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Matt Musgrove was the near-husband of Chloe Bruce. Matt moved to Hollyoaks in February 2000, shortly after moving from Brookside Close the previous month, and got a job as a janitor at the Hollyoaks Community College. He became good friends with Theo Sankofa and Alex Bell. He also falls for student and radio host Chloe Bruce. He reveals his true feelings to Chloe anonymously, but when he reveals himself, he is hurt when she is disappointed. However, Chloe decides to give Matt a chance.

Chloe and Matt's relationship hits a rough patch when Chloe loses in the student elections, and begins having issues with her image, pushing Matt away, leading to a break-up. Matt ends up having a one-night stand with Eve Crawford, and this makes him realise that it's Chloe he wants to be with. Eventually, Matt and Chloe reunite and Matt later proposes to Chloe, who accepts. Matt is adamant to give Chloe the wedding of her dreams, but it proves to be too expensive for him. He ends up getting involved in a counterfeit money scam, lead by Scott Anderson. On the day of their wedding, the police arrest Matt, but Chloe soon discovers his lies and breaks up with him. Matt is left to face the police and ends up moving to Paris.

In July 2004, Ben Davies, Jake Dean, Joe Spencer and Dan Hunter encounter Matt, where he is working as a sailor, and he helps the group escape from an angry mob of people who are after them.

In August, Matt returns to the village one final time to convince Chloe to get back with him. At the same time, Chloe was offered a job in London. Initially torn, Chloe decided to leave with Matt, but changed her mind, going to London and leaving Matt at the train platform.

Background informationEdit

  • Matt is the only UK soap opera character to appear in two different soap operas, having previously appeared in Brookside from 1998 until 2000. An in-show reference was made to this, when Ruth Osborne mentioned that Matt looked familiar.
  • In 2003, producer Jo Hallows decided to axe Kristian Ealey from the role of Matt. His final episode aired in August 2003.
  • Due to Matt appearing in Brookside for almost two years, the information in this article only refers to the storylines regarding Matt's reign in Hollyoaks. This wikia has no articles on Matt's family or any other characters associated with Matt during his reign on Brookside, as they did not appear in Hollyoaks, and it is currently unknown if and who was mentioned during Matt's reign.
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