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Louise Summers (previously Kennedy) was the daughter of Yvonne Summers, the ex-wife of Sean Kennedy (divorced in 2007) and the late fiancée of Warren Fox, Louise first arrived for a weeks worth of episodes originally in February 2005 and later returned three months later in May of that year where she would then appear regularly. Louise was later murdered by Warren shortly after getting married in December 2008 as Warren learned of her plan to kill him.


1981-2005-: Backstory[]

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2005-: Arriving in Hollyoaks, feud with Lisa and spiking incident[]

Louise arrived in February 2005 as Darren Osborne’s holiday girlfriend. Louise went behind Darren's back with Ben Davies and after being accused of stealing Ben's wedding ring and money from Jack Osborne (which was revealed to have been stolen by Darren), Louise left Hollyoaks for a while, but only to reappear as an administrative assistant at Hollyoaks Community College. Louise didn't like working at HCC as she hated the students and their petty problems. She also managed to rekindle her romance with Ben and build a friendship with Becca Dean. However, from there on she developed a reputation of being spiteful and malicious as she often collided with students, especially Lisa Hunter, whom she felt was a threat to her relationship with Ben. Although, soon she was to proved right as Ben ended up dumping her and began a relationship with Lisa. Louise attempted to get her own back on Lisa after making false allegations that she attacked her, but Louise never went on to press charges as Ben threatened to reveal the allegations were false. After deciding that Ben wasn't worth all the trouble she was going through, she left Ben to Lisa.

Louise soon gained the nickname "Ice Queen" and gained an unwanted admirer in Joe Spencer. During a party at the SU Bar, student Andy Holt noticed Joe getting turned down by Louise and decided to help him out by spiking her drink with GHB. Fortunately, Joe assumed she was drunk and didn't want to take advantage of her, and left her on his bed (whilst he slept on the couch). When she came to in the morning she realised that she had been drugged. She then launched a campaign to make students aware of the spiking. After Dannii Carbone, came to her, and asked how she would know if someone spiked her drink, Dannii confessed that she had been raped by Andy. Soon Sophie Burton and Mel Burton also admitted to being raped and she helped Dannii, Sophie and Mel through their ordeals by helping them to confess to the police.

2006-: Return of Old Friends[]

While on holiday with Mandy Hutchinson and Clare Cunningham, the three ladies eventually ended up at a country house owned by Louise's estranged husband Sean Kennedy. They had been involved in a time share scam in Ibiza, started by Sean, and Louise had left him when she caught him in bed with a barmaid. He followed her to Hollyoaks for a reconciliation. While she denied she had feelings for him, it became obvious that she did, as she became annoyed when he flirted with other girls. They eventually reconciled but could not survive the appearance of Warren Fox, an old friend of Sean and Louise's, whom Sean had put in prison. Sean had a debt to Warren for whistle-blowing on him and sending him to prison for 18 months. Warren had returned for his collection of £100,000, which of course Sean did not have after setting up Evissa. However, instead of the money, Sean offered Warren Louise, but only for one night. Louise reluctantly agreed, under the impression it was Warren's idea. When Louise met Warren in a hotel room, she soon found out that it was her husband who put forward the idea. She returned to Sean, who was in a state of anxiety, and lead him to believe that she had gone through with sleeping with Warren. In reality, they did not, but Louise desperately did not want to believe Warren when he told her the truth about the 'deal'. As Sean continued to lie she asked him for a divorce and to leave Hollyoaks for good. Due to his debt to Warren and guilt he felt for Louise, he was forced to sign Evissa and flat over to them. Warren and Louise then started to work together as Warren made her co-owner and manager of Evissa.

After Sophie and Mel Burton's mother left Hollyoaks, Louise offered them a place to stay with her, but tragedy struck when they died in a fire started by Sam Owen (who was revealed to have assisted Andy in the rapes of Dannii, Sophie and Mel). She then became good friends with Carmel McQueen and Frankie Osborne, who she hired to replace Sophie and Mel at Evissa. Soon, Warren moved into the flat with Louise and there was some chemistry between the pair. They then went on a date of sorts, which ended abruptly when Warren snorted cocaine with Clare in the toilets of The Loft. Disgusted at what she saw, she quickly ended it with Warren. Warren then made it his mission to win her back, but she soon started dating and married family man, Calvin Valentine, who was also the local police officer.

