mercedes names him Bobby. However, Riley and Mercedes do not rekindle but when Riley transfers to a football club in Leeds. Mercedes wishes Bobby to go with Riley.

2012-2013: Relationship with Paul Browning and feud with Mitzeee Minniver[]

By January 2012, Mercedes meets a bloke named Paul Browning, who thinks Mercedes is a prostitute and the two sleep together. Later, Mercedes along with Lynsey Nolan gets a job at the hospital as cleaners where Mercedes then finds out that Paul is a doctor. Browning then asks Mercedes again to have sex with him and he will pay her to do so. Mercedes agrees to his advances in order to get rid of Lynsey. Mercedes convinces her to look after a patient in DNR (do not resuscitate). However, the patient dies and Lynsey gets in trouble for not helping it turns out that Browning did not document the DNR on the patient. In order to protect Lynsey and her job, Mercedes discovers that Browning is actually married. Seeing this as a good opportunity, Mercedes threatens Browning that she will tell his wife of his misdeeds. Later, after enjoying her time with Browning and earning money, Mercedes decides to join an escorts website. However, Lynsey convinces her not to go ahead and Mercedes then begins to feel depressed. Jacqui meets up with Riley telling him of Mercedes’ depression and that seeing Bobby would make her feel much better. However, Riley arrives back at Hollyoaks and asks Mercedes to sign full documents of Riley having full custody of Bobby.

Mercedes soon sees a online news article of her ex-fiancé Riley with Mitzeee. Due to this, Mercedes considers running away with Bobby for revenge on Riley, but instead makes a scene at Bobby's christening service, where Mercedes slaps Mitzeee. However, Mercedes again is left furious when she catches Riley and Mitzeee kissing in the car park and angrily confronts the pair of them. As a revenge Mercedes decides to stalk Mitzeee to the point where Mitzeee soon temporarily leaves Hollyoaks. Later, Mercedes finds out the horror that Silas will not be put on trial and will be instead put in a mental institution. Mercedes lies to everyone who cares about her that she’s fine however she has nightmares of when Silas imprisoned her. Seeking solace from someone, Mercedes meets up with Browning again and the two sleep together again. After this, Mercedes begins to start escorting again but after meeting with a certain client. Mercedes realises that escorting is not for her and after a heart to heart with Lynsey she decides to pack it in.

After Riley and Mitzeee start an official relationship, Mercedes then starts to continue to stalk Mitzeee, who wrongly accuses Lynsey of being her stalker. Mercedes, along with Lynsey go round to the flat where Mitzeee is seen traumatized to the point where she panics and picks up a knife. Lynsey decides to go get Riley and while doing so, leaves Mercedes and Mitzeee alone in the flat where Mercedes reveals to Mitzeee she’s the one stalking her. The two the fight it out where Mercedes ends up knocking out Mitzeee by hitting her head with a glass bottle. After doing so, Mercedes sees Riley and Lynsey returning to the flat. Panicking, Mercedes decides to take drastic measures by stabbing herself in the stomach in order to turn Riley against Mitzeee. Mercedes later tells Riley and her family that it was in fact Mitzeee who stabbed her, which leads to Mitzeee being arrested and put in prison.

Lynsey later discovers that Mercedes is lying and that she was in fact Mitzeee's stalker and that she also did stab herself in order to frame Mitzeee. Lynsey gives Mercedes a ultimatum that she either comes clean or she will tell Riley about Mercedes's schemes. Mercedes decides to go see Lynsey but things take a horrifying turn when Lynsey is found murdered in her flat after being found by her her family friend Brendan Brady. Not long after Lynsey's murder, Mercedes sees a opportunity to now make a single Riley jealous by starting a relationship with Doctor Browning. Mercedes receives a frantic phone call from her older sister Jacqui that she found Lynsey’s scarf in Browning's things back at the hospital. Mercedes confronts Browning where he then confesses to killing Lynsey in order to protect Mercedes because he loves her. The two decide to then run away but the police locate them and arrest Browning.

