Mariam Andrews (previously S'Avage) was a midwife who delivers Anthony and Dee Dee Hutchinson. She later realises Tegan Lomax is in labour and helps deliver her daughter, Rose. It is later revealed that she was drunk when she delivered them and so she accidentally swapped Rose and Dee Dee. Following this reveal she blackmails Dr. Charles S'Avage so she can get off the hook. Dr. S'avage has her sectioned as a result. Whilst sectioned she meets Sienna Blake and reveals that she had accidentally swapped the babies, Sienna then gets Mariam drunk in a hope to learn Dr. S'avage's secret so she can leave the ward. When Mariam is discharged from the ward she asks Dr. S'avage for her old job back. When she sees Sienna embrace Dr. S'avage, she reveals to Sienna that he didn't pass his medical examinations and therefore isn't a real doctor. Mariam discovered evidence that possibly proved Dr. S'avage was the Gloved Hand Killer. When printing out the copies of the murdered victims, the killer enters the office, sneaks up on her, and fatally injects her with a large dose of potassium chloride, killing her instantly. Sienna finds her dead in the office. One the day of her death, she had arguments with both Tegan and Dr. S'avage, making them possible suspects, but her death is later ruled as a heart attack caused by her alcoholism.

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