In December 2006, Louise went on holiday and met a man from Blackburn named Andy. They became lovers and she hoped for a relationship with him, but after she arrived back in Hollyoaks, a woman called her and said she was married to Andy.

2007-: Return of Sean and sleeping with Warren[]

After a few months, Sean turned up in the village, asking for money from ex-wife Louise, saying she betrayed him and making all sorts of accusations. He became angry after he discovered Warren had given her co-ownership of Evissa and tried to intimidate her into paying him the money he wanted. She offered him £100 and he refused saying he needed £10,000. They had a scuffle, and this resulted in Sean violently punching Louise, leaving her with a black eye, and running off. When she offered Sean half of what he wanted (after finding him hiding in her home), Sean pinned Louise against the wall and demanded the money sooner. When Warren returned from his brief stay in Leeds, he found Louise sporting the nasty black eye. Louise tried to lie to Warren and say that it was a burglar at Evissa but Warren wasn't to be fobbed off. Louise eventually had to admit that she needed help, she needed money. Warren did ask whom the money was for but all Louise was prepared to say was that she was in debt and needed to pay it off. Warren came up with the goods, but before that, he managed to find out that Sean was the guy Louise owed money to from Zak Ramsey, whom was in Evissa at the time Sean visited Louise, but left before anything happened. Warren then made Louise tell him everything, and he gave her the money to give to Sean.

Unknown to Louise, before Sean managed to flit off into the sunset with her and Warren's money, Warren locked him in a cab and drove off. It was then revealed that Warren had killed Sean by accident when they were struggling in the forest, and had buried him there. The police acknowledged Sean's disappearance and began to search for him. Louise thought that Warren was behind it and confronted him, but he repeatedly denied having anything to do with it. However, Warren was aware that the police were looking for Sean, so he and Justin Burton set out into the forest at night and dig up his body.

Unfortunately, Sean had left a note for Calvin, saying that Louise had taken drugs in Ibiza when they were married in 2004, helped Sean out in a business of dodgy time shares and slept with Warren for money. Calvin believed all of this and didn't give his fiancée a chance to explain her side of things, branding her a slut and finishing their marriage. Louise was comforted by Warren and they slept together, with Warren admitting that he'd loved Louise for a very long time. However, the next day Calvin apologised and she moved back in with the Valentines. However, Louise failed to tell Calvin that she slept with Warren during their break. Justin confronted her and told her he knew that she slept with Warren, after she forced him to move out of the Valentine's home. Because of this, she ended up pregnant and didn't know if Warren or Calvin was the father. Calvin was thrilled when Louise revealed she was pregnant and decided it was time to start a family.

Feeling guilty about sleeping with Warren and not knowing the paternity of the baby, with the help of Clare, Louise had an abortion. Claire also recommended that Louise tell Calvin that she had a miscarriage, so as not to hurt him. Louise did exactly as Claire had said and reluctantly told Calvin she had lost the baby. Louise and Calvin were both devastated by the loss of her baby. After learning of this, Warren offered his former lover a shoulder to cry on. This was followed by a furious row in which Warren accused Louise of being glad her baby was dead. In response to this, an angry and hurt Louise slapped him and shouted at him to get out.

After learning of Sean's murder, Louise went to visit Sean's mum. While she was away, Clare told Calvin everything about the baby and her affair with Warren - that Louise actually had an abortion and that it could have been Warren's child. On Louise's return, Calvin was furious after finding out about his fiancée's abortion and called her a bitch and a lying little cow. He then threw her clothes out onto the street and threw her out, throwing bin bags of her possessions down the steps outside their old apartment. He also declared that he wanted a divorce. She was left to pick up her clothes off the street with a smug Clare watching.

2007-: Who Pushed Clare?[]

Louise spent the night at Evissa, upset when her divorce papers came through, but Calvin's new girlfriend, Carmel, offered her a place to stay at the McQueen's. She saw Clare on her way to Carmel's and punched her. Clare then told Louise that she had slept with Sean which led to the pair having a fight on the street. Calvin intervened and eventually separated the two women.

