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Mandy Morgan (née Richardson, previously Hutchinson) is the daughter of Helen and Dennis Richardson, as well as the sister of Lewis Richardson, and the half-sister of Tom Cunningham. She is also the mother of Grace Hutchinson and Ella Richardson. She is currently dating Darren Osborne, who is the adoptive father of her son, DJ.

Biography Edit

Arrival & Relationship with Ollie Edit

Mandy arrived in the village and met Ollie Benson and Lee Stanley, whom were both left smitten by her. She also later befriended Cindy Cunningham. Mandy chose Ollie and the pair began a relationship. However, Mandy later caught Ollie in bed with another woman and broke things off with him.

Mandy was horrified to learn that Ollie had been left comatose following a car accident caused by Stan, and visited him in hospital. Both Stan and Ollie died of their injuries a week later.

Mandy later discovered that Cindy was pregnant with Stan's baby, but agreed to keep quiet as Cindy did not want to tell her family, especially after the leukemia diagnosis of her sister, Dawn. Cindy confided in Mandy at each stage of the pregnancy and attempted to call her when she went into labour on Christmas Day, but Mandy was unable to answer her phone.

Rape and Fake Death Edit

Mandy and her mother, Helen, began to regularly visit Mandy's brother, Lewis, at his new flat, to escape Mandy's violent father, Dennis. Mandy later began a relationship with Sol Patrick, and Mandy informed her family. Dennis reacted badly and later confronted Mandy, with Mandy dreading what was to come when Dennis closed the door behind them.

Following the attack, Mandy faked her suicide in order to escape from her father. Sol held a memorial for Mandy. In October 1998, Lewis found Mandy in a hospital in London Mandy told Lewis about the sexual abuse at the hands of Dennis, and Lewis encouraged her to report Dennis to the police. When Lewis and Mandy returned home, Lewis found Dennis in the flat and attacked him, with Helen throwing Dennis out. Dennis tried to convince everyone that Mandy was lying, and tried to convince her to drop the charges, but Mandy and her family refused. Dennis was tried, found guilty and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Joining the Cunninghams Edit

On Christmas Day 1998, Helen slept with local shop-owner and Cindy's father, Gordon Cunningham. However, Helen later discovered that she was pregnant. Lewis and Mandy tried to convince Helen to tell Gordon of her pregnancy, which she did after Sue Morgan discovered. Gordon proposed to Helen, but she rejected him. However, she later changed her mind and accepted. Mandy continued to get along with Cindy, but had the occasional run-in with Cindy's brother, Max. Mandy, Lewis, Max and Cindy all attended Gordon and Helen's wedding. Helen went into labour on Millenium Eve and Mandy helped deliver a son, whom Helen and Gordon named Tom.

Relationship with Luke Edit

Mandy later met Luke Morgan, who was left smitten by her after finding a picture of her on Finn's bus. The pair dated and ignited a relationship. Luke was involved in a feud with Mark Gibbs, and Mandy, on occasion, defended Luke against him. However, Luke suddenly became recluse and shut himself off from everyone. Mandy thought that Luke had an affair and no longer wanted her, so she had a brief relationship with Ben Davies, and embarked on a relationship with Luke's friend, Darren Osborne, to try make Luke jealous. Luke attempted suicide by driving his car into a wall at speed, and survived. He later told his brother, Adam Morgan, that Mark had raped him. News reached Mandy and she made clear that she would be there to support him. When Darren made shocking comments about the rape, Mandy turned on Darren and properly reconciled with Luke.

Meeting Laura/Lewis's Death Edit

Mandy later met student Laura Burns, whom she began a friendship with. However, unknown to Mandy, Laura became obsessed with Mandy. When Lewis committed suicide, Mandy struggled with the fact that Lewis had attempted to force himself on Ruth Osborne. This led to a major argument between Mandy and Helen, so Mandy decided to move out. Mandy was later upset to discover that Helen had scattered Lewis's ashes with Laura, and Laura had ultimately taken her place within the family. Mandy and Luke also began to drift apart, leaving their relationship status in question.

Mandy stayed with Chloe Bruce, who comforted Mandy over her argument with her mother. Mandy thought she had burned all her bridges, but Chloe assured her that Mandy still her and Matt Musgrove, and suggested that Luke might come around.

