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Maxine Stephanie Minniver (previously Blake, Donovan and Kinsella) is the daughter of Trish Minniver and Dave Chen-Williams, the adoptive daughter of Mick Minniver, the step-daughter of Honour Chen-Williams, the half-sister of Mitzeee Minniver, Sam and Mason Chen-Williams, the adoptive half-sister of Lizzie Chen-Williams, the step-sister of Serena Chen-Williams, the widow of Patrick Blake and Adam Donovan, the ex-wife of Damon Kinsella, and the mother of Minnie Minniver. She was married to Patrick Blake from 2014 until his death in 2016, Adam Donovan from 2017 until his death in 2018, and Damon Kinsella from 2019 until their divorce in 2020.


1980s-2012: Backstory[]

Maxine was born in the 1980s to her mother Trish and father Dave Williams whom would walk out on Trish and Maxine after seeing another woman when Maxine was just two years of age. Maxine grew up along with her sister, Mitzeee Minniver and the two would often class although very close.

When Maxine was young she was forced into a dance competition by Trish in Blackpool but would loose her mother the competition due to the amounted pressure and this seemed to make Maxine have a difficult relationship with her mother whom held the grudge of losing the competition towards Maxine.

2012-2013: Arrival[]

Maxine arrives in Hollyoaks village in November 2012 in a bid to see her sister, Mitzeee Minniver, however Maxine is taken aback at Mitzeee's frosty welcome when she slaps her and its revealed that Maxine slept with Mitzeee's first love a guy named, Gary and this leads Maxine to make a heartfelt apology to her sister and reminisce over the good times the two had growing up. Maxine further proves herself to Mitzeee when she punches Mercedes McQueen over Mercedes setting up Mercedes when standing herself. Maxine would also befriend both Darren and Nancy Osborne.

Maxine ends up getting herself a job at the local nightclub, Chez Chez by February 2013, Maxine waves goodbye to Mitzeee whom departs with Carl Costello to move to America all seemingly is going well until by early 2013, Maxine finds herself in the middle of the dangerous feud between gangsters, Brendan Brady and Simon Walker when Walker orders Kevin Foster to kill Maxine by drugging her however he eventually goes against Walker's wishes and Maxine is helped by Brendan and in her drugged up state tells Brendan that Walker is back.

When Brendan along with his sister Cheryl depart the village by March 2013, Maxine attempts to buy The Club along with her friend Liam Gilmore but the two would be eventually outbidded by both Mercedes and her husband Paul Browning. In May 2013, Maxine would have a fling with Freddie Roscoe.

2013-2014: Relationships & Domestic Abuse to Patrick Blake[]

By spring 2013, Maxine befriends both Patrick Blake and his daughter Sienna Blake and offers the two to lodge her spare room at her flat too which the two agree too. Maxine would then later be offered help by Patrick to read after its seen Maxine is unable to read and this leads the two of them to grow closer and eventually start a serious relationship however over the first few months into her relationship with Patrick, Maxine starts to be controlled by Patrick and belittle her over her behaviour and responsibilities and this was the start on Patrick's abuse towards Maxine.

In November 2013, Maxine is kidnapped and held hostage along with, Dirk Savage, Dodger Savage, Dennis Savage, Martha Kane, Patrick and eventually Sienna by the deranged killer Will Savage however they all escape unhurt and Will is later arrested. Despite they're life and death miss Maxine would still endure many assaults and insults from Patrick as his abuse would get more violent. Maxine would be seen as a former shadow of herself after months of being manipulated by Patrick and she would start to be isolated from her friends and family.

By 2014 and getting deeper in the domestic abuse with Patrick Maxine would later accept to marry Patrick after she sleeps with Dodger and falls pregnant, Patrick accuses Maxine of having a affair as his infertile however this was seen to be a lie in a effort to abuse Maxine, Maxine would then be beaten up and forced to eat food by Patrick in the by July 2014, Maxine's wedding day with Patrick comes round and already wanting to get away in a pub full of people at the after party Maxine reveals to a pub full about her abuse with Patrick finally outing him and both Dennis and his girlfriend Blessing Chambers are delighted as they attempted to help Maxine get away from Patrick and after Maxine found out her unborn baby has down syndrome.

Maxine would begin a relationship with Dodger and decide to get married but they're relationship is tested from the start when they are both arrested, Dodger for beating up Patrick and Maxine for supposedly running over Patrick when the real culprit, planted Maxine's engagement ring from Dodger in the very car Patrick was ran down in and by early November 2014 after Maxine is released from jail, she and Sienna end up in a car chase with Patrick whom has put a tracking device on Sienna's phone and tragically Maxine and Sienna would end up on some train tracks where it becomes stuck, Maxine manages to escape and even save Sienna before a train hits which was a party train for the wedding of Porsche McQueen and Lockie Campbell and the crash led to the deaths of Sonny and Carmel Valentine. Maxine would go into labour in abandoned shack but Patrick aids her and their baby girl is born bit Patrick take her and leave Maxine to bleed out however she's later found by both Theresa and Celine McQueen.