Louise then became one of five named suspects for the attempted murder of Clare, when she was pushed over a balcony. She was questioned, though she informed the police that she could not reveal any information until her father arrived with a solicitor from London. She was released and told not to leave the area. It was revealed that Louise couldn't have pushed Clare, because she was intoxicated that night and Darren called a taxi and sent her home. However, she believed that she had pushed Clare because she could not remember what happened that night and told Warren she would turn herself in.

Calvin and Louise agreed to be each other's alibi's for the night Clare was pushed. They ended up kissing and then sleeping together. However, Calvin immediately told her that he had gotten distracted and that he didn't want to reform their broken marriage. In tears, Louise left the flat with her bra in her hand. She went to visit Warren in prison. She told him she thought that it was herself who pushed Clare, but Warren was adamant it was someone else. The next day, Warren's sister, Katy Fox, found Louise passed out on her couch surrounded by bottles.

In July 2007, Louise found out that Mercedes McQueen had slept with Warren on the night of Clare's attack, but was still refusing to give him an alibi. Furious, Louise set off for the church, where Russ Owen and Mercedes were getting married and interrupted the ceremony, informing everyone of Mercedes's infidelity. Mercedes was able to convince Russ that Louise was lying, even though she wasn't. Louise was then punched and thrown out of the wedding by Mercedes's sister Jacqui McQueen.

In a confrontation in The Dog in the Pond, Darren admitted to calling a taxi for Louise on the night of the attack, claiming Louise to be "almost passed out". As the taxi driver took her straight home. Louise effectively was vindicated from the list of suspects. However, Louise was discovered to have been Evissa and not at her home, meaning Louise still could have pushed Clare.

Later, Mercedes gave Warren an alibi, saying she had slept with him the night Clare was pushed. This ended her marriage with Russ.

2007-: Reconciliation with Warren and Evissa fire[]

Louise testified for Warren, saying he was a "shoulder to cry on". As the jury announced their verdict, Louise mouthed "I love you" to Warren. After Mercedes showed up at the last minute to admit she had sex with Warren on the night Clare was pushed, Warren was found not guilty. Outside the court, Louise and Warren kissed and she told him she meant what she said, leaving viewers to wonder if they are going to get together properly.

When Warren returned, she had a bit of doubt about him being "a changed man" so she was wowed when he gave her a fireman's lift into Il Gnosh, for her to find a romantic lunch waiting there for them.

Warren kept pressuring Clare to sell The Loft to him and Louise. Clare tried to force a wedge between Louise and Warren, saying Warren was only using her and Louise believed her. Later in The Loft, Clare heard a noise and went to the balcony to investigate when Warren crept up behind her and began to threaten her, telling her to stay away from Louise and demanded she sell to him. This left Clare visibly shaken and scared.

Louise, along with Sam O'Brien, Max Cunningham, Justin, Warren, and Katy, showed up at The Loft to give Clare a send-off as she was on her way out of town after being forced to sell the club to Warren. Clare told Louise she was obsessed with her makeup and mirror and Warren would not notice if she was replaced with a Barbie doll. Clare then left town, returning in secret to kidnap Katy, demanding that Warren kill Justin after finding out he was the one who tried to kill her. After finding out Justin wasn't dead, but just lying still, Clare started driving fast, and she crashed into a quarry with Katy inside. Warren, Justin, and Clare's ex-husband Max Cunningham rescued Katy and, although Max reluctantly tried to save her, Clare was lost in the water, and falsely presumed dead.

Louise now had a fresh start with Warren, who had worked hard to prove his love for her. Louise also helped Katy Fox when Katy's name was left off the class list at HCC. After Warren was unable to help, Louise used her old HCC ties to blackmail the enrolment officer into including Katy's name on the list.

Warren and Louise were happy, but unbeknownst to Louise, another cloud was over their heads, as Warren began to worry the police would find Louise's ex-husband Sean's body and that Louise would learn he actually had killed Sean.

The police called Louise to tell her they had found a body in the river, matching her ex-husband Sean's description. She went to identify it, with a terrified Warren, but it was not the body of Sean.

Katy kept on pressurising Warren to tell Louise that he killed Sean and after he promised to tell her she had a talk with Justin where he told her about him digging up the body of Sean which made Katy decide against what she had originally told Warren to do. Katy and Justin rushed up to Louise's flat and got there just before Warren revealed all about Sean's death. Katy had a talk with Warren and instead of telling Louise what he was going to tell her he proposed which she happily told him that she will marry him.