Car Accident Edit

Luke decided that he could no longer live in Hollyoaks and moved to Canada. Mandy later slept with Jamie Nash, which Adam later confronted her about. Whilst driving, Mandy swerved to avoid a fox on the road and drove into a forest. She collided with a tree (which was felled in the crash), and the ground beneath the car began to give way, with the car rolling down the hill and landing on railway tracks. The car was later discovered and the pair were rushed to hospital. Mandy was left with no permanent injuries, but Adam was left paralysed from the waist down.

Mandy faced a charge of dangerous driving, and attempted to blame the mechanics for failing to inspect her car properly. However, Mandy was charged with dangerous driving and received a driving ban.

Mandy later began a relationship with Toby Mills. However, Toby broke up with Mandy, claiming that she was "too possessive". Luke returned for his parents' wedding, and Mandy tried to convince him to reconcile with her. Luke told her that his life was now in Canada and that he visited her to say goodbye. She offered to move to Canada with him, but he refused, and returned to Canada alone.

Murder Attempt Edit

Laura's obsession with Mandy began to spiral out of control. When her brother, Brendan Shepherd, arrived in the village, Laura booked plane tickets for herself and Mandy to move to Cape Town, South Africa. Mandy was suspicious of Laura and refused to leave with Laura. Laura grabbed a glass bottle and smashed it over Mandy's head, and kept her prisoner in the flat. Meanwhile, Brendan revealed that Laura's name was actually "Kerry Shepherd", and Laura Burns was the name of Kerry's late best friend. Laura attempted to poison herself and Mandy, but Mandy ran and locked herself inside the bathroom. Mandy attempted to send a text message but Laura took her phone and destroyed it. A weak Mandy later managed to grab a paperweight, and threw it through the window, catching the attention of Max, Adam and Tony Hutchinson, who called the police, broke into the flat and rescued Mandy from Laura, who was arrested.

Dennis's Release Edit

Mandy began a relationship with Tony, despite Tony's affair with Helen only a few months prior. Max, who was in love with Mandy, was insistent on splitting them up, but Mandy was insistent on staying with Tony.

Mandy was later informed that Dennis has been released from prison early, and he later sent her a letter, wanting to see her. Mandy reluctantly decided to visit him, where Dennis informed her that he was suffering from liver cirrhosis and was likely to die. He asked Mandy for a second chance and left Mandy to decide, but decided that she did not want to give Dennis a second chance, and bought him a bottle of alcohol to quicken his death. Dennis was cremated and Mandy was called to collect his ashes, which she took home and tipped down the drain.

Gordon and Helen's Deaths Edit

Whilst driving in the car with Tom, Helen and Gordon were struck by an oncoming truck. Tom was uninjured in the crash, whilst Gordon and Helen were left hospitalised. Gordon suffered a heart attack in hospital, which proved to be fatal, whilst Helen also died from injuries undiscovered from the crash a few days later.

Gordon's will named Mandy as Tom's caregiver, but Mandy struggled looking after Tom, and made plans to send Tom to boarding school as soon as he turned five years old. However, Max had a bond with Tom, and decided that he would care for Tom instead, with help from his best friend, O.B.

Relationship with Tony Edit

Mandy and Tony got engaged, and later discovered that she was pregnant, but she suffered a miscarriage. Mandy struggled to come to terms with the miscarriage and Helen's death, and began behaving physically abusive towards Tony. Tony hit Mandy in self-defence and was arrested, but he kept quiet about the abuse, not wanting to get Mandy into trouble. Mandy began to worry that she was inheriting her father's abusive behaviours, and told the police what really happened, and sought professional help.

Despite Mandy receiving help and Tony giving Tom the best Christmas he could, Mandy and Tony's relationship struggled. Tony decided to leave for Rome, but Mandy decided that she wanted Tony and followed him over. Whilst there, the pair reconciled and the pair decided to marry, returning to the village as "Mr. & Mrs. Hutchinson". Mandy moved in with Tony, and Max, O.B. and Tom later joined them when the Cunninghams' house was gutted in a fire started by Tom lighting fireworks.

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Quotes Edit

"I hope so." (first line to Ollie Benson, after he asks if she needs help)

Introduction Sequence Edit

  • 2017: Mandy is seen walking in the village in a red dress and is later on the screen with Luke.
  • 2019-: Mandy attends a party inside The Hutch with Luke, Ella, Darren, Jack, Oscar, Charlie, Nancy and Kyle.

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