After the whole Browning saga, Mitzeee later pleas guilty of stabbing Mercedes as she does not remember what happened as she was knocked unconscious. As a result of Mitzeee pleading guilty, Riley ends his relationship with Mitzeee and begins another with Mercedes and Mitzeee is sentenced to seven years in prison for her supposed attack on Mercedes. Mitzeee clicks on that she has been played and she’s innocent after seeing Mercedes smile as she’s taken away after her sentencing. Mercedes and Riley again get engaged but Mitzeee escapes prison and confronts Mercedes ironically with a knife but Mitzeee leaves before the police can be called. Later, Carl returns to Hollyoaks and tries to convince Riley not to marry Mercedes but unknown to Carl and Riley, Mercedes is listening in on their conversation and overhears Riley telling Carl that he does not love Mercedes and he slept with Mitzeee when she escaped prison. Angered with betrayal, Mercedes decides to kidnap Bobby but lies to the Police telling them it was Mitzeee who kidnapped Bobby. Unknown to Riley and the McQueen's that Mercedes has enlisted Phoebe Jackson to help keep Bobby away by paying her to do so where Phoebe is keeping Bobby in a secret flat. Mercedes later sees this as a opportunity to con Riley to give her money so Mercedes writes a letter to Riley asking for £500,000 for Bobby's release however Mercedes is caught out by Riley and follows her to the flat where he confronts Phoebe. Mercedes takes Bobby on top of the roof top and threatens to jump but Riley manages to talk her round. Mercedes gives Bobby back to Riley and then takes the money and leaves. Back at the McQueen house, Phoebe tells Riley everything and Myra tells Riley about Mercedes stabbing herself in order to frame Mitzeee they call the police. However, things take a deadly turn when Riley moments later is shot by Simon Walker when he is caught in the cross between Walker and Brendan, Riley sadly dies in hospital. The police catch up with Mercedes and she’s sent to prison and when she's told Riley is dead by Myra, a shocked Mercedes refuses to believe it and shows signs of mental illness and is then taken into a psychiatric hospital while Doctor Browning pleads he’s innocent in Lynsey's murder.

Myra starts to visit Mercedes and is shocked when Mercedes appears very distressed with herself pleading for Myra's help. Later, Myra enlist the help of solicitor Jim McGinn and at the trial of Mercedes, Jim puts to the court that Riley was abusive towards Mercedes and he was the one who stabbed her and forced it on her to frame Mitzeee. Seeing this as her only option on her freedom Mercedes backs up these claims made by Jim and Jim also puts to the court that Lynsey knew of their plan so Riley killed her, the jury then wrongly find Mercedes not guilty and due to Riley looking he killed Lynsey, Browning is also released from prison where he and Mercedes meet again and hook up once again. Only this time they begin a legit relationship and even spend Christmas at the McQueen's together despite the tension between Myra and Mercedes. Browning sees this as an opportunity to fix it by falsely writing a doctor’s report that Myra is dying of cancer. Mercedes is furious with Browning for lying but soon forgives him as it mended her and Myra's relationship. Browning later tells Myra it was just an error and she's not really dying. His job is on the line due to that but his boss Davies says he will save his job if Browning allows him to have sex with Mercedes. Mercedes agrees and plans to scam Davies, but things take a horrifying turn for Mercedes as Davies plans to rape her but Browning saves her by punching Davies to the ground.

2013-2014: More Criminal Deeds[]

The first few months of 2013, seem very quiet for Mercedes and Browning, that is until in March when they decide to take a trip to Las Vegas where they bump into Clare Devine, who is now released from prison. Clare lies to Mercedes telling her that Browning tried coming onto her. Seeing this as a way to test Browning's loyalty to her, she and Clare come up with a kidnap scam where Mercedes apparently has been kidnapped. In order for her release, Browning will have to pay money. However, Mercedes clicks on that Clare lied and attempts to leave, only to be knocked out by Clare and actually held hostage for real. Jacqui manages accumulate the money but Clare kidnaps both Mercedes and Browning. She locks both of them in a cage where she threatens them with viscous dogs. However the Police arrive and arrest Claire and send her back to prison. Mercedes then located Jacqui to thank her in Alicante but Jacqui explains she is on the run due to stealing the money from a very dangerous gangster, Trevor Royle.

Upon returning to the village, Myra discovers that Browning was the one who in fact murdered Lynsey horrified she does her best to persuade Mercedes to leave Browning, Browning finds this out and soon attacks Myra leaving her injured. Unknown to Mercedes but soon finds out although again she forgives him. Both newcomer and new nurse Lindsey Butterfield tells Mercedes that Browning actually attempted to rape her and Cindy Cunningham also tells Mercedes she slept with Browning and he was willing to kill her to keep it secret. Mercedes does not believe either of the women's claims. Myra continues to show and prove that Browning is a murderer and starts a hate campaign much to Mercedes' anger sick of Myra's antics, Browning pays Trevor to kill her and reveals to him that Jacqui is still alive which angers Trevor who agrees to kill Myra unaware that Mercedes is listening in on them, Mercedes is devastated to learn of Browning's plan.

