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Lorraine Wilson was a businesswoman who owned a casino that Lewis Richardson visited in April 2000. Lewis ended up befriending Lorraine, who allowed him to borrow money from her to fund his gambling addiction. As he landed deep in debt, Lorraine offered to wipe it if Lewis slept with her, which he agreed. However, he ended up falling further into debt and Lorraine had 10b Springfield Gardens trashed to get to him. Lewis allowed her to use The Loft for her security staff's drug deals, but when Lewis's business partner Finn found out, he paid her off.

In December 2000, Lorraine blackmailed Lewis with photographs of their infidelity into kidnapping her son, who lived with his father in Barcelona. Lewis succeeded, but Lorraine was forced to return him. She blamed Lewis and swore revenge, but Lewis told his girlfriend Ruth Osborne about the affair.

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