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Mason Chen-Williams is the son of Honour and Dave Chen-Williams, the half-brother of Maxine Minniver, and Sam and Serena Chen-Williams, and the adoptive half-brother of Lizzie Chen-Williams.


2021-: Arrival

Mason arrived in Hollyoaks with his family in December 2021, meeting with them in The Dog in the Pond for a family Christmas. In January 2022, Mason and his half-sister Serena Chen-Williams caught Mason's father Dave talking to Maxine Minniver, but Dave lied about who Maxine was. Maxine eventually revealed that she was Dave's first-born, and Mason was the first of the other children to forgive Dave for keeping Maxine secret from them.

In March 2022, Mason attended a school camping trip, befriending fellow student Freya Calder. However, teacher John Paul McQueen became distracted whilst driving the minibus and flipped it. Mason managed to escape from the bus and comforted Freya as she waited to be rescued as she was trapped under the bags. Afterwards, Mason began developing feelings for Ella Richardson, but repeatedly put his foot in it with her. Deciding to perform a magic trick at a fundraising event for Freya, Mason became the target of bullying from Charlie Dean, with both Leah Barnes and Ella leaping to his defence.



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4 Oakdale Drive Since December 2021

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Well, at least no one around here knows me yet. Why does mine have to say baby?
— First line.

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