Due to Trevor not following up or in fact finding Myra, Browning locates Myra himself and shoots her supposedly killing her unknown Myra is wearing a bullet proof vest and is working with Jim to get away. Mercedes confronts Browning and Browning strangles Mercedes and actually kills her but when Jim walks in Browning orders him to get his medical kit where he keeps the adrenaline. He inject Mercedes to which she regains consciousness. Her brother, John Paul reveals to the family that Myra had to fake her death to get away from Browning and Trevor. Mercedes also attempts to bring down Trevor by trying to plant evidence on him and sleeps with him more than once but only for Trevor to be smarter than she thinks. He knows what she's up to, leaving Mercedes sickened but when she visits Browning in prison she rubs his nose in it that she's been having fun with Trevor.

Clare is also later released from prison after it's revealed that she is the daughter of local gang boss Fraser Black. He buys Clare The Loft and as a peace offering to Mercedes, she offers to throw Mercedes a surprise 30th birthday party. Mercedes accepts unaware Clare is planning to blow up The Loft and is working with Trevor, who gets the bomb from one of his contacts. But as Trevor tells Clare how to work the bomb they are overhead by Sinead O'Connor who thinks the bag contains lots of money. As Mercedes prepares for her 30th birthday still unaware of Clare's plan, Ste Hay and Doug Carter are having a leaving party. Unaware what the bag contains Sinead brings it to the flat. After Trevor sees Kathleen-Angel McQueen at the Loft he attempts to talk Clare from detonating the bomb and even struggle for it only for Clare to get the device and set the bomb off unaware its actually in the flats and causes a huge explosion. While all that is happening Browning manages to escape prison. Mercedes confronted Clare after discovering that she tried to kill her. The two then get into a fight and Mercedes pushes Clare on the road where she is then purposely ran over by Browning and killed. Browning then bundles Mercedes back at the McQueen house where he declares his love for her and that he forgives her for sleeping with Trevor. However, after Mercedes belittles him, Browning attacks her but she's saved by Cindy and Lindsey who arrive and knock Browning unconscious, Cindy panics thinking she's killed Browning, however, as the women discuss what to do, Browning regains consciousness and stands up. Only for Mercedes to attack Browning with a shovel and delivers a fatal blow to his head killing him. The three women later enlist Freddie Roscoe to help make Browning's death look like an accident by driving off a cliff also Jim plants Richie Trent's wallet in Browning's burnt out car so it looks as though he killed him and not Trevor. Sam Lomax lets Cindy, Mercedes and Lindsey off after finding out what Browning put them through.

After Browning's death, Mercedes is left with over £500,000 of his money to which Fraser orders Trevor to help get Mercedes's inheritance as a revenge for her role in Clare's death, Trevor holds Lindsey hostage along with Mercedes as she, Lindsey and Cindy have formed a close friendship since Browning's murder. However, Freddie arrives and throws spanner in the works Trevor later punches Freddie for this. Mercedes later pays the money out after Browning's son Alex arrives and sleeps with Mercedes due to Browning getting Cindy pregnant with Hilton and needing a bone marrow transplant.

Mercedes starts to have flings with Freddie and the pair together soon get in a feud with Grace who is still out for blood to prove Mercedes has something to do with her sister, Clare's death. They more or less feud over The Loft which is owned by Grace and her father Fraser. By April, Fraser is murdered by a unknown culprit later revealed to be Freddie. Mercedes finds out of Freddie's involvement and starts to black mail him as a revenge for walking in on him and Lindsey kissing after Freddie's brother, Joe Roscoe's supposed death. Mercedes actually records Freddie confessing to the murder and she sends it to Freddie's mother and Fraser's ex lover Sandy Roscoe who is left devastated. The feud with Grace heats up and Mercedes decides to actually threaten Grace with a gun but is stopped by Freddie. But Grace ends up getting shot when Freddie tries to disarm Mercedes. This leaves Grace unable to have kids in the near future. Trevor is later released from prison after he was falsely accused of Fraser's murder, but then it's revealed that Mercedes slept with Trevor, the time Fraser was killed. Mercedes blackmails Trevor to give her cash to, which he does but threatens to kill her if she continues to do so. But Grace still finds out that Trevor slept with Mercedes, however, they rekindle.

While all of the above is happening, the return of Sonny Valentine put Theresa, Mercedes's cousin in the firing line as his out for revenge for his brothers Calvin's murder. Mercedes does her best to help Theresa, but sadly Sonny kills Carmel by holding her back when a train explodes, killing her and himself in the process. Mercedes also has a mini clash with mother Diane Hutchinson, who is claiming her son Finn O'Connor is innocent of him raping Mercedes's brother John Paul. Finn is then found guilty of raping John Paul and attacking Nancy Osborne.