After the near death escape Maxine is later set up by Patrick who tells her Minnie is dying which leads Maxine to drive a car to get to the hospital first however this is against her current bail conditions from the previous arrest of running over Patrick which leads Maxine to be arrested and sent back to prison however Maxine is found not guilty of any wrong doing and when Maxine returns from America, Patrick attempts to hold Maxine hostage but before things can go any further his stop by the Police. Maxine then leaves Patrick after over a year of his abuse towards her.

2015: Dodger's Departure & Relationship to Darren Osborne[]

Maxine is kidnapped once again by Will after he escapes from prison in January 2015 along with Theresa who is currently in a relationship with Dodger, Maxine is tied along with Theresa and Dodger was forced to chose who to save out of Maxine ans Theresa and Dodger goes to save Maxine first but both would escape after the explosion, Max8ne is later heartbroken when Dodger departs after going on the run for pushing Will off the hospital roof protecting the real culprit, Nico Blake.

After Dodger's departure, Maxine would continue to fight a custody battle against Patrick and this leads her to move in with Darren whom has split from Nancy, Maxine would later be given a job by Darren at his local business, Daz Cabs as the receptionist and Maxine would grow closer with Darren and the two begin a relationship but would briefly split in April 2015 when Maxine finds out Darren has selling drugs for Trevor Royle however the two would soon get back together in May 2015, Patrick starts to blackmail Darren unknown to Maxine to testify against her at the hearing in which he does so and this lead to Maxine losing custody of Minnie.

Maxine orders to know why Darren went behind her back and he reveals to her that Patrick had a recording of him burying a gun the very gun that hit the now deceased Phoebe McQueen this is revealed as Maxine tries to jump from the height of a church roof after Darren talks her down Maxine agrees to reconcile her relationship with him forgiving Darren for going behind her back. Maxine is then soon helped by Darren to attempt to set up her own cab firm known as Minnie Cabs but their relationship comes to an end again when Patrick continues to do his meddling but by late 2015, Maxine discovers that Patrick is dying from a disease known as motor neurone disease.

2016: Patrick's Death & "Mike Jones"[]

By January 2016 after weeks of supporting Patrick threw his disease however Maxine is unaware Patrick is going behind her back recording videos stating Maxine is wanting to kill him in a last bid to control her however Maxine only discovers this when she finds Patrick dead and fears that she will be going down for murder so she along with Darren move Patrick's body and bury him in the village wall.

By June 2016, Maxine is threatened by Nico when she discovers that Ben Bradley is taking the blame for her murdering Trevor and Maxine is unable to cope with the stress especially when Nancy finds out about Patrick therefore she goes away for a few weeks and before Maxine leaves she attends Trevor's funeral where its revealed that Sienna and Trevor had been having a affair Maxine tries to calm Grace Black down but is thankful her brother, Adam Donovan turns up to grab Grace whom is attacking Sienna.

Maxine returns by July 2016 and its revealed she's engaged to a guy named "Mike Jones" however "Mike Jones" is in fact Warren Fox whom has recently been released from prison and is wanting revenge on Maxine's sister, Mitzeee for putting him there however Maxine is totally unaware of whom Mike really is despite both Darren and Nancy as well as Sienna all knowing who Warren is, Maxine would eventually find out who "Mike" really is after she confesses where Patrick's body is, however both Darren and Nancy moved Patrick's body to the local woodlands and Maxine even teams up with both Darren and Tony to help get rid of Warren by setting fire to his new business Warren's Wheels but they are caught by Warren in the act whom was tipped off by Grace.

2016-2018: Relationship with Adam Donovan & WAGS[]

Soon after finding out she had been played by Warren, Maxine finds it hard to trust anything anyone says however she does begin to grow closer with Adam and after letting her guard down around Adam she finally agrees to start a relationship with him and attempts to move on with her life despite having the burden of Patrick's body being buried in the woods and a few months into her relationship with Adam, Patrick's body is found by Nico and Nico's friend Peri Lomax by September 2016 and in a set of episodes titled "Point of View week", Maxine discovers she's pregnant when during the very first episode of the week is seen focusing on Maxine although she's at first unaware of who the father will be out of Warren and Adam but the dates of the scan reveal that the baby is Warren's but a month later in October 2016, Maxine loses the baby after a miscarriage which devastates both her and Warren and Nico is finally exposed for killing Patrick in the very same month. Maxine then focuses more on her relationship with Adam.