Warren Fox threw a surprise engagement party at the Loft for himself and Louise, during which they argued and Louise left to go to Evissa, very upset. While sitting in Evissa's back room pondering her engagement with Warren, Ste Hay breaks into Evissa and takes money out of the till. He then proceeds to trash the place subsequently notifying Louise of his presence, and as he drops a lit match into the bin Louise attempts to flee. Ste attacks her from behind and the pair tussle, resulting in Ste's overpowering of Louise and throwing her to the floor, and Louise violently smacking her head on a table badly as she falls.

The fire grows and Ste runs for it, leaving Louise unconscious on the floor of Evissa amongst the ever-growing fire, head bleeding. At the door, for a second, he had a look of contemplation of saving her, but thought against it and leaves her to die. The last we see of Louise is her lying on the floor amongst the flames surrounding her, with a pool of blood underneath her head from where she smacked it on a table.

Having left Warren and Louise's engagement party, Calvin, about to kiss new girlfriend Carmel, sees the fire in Evissa and goes in and emerges with Louise's limp body. He gives her mouth-to-mouth, which Warren, of course, does not take kindly to. Warren, however, does say thank you to him, although also accuses him of wanting to play the hero and win Louise's affection back, to which Calvin replies that he still cares about her but doesn't want to be with her as he is now happily married to Carmel.

Warren finds Louise's engagement ring in Evissa and vows to find the person who did this to Louise. Later on as Josh Ashworth emerges from a shop with a birthday cake for his cousin Beth Clements's birthday, he runs into Ste who is working, sweeping the ground. They have a slight confrontation resulting in Ste trying to make Josh scared, by saying that he wouldn't want to mess with him, and saying "look what happened when Warren messed with me". Josh leaves, disgusted, and Ste resumes his work, unknowing that Warren was behind the corner and had heard him tell Josh he was the thief who set Evissa on fire.

Warren later turns up at Ste and Amy Barnes' house, where Ste is alone. He attacks him and leaves him crumpled on the floor.

Thankfully Louise survived the fire and during her stay in hospital she told Warren she loved him.

As a result of the fire Evissa was a wreak and was refurbished by Malachy Fisher. Evissa was then re-opened on 3rd December 2007, 3 weeks after the fire took place. As Louise was walking towards Evissa she hurt her ankle on the pavement and Niall Rafferty came to see if she was OK. Warren saw this and thought Niall was mugging Louise, Warren ran over and dragged Niall, he introduced himself as the new stylist.

2007-2008-: Part owning The Dog[]

A few days before Christmas 2007, Warren bet The Loft against Darren Osborne's half of the Dog in the Pond in a game of poker. Warren won. When he slyly told Louise he'd gotten her a Dog for Christmas, she was upset and accused him of going back to his old ways. He protested that he'd done nothing illegal. She felt guilty because of what this would do to Frankie. Warren and Louise went to the pub later that day to break the news, and Jack Osborne had a heart attack, but he survived.

On 20th February 2008, Carl and Anthony who are Warren's dodgy old mates raided the Dog and held Louise, Barry Newton, Jack and Frankie hostage at gunpoint, and demanded cash. When they refused Carl and Anthony got rough with them and this led Jack to have another heart attack. Warren arrived to find Anthony violently dragging Louise by the hair around the bar so Warren burst in, and wrestled a gun from Anthony but Carl managed to knock Warren out. During this Newt had managed to make a secret call to the police and when the police arrived Anthony smashed up the bar. Anthony and Carl then used Louise and Jack as human shields to escape the pub without being arrested, but Darren couldn't bare to see Louise and Jack being held hostage and runs over to help his dad and Louise, but in a confrontation Darren was shot and rushed to hospital while Anthony escaped in a car but Carl was arrested.

The following day, Louise booked into a hotel as she told Warren that she has had enough of Warren's old mates threatening to kill her. Warren managed to persuade her not to leave him, as he went into the hospital to see Jack and Frankie. Later Warren came back home to Louise and she was relieved to know Darren was going to be ok, and was also happy when Warren gave back The Dog In The Pond back to the Osborne's for free. After this Louise hugged Warren and told him she loved him.