After Carmel's death, Mercedes is seen grieving and starts to put all the blame on Theresa, but when Mercedes gives the whole family a ultimatum to choose her or Theresa, the McQueen's think Mercedes is being unfair and harsh towards Theresa so they side with Theresa leaving Mercedes angry. Later, a ring on Carmel's corpse is taken and Mercedes is accused and banned from attending the funeral.

On the day of Carmel's funeral, Mercedes arrives to the service intoxicated in alcohol and begins slating her family. Myra tells Mercedes that she wishes she had died instead of Carmel. Mercedes's cousin and new arrival Porsche McQueen reveals that she took the ring the McQueen's then set out to find Mercedes to apologize, but unaware she decided to leave. Back at the house, Mercedes is stabbed by a unknown culprit 'killing' her and then disposing of her body. The McQueen's assume that Mercedes has left and is not coming back. Eventually, the McQueen's start to become a little suspicious that Mercedes has not been in contact or been posting online, Porsche starts to blame Freddie for actually killing Mercedes. It is later revealed that Grace stabbed Mercedes 'killing her'.

2015-2016: Relationship with Joe Roscoe[]

By the time 2015 arrives, everyone in the village assumes that Mercedes was murdered by Freddie and Freddie's brother Joe Roscoe clicks on that Grace knows something. Grace sends him to France unknown to Joe what it's about and is surprised when Mercedes opens the door. They sleep together and Joe opts in on the plan with Mercedes and Grace to put Freddie behind bars as a revenge on Freddie getting with his ex-wife, Lindsey. Lindsey then later sees Grace talking too Mercedes via a web cam however when she reports this to the Police there isn't enough evidence for them to take the case seriously.

Phoebe is later arrested for Mercedes' murder after Lindsey framed her in order to prove that Mercedes is still alive. Mercedes angrily orders Grace to get Phoebe out or she will return and expose the whole plot. However, Mercedes is smuggled back in the village by Grace's lover Trevor with the help of Darren Osborne when Grace is sent to prison for Mercedes's murder. However, when she's released she is furious with Trevor.

A revengeful Freddie later kidnaps Mercedes when she is back in the village and threatens to actually kill her if she does not leave. Phoebe later catches up with Mercedes and orders her to go see Nana in hospital due to the fire incident. Mercedes does and the McQueen's are left angry that she had faked her death, with Porsche even slapping her. Trevor catches up with Mercedes in hospital and he threatens to kill Phoebe if she leaves. Unbeknownst to everyone, Mercedes is in fact pregnant with Joe's baby when Joe is admitted to hospital after the failing of using his leg after a attack from his younger brother, Robbie. Mercedes tells Joe she is pregnant with his child.

Mercedes begins to start having flings with her cousins Porches husband, Lockie, not knowing his also sleeping with her brother John Paul. During this time, Mercedes is actually falling in love with Joe when she starts to develop feelings for him. However, when Joe and Mercedes finally get together Mercedes spitefully says the baby isn't Joe's so their happiness is short lived.

Mercedes begins to worry about her and the baby's health after talking to her brother John Paul they decide to go to the hospital to see what's up with Mercedes and the baby and they get the devastating news that baby has died and she will have to give birth to her deceased child. A heartbroken Mercedes attempts to find Joe to tell him the heart breaking news but Joe's younger brother Jason Roscoe tells Mercedes that he has left the village to go on a break after the argument they had. Mercedes is delighted when her family arrive to support her when she is ready to give birth and it's a baby boy who she calls Gabriel. Mercedes struggles for the money for a funeral so Theresa contacts Myra to help. Myra sees Mercedes sat alone on the day of the funeral and the two have a heart to heart and apologise to one another making amends. When Joe returns and learns of Gabriel's fate he confesses his love for Mercedes after she takes him to the grave and Mercedes confesses her love for Joe and they rekindle. However, Joe's ex Lindsey Roscoe, falls pregnant with Joe's baby, but Joe tells Mercedes that he wants to be with her. Mercedes believes Joe but Lindsey tells Mercedes that she's going to ruin another family unit. Mercedes, falling for this manipulation decides to spit up from Joe and departs the village for two months.