Maxine starts to wonder about Adam's ex girlfriend, Darcy Wilde whom has been missing since 2012 and by 2017, Maxine decides along with the help of Adam's mother, Tracey Donovan and both Maxine and Tracey track down Darcy working in a café and Maxine would later enter into a feud with Darcy due to her attempting to win back Adam and later she and Adam get engaged however Maxine would give Adam her engagement ring telling him to finally choose between her and Darcy. Maxine is pleased when Adam chooses her but Darcy continues her meddling and on the day of Adam and Maxine's wedding Maxine is led to think by Darcy that she and Adam had slept together however Adam points out to Maxine his nothing like her previous exes such as Patrick and Warren, Maxine then marries Adam to Darcy's envy but Maxine is a target for more of Darcy's games when she gets her and Adam's supposed son, Toby Wilde lie by saying Maxine hit him which leads to Maxine to be however Maxine is only issued a caution and she's devastated when Adam finally reconciles with Darcy, Maxine later attacks Darcy and decides to go and see Mitzeee in America.

Maxine would return after a few months in America and now into 2018 and upon her return Maxine finds out that Darcy had lied this makes Maxine think Darcy is finally getting her karma after the best part of the year of Darcy's games, weeks after her return, Maxine would eventually get back with Adam but Maxine is not best pleased when she discovers that Adam is working alongside his dangerous and gangster father, Glenn Donovan but Adam tells Maxine his planning on taking down Glenn with the help of the Police but Adam goes 'missing' by May 2018, however Maxine along with Adam's family are unaware at the fact Glenn had killed Adam for attempting to inform against him. Adam's body is finally found after months and Maxine confronts Glenn over the his death but Glenn manipulates Maxine telling her his dying and shows her footage of Adam kissing Detective Roxy Cassidy and this revelation leads Maxine to not to attend Adam's funeral and confront Roxy.

Maxine would discover that Glenn has been abusing Grace and would later team up with the other women Glenn has up set along with Grace an the likes of, Kim Butterfield, Simone Loveday, Courtney Campbell and Farrah Maalik and Maxine along with the other women would plot for weeks on end on how to kill Glenn and Maxine would even attempt.pt to get Glenn to confess and even leave him for dead after he collapsed later the women all decide to all poison him however none of the women do as its later revealed to be Breda McQueen. Maxine was targeted by Glenn's son, Liam Donovan on the whereabouts of Kim since he blamed Kim however Grace ordered him to back off.

2018-2020: Relationship & Marriage with Damon Kinsella, Jesse's Death and Liam's Revenge[]

Weeks after Glenn's death Maxine is supported by Damon Kinsella although he was asked to do so by Grace however Maxine and Damon would bond and grow close with one another and the two soon start a relationship but would briefly break up and Maxine's life is changed in the balance by New Years eve 2018, when she gets two drunk while flirting with Zack Loveday and due to drinking to much alcohol Maxine collapses and is rushed to hospital where she is critical however Maxine survives and she and Damon reconcile but months into her relationship with Damon, Maxine would fake her health struggles such as collapsing and passing out, Maxine would also get engaged to Damon and marry him by July 2019. But Maxine's confession to Minnie that she is not really ill is recorded by Minnie's toy teddy, Damon would find this but his brother Scott Drinkwell would out Maxine's lies which would lead to Damon going to prison for fraud due to Maxine's lies this leads her and Damon's brief relationship and marriage to come to a quick end by the end of 2019.

After her lies are exposed, Maxine leaves the village for a month and would return by January 2020 but Maxine is far from welcomed especially from Damon's best friend, Brody Hudson however after some week Maxine would be forgive by the likes of Walter Deveraux and Jesse Donovan, Maxine would attend the wedding of Jesse and Courtney but as a barmaid and serves Jesse into the night after he discovers that Grace and James Nightingale had shot Mercedes in November 2019, Maxine would leave after her shift ends but Jesse would tragically die from alcohol poisoning this leads Liam to blame Maxine and target her by pimping her out to a guy named for the next two months until March 2020 when Maxine along with others targeted by Liam would be held host at a dinner party he call "The Devils Dinner Party" which would end with Liam being killed by Grace.

2021: Trish's Return, Relationship with Warren Fox & Fergus' Trafficking Attempt[]

Maxine would meet a guy named Brad King by January 2021 and discovers that he is her new landlord and he seems interested in Maxine and Maxine takes a liking to Brad but is unaware that Brad is taking shady photos of her however Maxine would soon find out that Brad is in fact the boyfriend of her mother, Trish Minniver this makes Maxine uneasy and there seems to be no love lost between Maxine and Trish however when Trish reveals she's moving to Hollyoaks, Maxine would soon come round to the idea that her mother will be sticking around. Maxine's frosty relationship is revealed because Trish is too critical of her.

