The McQueen family are a fictional family on Channel 4's soap Hollyoaks.

McQueen family


Family MembersEdit

Deaths Edit

Character Cause of Death Date
Tina McQueen Died in the church's explosion caused by her half-brother, Niall Rafferty 13 October 2008
Niall Rafferty Suicide by jumping off a cliff 27 November 2008
Joan McQueen Unknown causes 1 August 2010
Carmel McQueen Died in the train crash 12 November 2014
Phoebe McQueen Murdered by the Gloved Hand Killer 16 June 2015
Gabriel McQueen Stillborn 4 November 2015
Celine McQueen Murdered by Cameron Campbell 5 December 2016
Bart McQueen Beaten to death by Warren Fox 13 April 2017

Births Edit

Character Father Mother Date
Max McQueen Russ Owen Tina McQueen 2 July 2008
Kathleen-Angel McQueen Calvin Valentine Theresa McQueen 29 October 2010
Bobby Costello Riley Costello Mercedes McQueen 4 November 2011
Matthew McQueen John Paul McQueen Chloe Chance 25 December 2012
Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen Dodger Savage Theresa McQueen 15 October 2014
Gabriel McQueen Joe Roscoe Mercedes McQueen 4 November 2015
Carmina McQueen Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz Myra McQueen 15 February 2017
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