Mercedes returns in March and is left gobsmacked when she learns that Lindsey's sister, Kim Butterfield is in prison for the hospital killings, one of which was Mercedes adoptive niece, Phoebe. However, Kim's ex Esther Bloom does her best to convince Mercedes that Kim is innocent as Esther survived an attempted murder from the killer herself and believes Kim wouldn't do such a thing. After pondering, Mercedes later decides to give Esther the benefit of the doubt. Later, both Mercedes and Esther start to suspect Lindsey when Esher identifies one Lindsey's earrings was one on the floor which they dropped when the killer attempted to kill her. Mercedes confronts Lindsey over this and she angrily denies her involvement in the killings thinking fast Lindsey then writes a fake letter posing as her sister, Kim confessing to the murders. As the letter had certain drawings on it, this would come back to catch Lindsey out when Mercedes sees her drawing one of the drawings on the letter in fine detail. Mercedes tells Cindy this which prompt them to realise that Lindsey is the killer to their surprise Lindsey confesses to all the murders and even attempted murders but Lindsey whacks both Cindy and Mercedes with a heavy book before making her escape. After this, Mercedes decides to move in with Joe and Freddie in order for Joe and Lindsey's son JJ not to be taken by Lindsey and is watched at all times. Mercedes bonds with JJ in the process. A few weeks later, unknown to Mercedes, Lindsey returns after being helped by fellow serial killer and enemy of Mercedes, Silas Blissett. Things take a turn when Lindsey goes into labour but when Joe and Freddie tell Lindsey they are going to ring the police she advises them not to as it puts Mercedes life in danger as Silas has confronted her. Silas is then seen at the Roscoe house when Mercedes opens the door she is shocked and frightened to see Silas stood their. Silas is shown blaming Mercedes for his grandsons, Riley's death due to the affair she had with Riley's father Carl. Mercedes fires back by mentioning Silas's daughter Heidi affair with Gaz Bennett which angers Silas. Silas sees a change in Mercedes when she settles JJ who wakes during their confrontation. Mercedes plans her escape by trying to stab Silas in the leg but Silas had already anticipated this and stopped Mercedes doing so. Silas then decide to play chess when he finds the game lying around he then tells Mercedes that he has in fact seen change in her to what she was nearly five years ago but tells her he can't forgive her for the affair. Mercedes tells Silas of Lindsey's misdeeds who is working with Silas. Later, Lindsey escapes the hospital after giving birth to her baby Lexi and arrives at the house only to be greeted by Silas who tells her Mercedes is okay and that she is in fact, the one who is the sinner. Silas then kills Lindsey to which Mercedes was there Joe and Freddie then find Lindsey dead on the sofa.

After all the previous events with Silas and Lindsey, Mercedes rekindles with Joe and the two later get engaged, however, unknown to Mercedes, local solicitor Joanne Cardsley has developed an obsession with Joe after Joanne and Joe have one night stand. On her hen night, along with Cindy and Tegan Lomax following, a catfight that broke out between the three women are in a police cell. Joanne, who is about to represent Mercedes plants drugs in Mercedes's handbag in order to set Mercedes up as a attempt to ruin her relationship with Joe. However, despite this Mercedes is released on the day of her wedding to Joe but Joe breaks Mercedes's heart when he tells her that he wants nothing to do with her and that she's a bad influence on JJ and Lexi. After Mercedes confronts him over not turning up at the wedding venue, Mercedes is left even more heartbroken when Joe reveals to her that he slept with Joanne behind her back. Mercedes's heartbreak soon turns to anger when she sees Joe talking to Joanne in the village so she gets in a car and purposely drives it into The Hutch and then tells both Joe and Joanne that she will get them both back for what they did despite this warning Joe begins a relationship with Joanne which devastates Mercedes. After the police tell Mercedes that there is proof that the drugs do not belong to her, Mercedes realises that Joanne planted the drugs in order to get Joe away from Mercedes. Joe himself comes to this conclusion so he breaks up with Joanne much to Mercedes's delight. However, by November 2016 after Joe proposes to Mercedes, Cameron Campbell sets fire to the maze below in an attempt to kill Nico Blake whom was responsible in hospitalising his daughter Peri Lomax. This causes a spark to happen which causes the Ferris wheel both Mercedes and Joe are on to stop in its track when Mercedes and Joe are at a high point. But Joanne takes the Ferris wheel keys thinking only Mercedes is up there. Due to this, Mercedes and Joe have get off via a crane. However, the crane manages to get Mercedes but stops half way to get Joe due to a malfunction. Joe attempts to jump on the crane and manages to latch on but loses his grip and fall from a great height. Joe does survive the initial fall but his injuries where too severe and later Mercedes and his brother Freddie decide that turning off the life support will be best for him which results in Joe's death. Later, Mercedes blames Sienna Blake due to finding out her daughter Nico had something to do with the fire. However, she later finds out about Joanne's involvement and finds out that Joanne stabbed fellow solicitor, Simone Loveday, an encounter Simone survives however. Mercedes lore's and confronts Joanne over both Joe's death and Simone's stabbing. Joanne admits her part in both incidences and even went as far as saying that Simone deserved to be stabbed. However, Mercedes reveals she's was working with the police and has a microphone attached to her which recorded Joanne's confessions. She is then arrested and sentenced to prison however its not known how long for. A delighted Mercedes starts to focus on JJ and Lexi however her happiness is short lived when Joe's brother Freddie tell Mercedes that his and Joe's mother, Sandy Roscoe wants custody of JJ and Lexi, Mercedes lets JJ and Lexi go and live with Sandy who is in South Africa. but Sandy tells Mercedes that she is more than welcome to visits JJ and Lexi anytime she likes.