2008-: Sean's body and Katy's exit[]

In April 2008, Louise caught Katy and Zak snogging in The Loft toilets but after a talk Louise promised she would not tell Justin. On the same day, Sean's body was found and Warren later confessed to Louise that he killed Sean, however Louise was furious with Katy when Louise found out Katy already knew that Warren killed Sean. As revenge on Katy, Louise exposed Katy's affair with Zak to Warren and Katy was furious when Louise agreed she would be an alibi for Warren on the night of Sean's death as Louise did not want Warren to go to prison and claimed she still loved Warren although Katy wanted Warren to hand himself into the police and pay for his crimes. Katy then verbally attacked both Warren and Louise saying "Oh this will be one to tell the children, oh sit down mummy and daddy want to tell you something", Katy then started hitting Warren and left in a rage claiming Warren and Louise were disgraceful and sick. she chased after Justin, but dropped her bag. After collecting her things, she made her way to the Valentine's and banged frantically on the door, for Louise to see her. When Calvin answered, Katy pushed past, and Louise made her way up to the door and hit the door screaming for Katy, before Calvin answered and said he'd take a message and slammed the door. Later, Katy decided she was going to leave Hollyoaks Village for good, and as she was waiting for her taxi Justin stopped her and Katy and Justin had an extremely tearful farewell. As Katy got back into her taxi Justin told her that he will always love her. As Katy was on her way out of Hollyoaks, Louise and Warren stopped the taxi and Louise violently dragged Katy out of the car and Louise confronted Katy, but Warren told Louise to let him and Katy have a talk. Warren desperately tried to persuade Katy to stay in Hollyoaks but she refused. Katy and Warren had a talk and Katy told Warren she could not cope with lying about Sean. Katy then got into the taxi and left Hollyoaks Village for good.

2008-: Imprisoned/feud with Frankie[]

Following the discovery of Sean Kennedy's body, Louise was arrested and imprisoned as the police believed she had killed Sean to get her hands on his money, which he had left her in his will. Obviously this was not the case and she was later released after Warren persuaded Darren Osborne to tell his mentally unstable step-brother Jake Dean to confess to the murder in exchange for £100,000 which Darren could use to pay off his family debts. When Louise found out she was not happy about the arrangement and even suggested to Warren that he confess to the police that he was responsible as well as tell the Osbourne/Dean family that Jake did not kill Sean. Warren did neither and managed to persuade all involved to stay quiet.

Warren offered Darren Osborne £100,000 to help with money problems if he framed stepbrother Jake Dean by putting Sean's wallet in Jake's room. Jake got convicted of killing Sean Kennedy and Louise was released. However Frankie doesn't believe Jake killed Sean and accused Louise of framing Jake. Shortly after Eli used Frankie's salon keys to get in and trashed the place then put red paint everywhere and wrote DIE and RIP all over the walls. The next day a thug came in with an iron bar smashed all the glasses and stole money from the till. Frankie immediately assumed Louise sent him round. Newt and Eli planted a smoke bomb in The Loft to scare Warren and Louise. They also planted a false bomb outside Evissa.

2008-: Alcoholism and Warren's affair[]

After finding out that Warren had paid the Dean/Osborne family to get Jake to take the rap for murdering Sean, Louise's and Warren's relationship started to break down and Louise turned to alcohol to mask her pain that she had helped inprison an innocent man as well as the fact that her boyfriend had killed her ex-husband. In a revenege attack for all the trouble Warren and Louise had caused on his new family, Newt, who had been suffering from Schizophriena, made a bomb with the help of his 'friend' Eli and set it off within the Loft and Evissa. The bombs worked, but Newt did not know that Louise was inside and had been injured in the blast. She survived and Newt apologised. This made Louise more determined than ever to reveal the truth behind Sean's murder. But yet again Warren stopped her.

