Mason is a drug dealer who works for Jordan Price. In January 2020, Mason tried to sell drugs to Imran Maalik. Imran refused and insulted Mason when Mason taunted him. He took a photo of Mason and his friend, who ran after Imran. Imran later posted the photo on social media, and Sid Sumner confronted Jordan.

The next day, Jordan took Sid and his girlfriend, Juliet Quinn, to Ono Express Off Licence. Juliet pretended that she couldn't play pool, and Mason decided to play a game with Juliet - whoever wins gets back their £20, and also the opponent's £20. Juliet ended up winning outright, to Mason's embarrassment and anger. Mason tried to make Juliet give him the £40 but Jordan made him leave.

Jordan later convinced Mason to try sell drugs to the students at Hollyoaks High School, where Sid saw him. Sid tried to convince him to leave, but Mason refused. Imran recognised Mason and the pair fought, which Sid and teacher Nancy Osborne tried to separate. Mason pulled out a knife and stabbed Nancy in the leg before fleeing.

An enraged Jordan confronted Mason over what happened, making Mason hand over the knife and return a pair of shoes Jordan had purchased for him.

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