2016-2017: Sleeping with Ryan and temporary departure[]

After putting Joanne inside and the departure of JJ and Lexi. its not long until Mercedes turns somewhat back to her old ways when she kisses and then sleeps with local detective, Ryan Knight. who is engaged to Amy Barnes. They first sleep together in December 2016 when Ryan brings Mercedes's cousin, Goldie McQueen home after he catches her stealing while waiting for Goldie. Ryan and Mercedes bicker with one another but soon have a heart to heart this then leads to a kiss unknown to both Mercedes and Ryan they are caught on camera on a mobile phone by someone unknown. After the kiss the oblivious pair sleep together.

Ryan starts to get blackmailed and tells Mercedes and the two of them panic but more so for Ryan since he has a family. Ryan then accuses Mercedes due to her not caring that much but Mercedes reminds him he's the one that has a family and is engaged. However, it's soon revealed that Goldie is the blackmailer and Mercedes confronts Goldie over this Mercedes tells Goldie that she can't be that desperate for cash but Goldie tells Mercedes that its more than cash she wants as she wants Ryan to drop the charges against her twin sons, Prince and Hunter McQueen whom where both caught stealing an engagement ring when they broke into Tony's flat. Goldie tells Mercedes that she will use it if she has too. later Ryan drops the charges and Goldie the deletes the evidence.

By 2017, Mercedes and Ryan seem like they can't stay away from one another always bumping into each other, shooting flirtatious banter and eventually they then start to sleep together but unknown to Mercedes. Ryan is hiding the fact that he is bisexual and also sleeps with men as well as women and also unknown to Mercedes while Ryan has been sleeping with her but he is also been sleeping with Kyle Kelly. Tragically by March 2017, Ryan's then fiancée Amy, is murdered by a unknown culprit and Mercedes tells the police that she saw someone enter Amy's flat on the night of the murder, however, nothing leads to Mercedes's claims.

When Ryan sets up Kyle for the murder, Kyle tells Mercedes of his encounters with Ryan, which leaves her furious with him and later confronts Ryan at his uncles, Geoff Thorpe's birthday party and announces to everyone that she slept with Ryan on the night Amy died. After Kyle tells Mercedes about Ryan sleeping with him, Mercedes starts to feel very lonely and confides in Simone, as she feels that the reason she lost Gabriel was because she had decided to abandoned her other son Bobby all those years ago. Simone tells Mercedes that is not the case at all. Later, Mercedes is drinking alone in the Foley and a man approaches her and the two begin to talk deeply as Mercedes tells him that she wants to start being in Bobby's life. As the stranger leaves, Mercedes asks what his name is and he tells her its Gabriel. Mercedes seeing this as her son giving her a sign to be a mum to Bobby, decides to go and stay in America for a while in order to rekindle with Bobby. Mercedes says her goodbyes to her family and her cousin Goldie decides to come with Mercedes, who was escaping a robbery charge. The two women leave together and Ryan is revealed as Amy's killer.

2018: Return, Rekindling with Russ & Sylver[]

Mercedes returns in July when she texts her cousin, Cleo. Later, Cleo is seen meeting Mercedes, when Mercedes pulls over in a car where she sees Mercedes' son, who had been estranged from Mercedes since departing in February 2013. A frantic Mercedes tells Cleo to hide him, but before departing Mercedes is seen on the phone telling a man that she loves him. Later, after the McQueens find Bobby, they come to the conclusion that Mercedes had in fact kidnapped Bobby and find a national appeal from Bobby's grandad Carl to bring Bobby home. It's then later revealed that Carl is now a alcoholic and after being contacted by Mitzeee, they both agree that Bobby is better off with Mercedes. So therefore, Mercedes took him. Later, Carl is murdered by a unknown person, leaving Bobby no choice but to stay with the McQueen's.

