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Maggie Kinsella was the mother of Scott Drinkwell and Damon Kinsella.

In April 2017, Scott found Maggie, but she told Scott that he was better off without her. Scott angrily trashed her house, and Mercedes McQueen caused a fire when she sabotaged the record player. Scott was arrested and charged with arson, but Maggie got the charges dropped. When Scott went to thank her, Maggie told Scott that it would have been easier for him to be locked up, and declared that she didn't want to see Scott again. Regardless, Scott met up with her again, but Maggie told Scott to leave her alone.

When Damon and Scott noticed Maggie hugging Damon's best friend, Brody Hudson, they mistakenly believed that she was in a relationship with him. When they confronted Brody, Maggie revealed that she had been informed that she had terminal cervical cancer, and apologised to Scott for abandoning him. Scott accepts her apology when Maggie tells Scott that she worked as a prostitute when she became pregnant with him.

Maggie struggled living with terminal cancer, and asked Scott to help her die. Scott reluctantly agreed - after they had helped Maggie complete her bucket list. However, part way through, Maggie was hospitalised with pneumonia. Scott attempted to help Maggie die by giving her pills that she had hidden, but Damon stopped him. Maggie was later discharged. In January 2018, Damon tried to wake Maggie from her sleep, but discovered that she had passed away.

In late 2018, it was revealed that Maggie's ex-husband, Buster Smith, had groomed and sexually abused Brody. When Maggie discovered this, she threw Buster out and warned him to never return. Maggie became protective of Brody, and they agreed that they could never tell Damon how evil his father was.

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