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Marnie Julie Nightingale (née Maxwell-Brown) was the ex-wife of Mac Nightingale, the mother of James, Nathan and Ellie Nightingale, and the adoptive mother of Alfie Nightingale.


2016: Arrival[]

Marnie arrived in Hollyoaks in February 2016 - a month after her eldest son James - in search of her ex-husband Mac. As Mac had received large amounts of money in their divorce, Marnie threatened to take their daughter Ellie as she left the village unless Mac paid her a large sum of money. Mac agreed and paid money, but Marnie's second-eldest son Nathan revealed that Marnie and Mac's adoptive son was actually conceived during an affair between Mac and Cindy Cunningham in 2001. Marnie then decided to reveal the news publicly in The Dog in the Pond.

Setting her sights on The Hutch, Marnie stole Diane Hutchinson's computer and realised that the restaurant was losing money. Marnie attempted to convince owners Diane and Tony Hutchinson to sell the business to her, but they refused. Marnie was later informed by Cindy that Alfie had been diagnosed with cancer, having beaten cancer already in his childhood. Marnie supported the family and Cindy through the battle, as well as Nathan when his fiancée Rachel Hardy was killed in a car explosion.

Marnie was left devastated by Rachel's death and met Freddie Roscoe at The Loft where they ended up having a one night stand. She later learned that Freddie was dating Ellie and attempted to force Freddie to end their relationship, but Freddie blackmailed Marnie with a photograph of himself and Marnie kissing.

2016-2017: Family Troubles[]

Marnie and James conspired to 'force' Tony and Diane into selling The Hutch to them. James faked a relationship with Diane's nephew Scott Drinkwell in an attempt to manipulate him into sabotaging the business. After convincing Myra McQueen to demand £8,000 from the Hutchinsons for a jeck injury sustained at The Hutch, Diane and Tony were forced to sell the business to James and Marnie. In June 2016, The Hutch was re-branded and opened as Nightingale's - to Ellie's dismay as Marnie had told her that she planned to turn the restaurant into a cosmetics store for Ellie to run. In November 2016, Marnie was scammed by supposed-property developer Jude Cunningham, and called her mother Tabby Maxwell-Brown to ask to borrow £60,000. Tabby attempted to convince Marnie to leave Mac, but Marnie told her that she was still in love with him, and Tabby left.

With her relationship with Ellie struggling, Marnie lied that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour as to not lose Ellie. Mac shortly discovered the truth and threatened to tell Ellie, but decided to tell the family that Marnie had been misdiagnosed following Nathan's death. After discovering that Mac had pushed Nathan to his death and had also caused the explosion at Hollyoaks High School that killed Neeta Kaur, Marnie and James decided to take Mac down for good.

2017-2019: Mac's Downfall[]

In November 2017, Marnie walked in on Mac attacking James after James told Ellie and Alfie that Mac had abused him since he was a child, and witnessed Ellie push Mac through a window. Mac ended up suffering from locked-in syndrome and the Nightingales transferred him to a care home outside of Chester. Marnie ended up covering for Ellie, telling the police that she had pushed Mac through the window. Marnie was subsequently sentenced to 100 hours of community service, but was arrested for breaking curfew in March 2018. At the time, Marnie began a relationship with Buster Smith, which ended when he was exposed as a pedophile.

In July 2018, Romeo Quinn - a son of James, who didn't know he existed - arrived in the village followed by his mother Donna-Marie. Marnie recognised Donna-Marie as a prostitute hired by Mac in 2002 in an attempt to "convert" James to heterosexuality; Donna-Marie had fallen pregnant and Marnie paid her to leave the family alone. Marnie tried to support James after he was framed for the supposed murder of Kyle Kelly, which saw him remanded in custody after he attacked Sami Maalik.

Mac ended up returning to the village in September 2018, having partially recovered from locked-in syndrome. Mac attempted to reunite with the Nightingales, but Marnie outrightly rejected him. However, Mac was murdered by a serial killer in March 2019, and Romeo found himself prime suspect. The situation lead to Marnie developing a bond with Romeo's sister (and Mac and Donna-Marie's daughter) Juliet Quinn, comforting her over Romeo's imprisonment and giving her dating advice when she took an interest in Imran Maalik. James told Marnie of his plan to have Romeo released by framing someone else for the murder, with Marnie suggesting Cindy. Cindy refused to make a false confession and suggested Donna-Marie, so Marnie and James set up Donna-Marie to confess to the crime. The pair refused to pay the money offered to Donna-Marie and Donna-Marie ended up in prison.