The following month, Mercedes invites the majority of her family to Magaluf where they find out she is engaged and the McQueen's are shocked to find out that it is Russ Owen who has rekindled her relationship with him after all these years. However, Myra is in somewhat in a unforgiving mood for Russ taking her grandson, Max Owen in June 2009. However, she quickly forgives when she lays eyes on Max for the first time in years and after talking to Mercedes who pleaded with Myra to forgive Russ. Mercedes is shocked when she finds out Sylver is back and has been released from prison and introduces Russ to Sylver. Myra puts a plan into action to get Mercedes away from Russ she enlists Goldie to kiss Russ and this is seen by Mercedes who is furious and Goldie reveals it was Myra's plan during this Goldie finds out that Russ was a porn star this angers Mercedes some more since Russ lied to her. Later that evening, Sylver does his best to comfort Mercedes where it is in fact revealed before Sylver went to prison he and Mercedes slept together and after a brief heart to heart with one another the two sleep together again. The next day, they are nearly caught out as Russ arrives at the villa where he begs Mercedes to give him another chance to where at first Mercedes is not in the slightest interested in what Russ has to say for him self later Myra apologise and tells Mercedes to forgive Russ but when Mercedes goes to do so she sees that Russ has left with Max leaving her devastated however later at the airport she finds Russ with Max and is delighted to see him and they decide to give things another go but they're happiness is short lived when Mercedes is arrested for Carl's murder at the airport.

Mercedes is questioned about Carl's murder by DS Roxy Cassidy to which Mercedes denies anything to do with killing Carl but Simone Loveday arrives and manages to get Mercedes released after her release Mercedes is in agreement with Russ to make back and live in Spain but after a talk with Sylver, Mercedes realises that her home is Hollyoaks, Russ is against this at first but gets round to the idea, DS Cassidy tells Russ how many of Mercedes husbands have died over the years this makes Russ think that Mercedes is in fact a serial killer. Mercedes is furious when she discovers what Russ really thinks of her and the two have a huge argument to which Mercedes eventually calls off the wedding as a way of an apologise Russ buys the local pub, The Dog in the Pond for Mercedes after this they reconcile.

Russ starts to become a tad suspicious of Mercedes and Sylver and confronts them on more then one occasion to which Mercedes denies everything despite the fact she has slept with Sylver a number of times during his doubts Russ sleeps with Goldie and she falls pregnant unbeknownst to Mercedes. In November the wedding finally arrives for Mercedes for the second time with Russ however Mercedes discovers that Goldie was pregnant and forced to get a abortion Mercedes thinks at first its Joel Dexter and even punches Joel during the ceremony however after doing so all is revealed and Mercedes is heart broken to discover it was in fact Russ after this Mercedes resents Russ and teases him that she will sleep with Sylver to find a 'real man' later Mercedes is seen crying over a deceased Russ as he was murdered. Sylver thinks at first Mercedes might of had something to do with it and rids of any 'evidence' that can make her look guilty.

2018-2019: Relationships with Sylver & Liam Donovan[]

By December, Mercedes settles with Sylver after the death of Russ. However by Christmas, Mercedes is attracted to the more bad boy of Liam Donovan and she ends up sleeping with him on more than one occasion. Mercedes eventually sees that she wants to be with Sylver but Liam's temptation was also behind the shadows. This would then lead to some what of a feud between Sylver and Liam. Mercedes would often party and take cocaine with Liam to which Sylver was against.

By March, Mercedes was tired of Liam's games and often told him to back off eventually things got out of hand when Liam accidentally shot Sylver this made Mercedes tells Liam straight that she's all for Sylver which angered Liam. wanting to have Mercedes for himself Liam would often wind Sylver up in front of Mercedes as well as belittling Mercedes to wind Sylver up even more eventually Sylver snapped and beat up Liam to which Mercedes points out that Sylver played into Liam's hand in order to not let Sylver go back to prison. Mercedes pleas with Liam not to go to the police, however ,at a cost Liam tells Mercedes that she has to to as he say starting with the silly stuff like going to Price Slice for some milk. Joel, however, who sees Mercedes skiving for Liam, has a word with Liam which works. Mercedes eventually tells Liam that she feels nothing for him and she wants to be with Sylver. This prompts Liam to set Mercedes up by planting cocaine in her bag during her hen do. Sylver finds this and calls off the wedding.