Louise's old best friend Mandy returned to the village in June and the pair teamed up and made a new business as wedding planners, their first customers being Calvin and Carmel. Cindy Cunningham often stirred things up, insisting Warren and Mandy were having an affair. A furious Louise confronted both Warren and Mandy, later to accept the accusations were not true. On the day of Calvin and Carmel wedding, Louise got drunk and brought up Sean in another argument with Warren, and annoyed, he left her asleep in the flat and went to the loft. There he saw Mandy and the two then had sex with Louise on her way up. The audience are worried that Louise will catch them in the act but in the next episode it was confirmed she spent the night in a skip

After agreeing that it was a one-night stand Warren and Mandy ignored their feelings for each other, but they gave into their sexual urges and slept together again. The two are now frequently having sex and not until being caught in the act by Ravi Roy have they stopped. Once Louise returned she found a pair of lace pants in the flat on the couch. She confronted Warren, but he lied and told Louise that Cindy had tried to seduce him when she was away. He lied again and said Cindy must have left them so Louise would find them and break up with him. Louise believed him and went to find Cindy. On her travels she found Mandy and asked if she knew who the pants belonged to. Mandy didn't know about Louise's earlier conversation with Warren but still said they looked like something Cindy would have worn. This making Louise believe the lie more. She found Cindy and had to be restrained by Mandy as she was going to attack Cindy. Cindy protested her innocence but nobody believed her.

Cindy then decided to prove her innocence by stealing Louise's keys and hiding in her wardrobe with a camera so she could catch Warren and his mistress out. Louise returned to a locked house and interrupted Mandy and Warren before they had made it to the bedroom. Mandy hid behind the counter and Warren unlocked the door and lifted Louise up. He carried Louise through to the bedroom. Thus leaving a free living room and Mandy time to flee from the scene. Warren was about to sleep with Louise when Cindy stepped out from the wardrobe but was shocked to find Warren with Louise. Louise and Cindy ended up fighting before Cindy was thrown out.

Warren later plays the two off against each other; sleeping with both of them on the same day, sending them texts saying 'I love you'. Warren promises Mandy that they'll run away together. After a pleasant lunch in The Dog turns nasty and Louise and Warren begin arguing because of Louise's drinking. They go back to the flat, Louise clearly drunk brings up Sean again Warren tells her she promised not to bring him up again, Warren gets violent grabbing her arm screaming at her to promise not to bring him up again. Louise refuses, Warren smashes the wine bottle out of her hands and she slaps him leaving red scratches on his face. Later on Warren rings up Mandy and tells her they're leaving tonight at seven o'clock. After this Mark and Calvin and some thugs appear at The Loft. Mark knows that Warren was the one that assaulted him and wants to see to Warren 'unofficially'. Mark makes a relutant Calvin beat Warren with a baseball bat. After they leave Calvin runs back to The Loft and calls for an ambulance clearly upset by what he's done. Mandy is left in the pouring rain crying believing Warren has stood her up. When Mandy finds out Warren is in hospital she goes to visit him only to hear that he wants to be with Louise which leaves Mandy devastated.

2008-: Murderous revenge plan and death[]

After Warren was beaten up by Mark and the rest of the Heavies, Louise was happy to have him at home where she could look after him. Warren too was happy to be with her being at his beck and call 24/7. Mandy later came to see Warren to see what they were going to do about their affair and to see if he still planned to run away from Hollyoaks with her. Warren stated that he was happy with Louise and that he no longer wanted to leave with Mandy. Later in the week; Warren came to the Loft nightclub and insulted Mandy to her face. Angered by this, Mandy told Louise all about her affair with Warren. Louise then set the wheels in motion to get her revenege on her future husband. She later told Mandy her plan to marry Warren and then stitch him up by informing the police that it was Warren that killed her ex-husband Sean Kennedy and not Jake Dean. Louise offered Mandy a stake of the money she would take for Warren for her assistance in bringing him down. Mandy was so shocked by the revealtion that Warren killed Sean that she wanted to have nothing to do with it. However; after a little persuadsion from Louise, Mandy agreed to help. Yet what Mandy didn't know was that Louise was actually planning to kill Warren on their Wedding Day (in a private room) and frame Mandy for his murder, in this way Louise would get her ultimate revenge on Mandy and Warren. Louise would then get Warren's cash and the rest of his estate. On Monday 22nd December (three days before her wedding), Mandy went to see Louise to pull out of the plan to ruin Warren. To make matters worse Louise was shocked to discover that she was pregnant with Warren's child. This made her have second thoughts about her plan to kill him, as Warren had stated days earlier that after he married Louise he wanted to go straight and start a family with her. However still angry with Warren, she decides to go ahead with her plan to kill Warren and frame Mandy for his murder, and decides to use a gun to kill him. On the day of the Wedding, Warren hired himself and Louise a private room for the night of the wedding. Louise however hides the gun under her pillow, so she can shoot him after the wedding. However Warren enters the room whilst Louise is not there and hides a Christmas present for Louise under her pillow but he discovers the gun. Louise then walks in and is shocked to see Warren as he was not meant to be in the room until after the wedding and she starts becoming worried that Warren might have found the gun. Warren then gives Louise her present and Warren suddenly pulls put out the gun and says "Thanks for my present, I guess you forgot to wrap it".

