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Matthew-Jesus McQueen is the son of John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean, the surrogate-son of Chloe Chance, and the ex-step-son of Ste Hay.


John Paul and Craig hired Chloe Chance as their surrogate, but nine months into her pregnancy, Craig split from John Paul and John Paul told Chloe that they no longer wanted the baby. Chloe gave birth to a son on Christmas Day 2012, and John Paul left him outside of 26 Leigh Road, where Jacqui McQueen found him. A drunken Myra McQueen named the baby 'Jesus', whilst Carmel McQueen bonded with the baby.

John Paul later revealed to Nancy Osborne that he was the father of the baby, and ended up telling Myra as well. Carmel informed Myra that she phoned social services, and Myra tried to push John Paul into telling Carmel the truth, but John Paul told Myra that he thought it was best that Matthew was taken into care. Myra continued to try change John Paul's mind, which he ended up doing just as Myra and Carmel were about to take the baby to social services. He ends up naming the baby Matthew, after Myra's late son whom she was forced to abandon, Niall Rafferty.

In August 2013, Chloe returned to Hollyoaks and told John Paul that if he didn't give her £5,000, she would take Matthew away - lying that Craig was Matthew's biological father. John Paul refused to pay her and does a DNA test, and learned that he was Matthew's biological father. He confronted Chloe, who apologised for lying, saying that she was desperate for money before leaving the village. However, she later returned again, heavily pregnant, asking John Paul if she can borrow money from him. However, she ends up blackmailing Sienna Blake for the money.

In 2014, John Paul was sentenced to six months imprisonment for assaulting Robbie Roscoe, so the McQueens looked after Matthew until John Paul was released.

In March 2017, John Paul was offered a teaching job in Singapore, which he accepted. Craig ended up also moving to Singapore, where the pair reconciled.

In January 2020, Matthew returned to the village with John Paul.

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