2020-2021: Troll and Miscarriage[]

In late 2020, Mercedes and her family were involved in a stalking storyline, masterminded by Silas Blissett, Seth Costello and Theresa McQueen, and during this time, Mercedes discovered that she was pregnant, after trying to have a baby for some time. However, a paranoid Mercedes received a phone call from Silas, causing her to panic and fall down the stairs of the City Wall, tragically killing her unborn child. In December, Mercedes wakes up in hospital, and is told by Sylver that their baby has died. They try to conceive again, but are told they have low probability rate.

Cher McQueen, Sylver’s biological daughter, arrives in the village after her mother impulsively drops her off in Hollyoaks. Cher has a frosty relationship with Mercedes in the beginning, being jealous that Sylver gives more attention to his wife than her, and goes as far as intentionally hurting Mercedes, bullying and psychologically manipulating her with the sound bite of a crying baby; this gave Mercedes flashbacks to her dead baby and her late son, Gabriel McQueen.

In 2021, Cher finds a friend in the form of an anonymous girl she meets online, called Jade. Jade convinces Cher to try and poison Mercedes, but this backfires as Sylver drinks the poison and is hospitalised, and put in a coma. Later, it is revealed that 'Jade' is actually Mercedes' son Bobby Costello. Mercedes, along with Sylver and Bobby, leave the village to go on holiday at the McQueen favoured Alicante. They later return in December.

2022: Sylver's Death and Bobby's Behaviour Problems[]

In 2022, Mercedes, Sylver, Cher and Bobby are amongst many residents caught up in the Salon de Thé Explosion. Mercedes, who’s relationship with Cher has significantly improved, rescues her trapped stepdaughter from the rubble. Sylver, who had left Mercedes, returns to the village and helps out, and manages to free Bobby. But Sylver ends up trapped underneath some falling debris, and leaves Sylver to die, causing Mercedes to spiral into depression. Bobby has likely been influenced by his great-grandfather, Silas -- as he was seen playing chess before and after the blast, something Silas was iconic for, and, in the days that follow, Bobby is invited to online chess games by 'G', which likely stands for 'Grandfather' or 'Granddad', although this has not been confirmed yet.

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Kill Count[]


  1. Paul Browning, 16th October 2013 - Hit in the head with a shovel when he prepares to attack Cindy Cunningham.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Silas Blissett, 1st November 2011 (self-defence) - Stabbed Silas with part of a broken plate.
  2. Mitzeee Minniver, 26th June 2012 - Hit Mitzeee over the head with a bottle after Mitzeee found out that Mercedes was her stalker.
  3. Bobby Costello, 2nd October 2012 - Threatened to jump from the roof of an apartment block whilst holding Bobby in her arms but was stopped by Riley Costello.
  4. Grace Black, 26th June 2014 - Shot Grace in the stomach during a struggle with Freddie Roscoe.
  5. Silas Blissett, 18th May 2016 (self-defence) - Attempted to stab Silas with a nail file but Silas knew what she was going to do and stopped her.
  6. Joanne Cardsley, 5th December 2016 - Attempted to kill Joanne after finding out that she was responsible for her fiancé Joe Roscoe's death, but decided against it and let her go but then revealed that she was wearing a wire and that the police heard Joanne's confession and Joanne was arrested.
  7. Breda McQueen, 7th January 2020 (self-defence) - Attempted to make Breda stab herself in the face with a shard of glass during a fight.

Background Information[]

  • In the Meet the McQueens video, released before the introduction of Jacqui McQueen, Mercedes was established as being 19 at the time of her introduction. However, this timeline is retconned switching Mercedes' birth order from 5th of Myra's children to 3rd (she and Carmel switched). Mercedes was also mentioned to be 24 instead of 19 when celebrating her birthday in November 2006.
  • Mercedes celebrated her 24th birthday in Episode 1901, giving her a DOB of 3rd November 1982. However, she later celebrated her 30th birthday in Episode 3712, changing this to 15th October 1983.

Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2010-2013: Apple trees entwine to form one apple in the middle, which Mercedes takes and bites into it.
  • 2013-2014: In a dark forest, a single red apple is visible, Mercedes takes it and bites it.
  • 2015-2016: Mercedes reaches for an apple with 'HOLLYOAKS' engraved in it and bites it.
  • 2016-2017: Mercedes is swirling in a red dress at night. She is also seen at the top of the title card.
  • 2018: Mercedes stands on the The Love Boat and swirls in a red dress with Russ Owen behind her.
  • 2018-2019: Mercedes stands on the The Love Boat and swirls in a red dress.
  • 2019-2022: Mercedes walks out of The Dog in the Pond, with Sylver McQueen watching her.
  • 2022-: Mercedes snatches a dress which Goldie and Theresa McQueen are fighting over.

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