By March 2021 when Trish's even more dodge ex-boyfriend, Fergus Collins turns up, Maxine overhears the two talking about a heist however when she tells her mother it backfires and during this Maxine would begin to grow close with Warren unaware his been enlisted in the heist along with Felix Westwood and later k during the heist, Maxine would be ran over by Brad, Warren and Felix's hostage, Katja and this startles Warren who does his best not to let Maxine go to the Police even attempts to scare her off and blame Felix for doing it after the heist Maxine is thankful of Warren being there for her and the two would soon enter into a relationship although would soon become uneasy of Warren working along side Fergus who has now reconciled with her mother. Maxine would also take a disliking at the way her mother treats Leah Barnes during the dance competition and would support Leah and would be proud by the time Leah stand up to Trish along with Kathleen-Angel.

Maxine becomes a victim of Fergus whom meddles in her relationship with Warren, first he installs camera's into Maxine's home for his Dark Web operation known as "Bluebird" and then Fergus would trick Maxine into thinking they had slept together after he go Maxine too drunk and climbed into bed with her. Maxine feels guilty towards Warren and Trish and attempts to tell them but is continually stopped by Fergus and although Maxine agrees not to say anything she breaks up with Warren over her guilt of supposedly sleeping with Fergus however she would reconcile with Warren telling him that it was a random despite Warren thinking it was Sami Maalik.

By November 2021, Maxine would be targeted by Fergus for a Trafficking deal when one of the webcam watchers offer to buy Maxine for one million pounds however the plan doesn't go quite according to plan when Warren and his son, Joel Dexter uncover Fergus' plan, Maxine is then kidnapped by a couple of heavies ready to traffic her however Warren tracks her down and rescues Maxine however Warren is arrested for the crime after being set up by Fergus after the event, Maxine is left scared and although she originally believed Warren was behind it with the help of Joel and Sienna, Maxine would soon discover it was Fergus and attempts to clear Warren's name.

Trish would also start working with Maxine to get Fergus to confess however it would lead to Maxine killing Fergus in self defence by smacking a champagne bottle around Fergus'' head. The two women attempt to cover up the crime and Trish decides to take the blame but with the help of the recording and P.C. Franks tampering with the evidence the two women are left free of the crime. Maxine then spends weeks again when Warren is arrested over the murder of Timmy Simons and eventually gets Warren out when Katja returns to claim Fergus wanted her van for Timmy's body. Maxine then attends Fergus' funeral with Trish and Warren but Warren would lash out by throwing Fergus' coffin out the hearse and although Warren and Maxine would split thanks to Trish they later reconcile.

2021-2022: The Estranged Family[]

Maxine would soon meet her biological father when postman, Dave Chen-Williams arrives in the village along with his family at the start of December 2021. Maxine is furious with Trish for keeping Dave a secret but would make a mends with her before her mother departs, Maxine confront Dave by January 2022 but would feel rejected by him which leads to Warren confronting Dave and having him feel guilty about Maxine and later Warren is purposely ran down which worries Maxine to the core, however Warren survives and they continue their relationship.

Maxine would dislike Dave fobbing her off so much so she would eventually tell his kids that she is their sister which angers them. In February 2022, Maxine is disgusted with Warren when she discovers Warren attacked her half brother Sam Chen-Williams which lead to them splitting up but after Sam tells Maxine he goaded Warren and wants her to get to know the family and that he won't be going to the police. Maxine reconciles with Warren when he opens up to her over his health struggles since the hit-and-run. In May 2022, Maxine talks to Warren about them moving in together, but Warren is sceptical. Maxine later meets with Warren but started to feel ill and collapses. After being rushed to hospital, Maxine is questioned by Misbah if she's had a Munchausen relapse, which is overheard by Warren. Maxine professes her innocence but Warren doesn't believe her and later sleeps with Sienna. Maxine is later informed that the cause of her collapse was due to chemical poisoning from Liberty Savages homemade soaps after Liberty was admitted to hospital. Upon hearing this, Warren apologises to Maxine, who insists she deserves better. Warren later confesses to Maxine about his affair with Sienna. The next day, Maxine dumps Warren's stuff at the garage, slaps Sienna and wishes Warren luck with dating a Blake.

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Kill Count[]


  1. Fergus Collins, 22nd November 2021 (defense) - Struck over the head with a champagne bottle causing him to fall and hit his head on the bar in self defence as Fergus was going to kill her mother, Trish.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Adam Donovan, 8th December 2016 - Hit Adam over the head with an ornament.
  2. Glenn Donovan, 17th October 2018 - Maxine and the rest of the WAGs (Grace Black, Simone Loveday, Courtney Campbell and Kim Butterfield) attempted to spike Glenn's pint of beer. Kim switched the vials with water however, allowing Breda McQueen to spike the drink, killing Glenn.

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