Lydia Hart first arrvied in March 2009 her main storylines focused on relationships with Sarah Barnes and Charlotte Lau and a ongoing jealousy of Zoe Carpenter who eventually she tried to kill in the second season of Hollyoaks Later when she tampered what she thought was Zoe's parachute however Sarah picked the wrong parachute and she was killed instead of Zoe. Lydia was charged for the murder of Sarah in January 2010.


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Lydia's storylines focus on homosexuality, obsessiveness and murder. The seemingly level-headed music lover and friend of Josh Ashworth she is portrayed as opinionated, passionate young student who had a love of music and protecting her family, for example her young sister Persephone Hart who also appeared in the show for a period of three months. Lydia's relationship to the sexually confused Sarah Barnes was central to the character for seven months of the year culminating with her screen death in October 2009 after she was murdered by Lydia. Other storylines included her ongoing on-off relationship with ex-girlfriend Charlotte Lau and continued feuds with Archie Carpenter and mainly his sister Zoe Carpenter . The characters departure was announced in December 2009, when the character was arrested for the attempted murder of Zoe at Sarah's graveside after stabbing her, resulting in her being charged for the murder of Sarah and the attempted murder of Zoe, with Lydia making her final appearance on 1st January 2010.

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The parachute stunt won a British Soap Award in 2010. The aftermath storyline has received mixed reviews from critics. Some have favoured Lydia's "bunny boiling" and others described it as a "drawn out and boring storyline."

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