Mark Gibbs
First Apperance
10 August 1999
Last Appearance
15 December 2017
Rape Victims
Portrayed By
1999-2000, 2017

Mark Alexander Gibbs played by Colin Parry was a character who arrived In August 1999 as a bully who bullied Luke Morgan. He raped Luke and in April 2000 he was given an eight-year prison sentence. In November 2017 Mark returned much to Luke's surprise.

Feud With Luke MorganEdit

Mark takes special delight in tormenting Luke Morgan, eventually attacking him. It had all started at a football training session when Mark was giving trouble, and Luke inadvertently injured Mark's leg. It left Mark angered because he could not play football professionally. Mark was recovering in hospital and decided to get even with Luke by calling his brothers to beat him up. Mark and his friends continued to trouble Luke when he was training; however, with help from Darren Osborne, Luke put Mark in his place. Still, it made no difference to Mark when he kept on hassling and bullying Luke and soon became friends with Darren. Mark still continued to hassle Luke.

Hollyoaks: Breaking BoundariesEdit

In the late night special Hollyoaks: Breaking Boundaries, after a football match Luke participated in, Mark and his friends beat Luke up in the changing rooms. Mark begins to chase Luke in the streets of Chester. The pair begin a fight when Luke faces up to him, but Mark rapes him over the bonnet of his car. The following day Mark calls around to the Morgan house to see Luke and denies that he raped him; He is eventually charged pending trial, however. Luke's rape case against Mark goes to court for four days. Mark lies in court, claiming that Luke is making it all up; however, Mark is found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison.

2017 ReturnEdit

Mark returns In November 2017 while Luke spots him while on a day out with his on and off girlfriend Mandy Richardson and her daughter Ella Richardson, Luke freaks out and leaves Mandy upset. Luke begins to talk to Mark through social media pretending to be Nancy Osborne.

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