Maxwell Anthony Dominic "Max" Owen (formerly McQueen) is the orphan child of Tina Reilly and Russ Owen. He is named after Max Cunningham, a friend of Tony Hutchinson, who was supposed to adopt Max when he was born.

Arrival Edit

He was to be adopted by Tony Hutchinson and Jacqui McQueen, due to Jacqui's infertility, but Tina and Dom decided to keep him. On 25 March, Tina, having her 12-week pre-natal scan, was told by a doctor that she was 15 weeks pregnant and therefore must have been conceived on the night she and Russ Owen had a one-night stand. Tina confessed to Jacqui, who was furious. Jacqui convinced her to keep quiet, telling her that otherwise both their relationships would be in ruins. Tina's secret brother, Niall Rafferty pushed her down stairs and she was taken to hospital where the baby went through C-Section. Tina received an emergency hysterectomy, making her unable to have children.

Departure (2009) Edit

Jacqui decided she would raise Max after Tina's death, she promised Russ he could come over and see Max any time he wanted. In 2009, Jacqui tried to stop Russ from seeing Max, but Nancy Hayton told her to back off. Feeling desperate, he then decided to run away with him and Nancy. Nancy did not want to "kidnap" Max. On 2 June, Russ, who had found Nancy in bed with Kris Fisher, decided to leave. He visited Carmel and then took Max. Carmel saw him but decided to let him go. On 3 June, Jacqui returned and was worried over Max's whereabouts. She then discovered his passport had been taken. Meanwhile, Russ, Max and Justin Burton left together.

Return & Second Departure (2018-2019) Edit

In 2018, Max returned to Hollyoaks village with his father, but when his father died, Mercedes McQueen decided to become his guardian. In Early 2019, Max felt that Mercedes was focusing on Bobby Costello and he told Mercedes that he felt that she was focusing on Bobby and not him, so he decided to call his Aunt, Nicole Owen, to see if she could come to the village to see Max, Mercedes decided to take Max to the planetarium and this was the plan until her mind wandered off and she ultimately forgot about Max again. Max decided that he would go and live with Nicole in Greece and told Mercedes "I wish you never became my mother" and he left for the airport.

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