The pair then chat to each other, where Louise tells Warren that he has made her life miserable as well as the fact that he murdered Sean. Warren pleaded with Louise, telling her that he can change, but Louise refused to believe it, and informed Warren that she had known about his affair with Mandy for weeks and had been planning his downfall since then. She then took the gun and tried to shoot Warren but she was unaware that, prior to her arriving at the room, Warren had removed the bullets when he found the gun. Warren and Louise then fought, which ended with Warren throwing Louise onto the bed and suffocating her with a pillow.

Warren returned to where the wedding was taking place and when Louise did not appear, her mother and Mandy went to look for her and informed Warren that they believed she had run away. Warren seemed to be distraught and left, meanwhile the McQueen sisters played the video of him kissing Mandy.

Later on in the village, Warren approached Carmel and Calvin. In an attempt to comfort him, Carmel told him that Louise had been pregnant. He returned to the flat, looked at a picture of Louise and broke down in tears, crying and apologising to her. He was later seen to burn some of her belongings in a dustbin but kept the bridal veil Louise wore on her wedding day.

2008-2020-: Posthumous History[]

In February 2009, a Valentine's Day card was sent to Warren, supposedly signed by Louise. However it was revealed that Sasha Valentine sent the card. In May 2009, Warren confessed to Calvin that he killed Sean and Louise. Shocked by this, Calvin tried his best to get Warren behind bars. He managed to convince the whole village that Warren killed both Sean and Louise.

In May 2011, Warren told his then girlfriend Mitzeee Minniver how he had to kill Louise in order to save himself as she was willing to kill him and by November 2011, Mitzeee told Warren his no different to Silas Blissett because of what he did to Louise and her family.

In December 2011, Brendan Brady overheard Nancy Hayton telling Mitzeee that most of the village know that Warren killed Louise. Brendan convinced Mitzeee to get Warren to confess and to take her to where Louise was buried. Warren did take Mitzeee to where Louise was buried and got her to dig the grave, but Warren tells her that she will be next. Joel Dexter planned to kill kill Brendan for Warren but Brendan told him that Louise was pregnant. This made Joel turn sides. Brendan later turned up, and he and Warren had a fight after Brendan told him he killed Joel in self-defence (only to make Warren angry). Warren was about to kill Brendan, but Joel hit Warren over the head. The police later arrest Warren for Louise's murder.

Warren was released from prison in May 2016 after getting off on a technicality for Louise's murder thanks to lawyer James Nightingale who is revealed to be Warren's lawyer in the process. Frankie Osborne tried to protest along with certain villagers Tony, Darren and Maxine to help get Warren out of Hollyoaks due to murdering Louise and being behind the death of Frankie's Steph Roach. however this did not work as Warren threatened Jack as he knew his killer serect because he shared a cell with his brother Billy Brodie who told him all about Jack killing a young boy.

In March 2020, Warren made a confession tape about murdering five people to one of which is Louise however this was since deleted by Sienna Blake.

Background Information[]

  • In March 2009, actress Roxanne McKee revealed that she had filmed scenes proving that Louise had survived Warren's attack on her if she decided that she wanted to return to Hollyoaks.
  • Roxanne was offered a return to the show in 2009 to reprise the role of Louise, who would kidnap Warren Fox and set fire to The Loft. Roxanne turned down the offer, so Gemma Bissix was invited to return as Clare Devine instead.
  • In May 2012, Roxanne revealed that she had been asked to return to Hollyoaks in 2011, but was forced to turn down the offer due to other commitments. In December 2011, Louise's body was discovered and Warren was imprisoned for murder, suggesting that a return was no longer a possibility.


"Long time no see" (First line to Darren Osborne)

"NO, Please!" (Last line as Warren Fox is about to murder her)

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