2020-2021: County Lines, Friendship with Misbah & Donna-Marie[]

In 2020, Marnie discovers that Juliet has been dealing dealing drugs for county lines gangster Victor Brothers as well as Juilets friend Sid Sumner's cousin Jordan Price, Marnie also discovers that the two gangsters tried to rob from her till a few months prior to fi doing out about Juliet's drug dealing and this led to her friendship with Misbah Maalik whom supported Marnie after the attempted robbery.

Marnie along with James do they're best to help Juilet whom at first was cold towards the two and Juliet eve set fire to one of Nathan's shirts that Marnie had this led Marnie to temporarily wash her hands with Juliet and let her fall in deeper with Victor but when Juliet wants out Marnie attempts to confront Victor whom embarrasses Marnie by attack her by drawing on her and rob her by forcing Marnie to hand over her expensive pair of shoes and shes again found and support by Misbah.

In early 2021, Marnie and her family are horrified when Juliet is sent to prison and Jordan ends up being killed by originally though to be Charlie Dean whom was infact covering for the real killer, Ella Richardson however by March 2021 with the help of Sid and Oliver Morgan, Victor is arrested and sentenced to prison and Juliet is released having spent months inside. When Donna-Marie returns months later vowing for a change, Marnie does her best to prove to Juliet her mother is just the same however Marnoe eventually gives Donna-Marie a chance after a heart to heart and gives her a job at the Salon De Marnie and for the rest of the year Marnie builds up some what of a friendship with Donna-Marie. In December 2021, Marnie is revealed to be the Christmas elf leaving presents for families whom are struggling in the village most notably that of the Lomax's.

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2022: Death[]

After opening the Salon de Thé de, Marnie hosted an fundraising event for the hospital adjacent to the business. However, Becky Quentin and Toby Faroe both inadvertently cause small smokes that results in the salon exploding and bursting into flames. Marnie is one of many trapped inside, and is unaware that her granddaughter Juliet is in serious condition. She is quickly rescued, and sustains injuries to the head. Her friend and doctor, Misbah Maalik, insists that she be seen, in case she is hurt, but she continually refuses. Later, she is told that Juliet and her grandson Romeo are both going to survive. She confides in Donna-Marie, thanking her for returning and letting her be a part of her grandchildren’s lives. She soon falls asleep on Donna-Marie’s shoulder and peacefully passes away. She soon realises this, and doctors - as well as her son James - all are present as Misbah attends to resuscitate her, but is unsuccessful.

While Marnie didn’t die in the explosion, she is, so far, the third victim of the explosion, alongside Sylver McQueen and Celeste Faroe.

Kill Count[]



Attempted Murders[]

  1. Mac Nightingale, 28th February 2017 - Tried to burn down The Dog in the Pond with Mac inside after discovering his role in Nathan Nightingale's death, but was stopped by Ellie Nightingale and Freddie Roscoe.
  2. Mac Nightingale, 29th November 2017 - Prepared to hit him over the head with a wine bottle, but couldn't go through with it.


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Other Information[]

  • Marnie is allergic to opioids.

Background Information[]

Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2016: Marnie stands, wearing one of her hats and looks at the camera deviously.
  • 2016-2019: Marnie and James stand in The Dog, Marnie throws her gloves at the screen.
  • 2019-2022: Marnie walks down an alleyway, holding an umbrella with James and Romeo behind her.


Me, darling.
— First line, to Mac Nightingale.

Yes, well I am renowned for the profundity of my contemplations. James said this thing earlier about... About how I was when they were little. With Romeo and Juliet, I just feel like I've been given... I've just been given another chance... And that's because of you, darling. I am so grateful that you came back, it was really very brave, and... Sweetheart, you... You've made our world complete.
— Final line to Donna-Marie Quinn before death.

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